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Top 25 CBD farm websites in 2023

CBD has become absurdly popular in the years since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized it. It has now been tried by as many as a third of American adults. This wide acceptance has led to explosive growth in the CBD industry. However, CBD growers and vendors still struggle to establish their enterprises as legitimate businesses. This makes developing a high-quality website more important than ever. These outstanding examples can inspire you to make your site the best that it can be.

The best 25 websites for CBD farms

  1. Mount Horeb Hemp

    Mount Horeb Hemp immediately lets you know that they are a USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm, a smart way of establishing credibility. This is something that all CBD farms need to do quickly. They have a variety of good pages on their website as well, including a blog and an introduction to CBD for new users.

  2. Hempward Farms

    Hempward Farms does something a little different with its color scheme: It doesn’t emphasize green! Instead, it leans in on mountains and white space, using green for accents only, contrasting nicely with most of the other websites here. This well-designed website sorts its products into three columns: Equine, Human, and Canine. This makes it easy to find the kind of CBD that you need.

  3. Rock ‘N Roots Farm

    Rock ‘N Roots Farm takes a very different strategy: It’s family-owned and highlights the family right in the center of their main page via an appealing photo. The website has a lot of content, but it is still sharply organized. Scrolling down reveals tinctures, tea, food, and more. You can also easily obtain a discount for your first purchase.

  4. Lovewell Farms

    Lovewell Farms goes with a video that is prominently centered right below the fold. The video does a great job of explaining what CBD is and why Lovewell Farms is a good, credible place to buy it. The website also leans heavily on Lovewell Farms’ commitment to sustainability.

  5. Canna Haus Farms

    This website opts for gorgeous, full-screen photos that scroll across the page. These pictures do a great job of showing off various Canna Haus Farms products, which include CBD gummies and peanut butter. The website also excels at showing off various ways for people to learn about CBD, making it easy to navigate for beginners.

  6. Haygood Farms

    Haygood Farms pops up with a 20% discount offer as soon as you arrive on the website, giving you an easy way of making an inexpensive first purchase. It also goes out of its way to show off customer reviews and provide lab results for its products. This helps build credibility with visitors.

  7. Green Method Farms

    Green Method Farms has smoothly loading graphics and discounted products on its homepage, enticing you right away. It also discusses its various competitive advantages, which include its one-stop shop for processing and a highly personalized story.

  8. Blue Forest Farms Hemp

    Blue Forest Farms Hemp has a unique color scheme and a sharp slider, with two images in each of its pictures, that does a great job of pulling users in. It also has a wide menu that contains a slew of useful information about hemp.

  9. Whole Circle Farms

    Whole Circle Farms also leans hard on the “family farm” vibe, showing off a picture of the entire family that is involved in the operation. Scrolling down, you see all the products you can buy, sorted by type, including topicals, consumables, and more. This is a slightly different way of showing off their products, but one that is no less effective.

  10. Treadwell Farms

    Treadwell Farms has a few unique features on its website. They offer different types of products, like trendy bath bombs, and these are some of the first things you see when the homepage loads. It also has information on their test results and an in-depth explanation of how their products are made.

  11. Fletcher Farms Hemp

    Fletcher Farms Hemp takes advantage of text and graphics that smoothly load as you scroll. When you scroll down a little farther, you’ll see an auto-playing YouTube video, with the sound wisely off, in which the farmers tell their story and explain their farming methods. Their selections include CBG products, similar to CBD but with slightly different benefits.

  12. Acrely Farms

    Acrely Farms has a distinctive homepage, taking advantage of a classic graphic set and text to give the website a unique feel. Instead of a blog, it has a journal that offers thoughts directly from the farmers, like their “promise to grow the happiest plants in the world” to enhance health and wellness.

  13. Vermont Farmacy

    Vermont Farmacy has one of the most unusual designs on this list. A hand-drawn picture of an idyllic farm leads the homepage, with a “learn more about us” button that invites you in for a closer look at the farm and its owners, with a “Love From the Farm” gallery and a link to the company’s YouTube video.

  14. Glass House Farms

    Glass House Farms has one of the few homepages on this list that opens with a video. This one effectively and attractively highlights the farm’s manufacturing processes, personal touch, and high-tech farming methods. They show off their state-of-the-art greenhouses that set them apart from their competitors.

  15. Cedar Valley Farms

    Cedar Valley Farms has a unique blue and white color scheme that contrasts nicely with the green of the hemp in photos. This, combined with some different shapes and graphics, makes the website pop for new users. A chat bot lets visitors connect with real people who work at the farm.

  16. Montkush

    Montkush made an appearance on the Vice TV show “Kings of Kush” and it isn’t shy about advertising the fact by linking to it so that visitors can watch and learn more about the farm. The homepage neatly divides Montkush’s offerings into Relax, Relief, and Sleep categories, with links to each.

  17. Zenbarn Farms

    Zenbarn Farms advertises what makes their CBD better right at the top of their webpage, and it’s worth noting that they do have some factors that make their product stand out. This includes the fact that a chef helps them create great-tasting CBD products and their practice of donating a portion of their profits to charity.

  18. Wild Folk Farm

    Wild Folk Farm has an extremely busy homepage, one that has a left side menu and a variety of content jammed into its squares. This makes it easy to find the information you are looking for without having to look very far. A code for 15% off a purchase is prominently displayed.

  19. Poplar Creek Farms

    Poplar Creek Farms also takes the homespun tack with their website, using their homepage to discuss their small-batch and homegrown CBD products for “better lives through better agriculture.” Scrolling down, you can see their latest products and read their recent CBD news.

  20. Mission Farms CBD

    Mission Farms CBD has a pop-up with a unique offer: Join their Subscribe and Save program and get $100 of free CBD products in your first three shipments plus savings on all shipments. It’s a great way to interest visitors in their products, which are attractively displayed with links to learn more about each.

  21. Cherry Ridge Organic Hemp

    Cherry Ridge Organic Hemp makes the most of its subtle-to-bold color scheme, with effective use of white space. The website looks different than most and that’s a good thing, as it really attracts your attention and keeps you scrolling. Smokables, tinctures, and topicals are highlighted with buttons to click to shop for each.

  22. No Boundaries Farm

    No Boundaries Farm opens with a gorgeous picture of their farm, replete with rolling hills and blue sky. Scrolling down the homepage, visitors find pictures with links to learn about the farm and the family behind it. There’s also a fun photo gallery that includes a pig offering a discount code.

  23. Colorado Hemp Solutions

    Colorado Hemp Solutions is another family enterprise that shows off their farm and fields, even highlighting a big red barn. The pictures this website uses are beautiful and pull you in immediately. They also have a video to play for more information. It’s easy to shop for products by category.

  24. Hudson Hemp

    Hudson Hemp has a scrolling video that shows off the farm and farming process while you read text about sustainability and regenerative agriculture. When you scroll down, the first thing you see is “Our Mission.” This is a nice touch that shows that the company is interested in more than just your money.

  25. Botany Farms

    The first thing you see on the Botany Farms homepage is white space with text. This quickly converts to a photo of two people smoking CBD for calmness with clarity. Scrolling down, you see an offer for “peace delivered daily” and buttons to click to learn about the business and get answers to questions about cannabis.

These websites do an excellent job of simultaneously positioning themselves as highly marketable and credible CBD farms. No matter how your business operates, you can likely find some marketing tips here. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD distributor websites, organic CBD websites, topical CBD websites, CBD tincture websites, edible CBD websites, best CBD websites.

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