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50 best healthcare sites to inspire yours in 2023

If you’re building a health website in 2023, there are a few essential web design elements you need to know. The best health websites are trustworthy, authoritative, and safe, providing reliable information to help improve the lives of patients.

Great web design is essential for communicating this. A clean and easy to navigate design makes it simple for patients to find what they’re looking for, and useful videos and logos from medical bodies demonstrate trust and expertise.no

Need some inspiration for your own health website? These are the best medical websites you need to know.

Read on to get inspired by the top healthcare websites online today.

Get inspired by the 50 best health sites around

  1. Mayo Clinic

    The Mayo Clinic is a renowned health care center that has locations throughout the United States. Its website design includes vibrant pictures, a clean layout and updated information. From the home page, site visitors can access information about patient care, departments, products, services and educational resources.

  2. Cleveland Clinic

    The Cleveland Clinic’s website offers streamlined mobile and desktop designs. The information on the site is clearly segmented for patients and doctors. That makes it easier for site visitors to find the exact information that they need. The site’s health library includes videos, articles and health tools.

  3. Johns Hopkins Medicine

    is a respected leader in the medical field. Its website reflects the hospital’s expertise. On this site, visitors can easily request an appointment, find a physician or get health information. It includes videos of patients’ stories, testimonials and medical procedures.

  4. ZocDoc

    ZocDoc is a hub for physicians throughout the United States. On this site, patients enter personal information such as their condition, city, zip code and insurance carrier. This referral site creates a list of doctors that fit their search query requirements. ZocDoc provides patient ratings for each doctor in the network.

  5. MedExpress Medical Center

    is a top urgent care center. Patients visit this center’s website for information about services, procedures and treatment. On this site, patients can find a MedExpress Center that’s closest to them. The MedExpress site is easy to navigate and loads quickly.

  6. TrustCare Family Healthcare

    TrustCare is an urgent care walk-in clinic. The site offers updated blog articles and specialty care information. Its minimalist design features more information than pictures. The TrustCare website layout is clean and easy to navigate. Visitors can pay their bills and view TrustCare locations online.

  7. Rush University Health

    Rush University Health Medical Center is a top hospital with a website to match. Its clean design offers a quick way for site visitors to find a doctor, access health/wellness information and make an appointment. Patients can access their health records using its online portal.

  8. Infinite Medical Express

    Infinite Medical Express offers a minimalist website that’s full of relevant information. Site visitors can quickly access the patient portal and plan wellness visits. It offers wellness tips and videos that are accessible from the site’s home page. Patients can make one-time payments on this website.

  9. Lockport Express Medical

    Lockport Express Medical is a highly acclaimed center for urgent care services. The site’s home page provides immediate access to the medical center’s services, payment policies and contact information. There is a video that provides a preview of what patients can expect when they visit the urgent care center.

  10. Maryland Physicians Care

    Maryland Physicians Care is a managed care organization. Its website has a mobile-friendly design that is easy for users to navigate. The site includes plenty of white space that reduces website clutter. On the Maryland Physicians Care site, visitors can find a health care provider, renew benefits and check the status of a claim.

  11. LifeBridge Health

    LifeBridge Health has a network of over 2,900 physicians in over 100 locations throughout Maryland. Patients can find a doctor, locate a specialty center and make an appointment. The site offers an overview of its specialties and quick links to external sites. Patients can use the portal to make payments.

  12. Mercy Virtual Care Center

    Mercy Virtual Care Center offers telehealth services for patients. The site provides 24/7 access to patient care services. It contains helpful videos, a list of services and health updates. Patients use the site to consult with medical practitioners about mental wellness, strokes and other medical conditions.

  13. iCliniq Virtual Hospital

    The iCliniq Virtual Hospital site provides a way for visitors to chat with a doctor online. It even lets you know how many doctors are available. On this site, visitors can find a local physician and get real-time health information.

  14. NextCare Urgent Care

    NextCare’s streamlined website provides access to its walk-in clinics, physicians and wellness programs. The NextCare home page includes information about medical forms, insurance, locations and medical discount programs. Patients can save time at the clinic by checking in online.

  15. Righttime Medical Care

    Righttime Medical Care offers a comprehensive urgent care program for patients. On the site’s portal, patients view their X-rays and pay their bills. Scheduling appointments online is easy on this website. The online portal is secure and encrypted to protect patients’ privacy.

  16. Stanford Health Care

    Stanford Health Care’s website provides a wealth of information about patient services, health conditions and care options. The site includes helpful health videos, locations and clinics. Patients and visitors can use the site to access medical records, join support groups, check into the hospital and get financial assistance.

  17. Altus Emergency Centers

    Altus Emergency Centers offer a state-of-the-art website for patients and visitors. The user-friendly design makes it easy for patients to check in online and take care of their bills. It features an updated blog that serves as a helpful medical resource. From the menu, patients can quickly access different sections of the website.

  18. Ascension Emergency Care

    Navigating the Ascension Health website is straightforward. The menu provides direct access to center locations, bill pay options, doctors, specialty care services and primary care services. It includes patient portals for each state. Site visitors can use the search feature to immediately access the information they need.

  19. Health South Florida

    Baptist Health South Florida’s website is the information hub for 50 outpatient clinics and seven hospitals. The site loads quickly. Its clean design segments information about each facility in the network. It features a timer that shows the estimated emergency room wait time. Patients can make appointments and pre-register on this site.

  20. Baylor Scott & White Health

    Baylor Scott & White Health’s website makes it easy for patients to receive same-day care. The site offers a convenient way to pay medical bills, enroll in classes and view medical records. Using the site’s menu, patients can quickly access areas of interest.

  21. National Institute of Health Clinical Center

    The National Institute of Health Clinical Center’s website contains plenty of information about the hospital. Visitors can find information about research, medical studies and physicians. The website’s navigation bar provides quick access to the clinic’s department directory.

  22. Boston’s Children’s Hospital

    From the search engine results page, site visitors can search the page for relevant information. Boston’s Children’s Hospital’s home page includes family-friendly pictures of actual patients. The menu bar provides quick access to health care professionals, treatment options and research information. Site visitors can request an appointment and take a virtual tour of the hospital.

  23. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Los Angeles

    Cedars-Sinai’s mobile-friendly website features an information portal, community medical news and patient stories. Patients can browse the health library to assess health risks, calculate body measurements and research health conditions. The site includes a physician directory and location finder.

  24. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    The main picture on the top of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’S home page is warm and inviting. This site includes a patient portal and heart-warming patient stories. Visitors can access information by clicking links on the header and the footer.

  25. Duke Health

    Patients and visitors can connect with researchers and doctors on the Duke Health website. The site’s menu includes clickable links for locations, staff directory, treatments and a blog. Patients can access the Duke MyChart portal by signing in with a password and username.

  26. MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

    MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’S website includes vivid colors and family-friendly pictures. Patients can find a doctor, obtain parking information and learn about health care services on this site. It gives patients the ability to manage appointments, renew prescriptions, see test results and connect with their health care providers.

  27. George Washington University Hospital

    The top of the George Washington University Hospital’s site’s home page features a patient story. This minimalist site provides enough information for visitors to make an informed decision without overwhelming them. On this site, patients can locate a doctor, view their health records and pay medical bills.

  28. Houston Methodist Hospital

    Houston Methodist Hospital’s website offers instant access to its services and locations. Patients can use the website to schedule doctor appointments, find a doctor and learn about the latest news. Patients can pay their medical bills on the website.

  29. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

    This top medical center’s website includes plenty of white space that makes it easy to find information. The navigation bar includes links to clinical trials, services and specialties. Patients can find a doctor and enroll in health classes. The Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center’s website includes contact forms to sign up for newsletters and schedule a call with a team member.

  30. NYU Langone Health

    This mobile-friendly website loads quickly. Visitors can use the NYU Langone site to access over 4,000 doctors. The site includes patient forms, a patient portal and current events in the medical field.

  31. Spine Centers of America

    Spine Centers of America features testimonial videos and success stories. On this site, patients can learn about spine surgical procedures and spine pain evaluation procedures. The site includes educational videos and research tools. Patients can download health history forms before their appointments.

  32. The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York

    The Spine Hospital’s home page includes a library of patient stories, vivid pictures and recent news. The streamlined menu provides information about the hospital’s team, conditions and spine treatments. Visitors will find a comprehensive list of the website’s links on the footer of the home page.

  33. National Spine and Pain Centers

    The National Spine and Pain Center’s website has a minimalist design. Visitors can book an appointment at the top of the home page. The site includes a spine and pain center search bar. Other key website features include success stories, patient resources, directions and website feedback.

  34. Boston Medical Center

    The Boston Medical Center’s website showcases pictures of patients and their families. The navigation bar includes links to patient care services, programs and center information. Patients can click a link to access the patient portal, pay a bill or book a doctor’s appointment.

  35. Anaheim Regional Medical Center

    On the Anaheim Regional Medical Center’s website, patients can find a doctor, pre-register online, pay their bills and access the patient portal. The site includes a comprehensive video library and a section that provides details about upcoming events. The website’s footer includes quick links to social media pages, affiliated facilities and services.

  36. Lakewood Regional Medical Center

    Using the Lakewood Regional Medical Center’s website, visitors can find a doctor, learn about health assessments and schedule an appointment with a health care professional. The emergency room portal allows patients to check into the emergency room at designated times.

  37. Women’s Health Texas

    The home page of the Women’s Health website features clickable links to request an appointment and access the patient portal. The site includes a health care provider spotlight and an informative blog. Patients can search old medical records and pay bills on this website.

  38. Northwestern Medicine

    Finding cardiovascular care is easy on the Northwestern Medicine website. The site includes an overview of the services and clinical trials. Patients can sign into the MyChart portal to pay a bill, send a message to their doctors and access health information.

  39. Bayside Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Center

    Bayside’s website includes physical therapy resources, information about center locations and service descriptions. The site offers a functional layout that is user-friendly. On the site, patients can download medical forms and functional outcome questionnaires. Its FAQ page provides answers to common physical therapy questions.

  40. Center for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

    The Center for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine offers a functional website that’s designed for quick access to important features. At the top of the home page, patients can use drop-down menus to find a location or make an appointment. Its patient education section includes videos and patient stories. Patients can download registration and procedural forms from the site.

  41. Women’s Sports Medicine Center

    The Women’s Sports Medicine Center’s website offers a way for patients to schedule appointments on the site by clicking a link. Key website features include a streamlined design, video testimonials and a resource library. The website features the medicine center’s Instagram feed.

  42. Sentara Healthcare

    Sentara includes immediate access to patients’ health information through a secure portal. The site’s navigation bar includes urgent care, virtual care, primary care and emergency room options. Visitors can learn about services, treatments and Sentara health care providers.

  43. Children’s Hospital of Colorado

    The Children’s Hospital of Colorado’s website includes vibrant hues and pictures of smiling children. From the navigation bar, visitors can plan their visits and access information about doctors. Key features include online bill pay and patient profiles.

  44. ATI Physical Therapy Services

    ATI Physical Therapy’s website offers a sleek design with vibrant colors. Visitors can get information about therapy services and schedule an appointment online. The center’s blog includes updated information about therapy services.

  45. Walk-In Medical Care

    Walk-In Medical Care’s navigation bar includes links to medical news and services. Patients can download medical forms from the site. The site’s footer includes details about center locations.

  46. NOVA Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

    NOVA Orthopaedics makes it easy to schedule appointments on the website. This user-friendly site includes a list of providers, locations and health resources. Patients can complete surveys to rate their experiences.

  47. Parsley Health

    Parsley Health’s website offers an attractive design. Key website features include patient testimonials, doctor profiles and health care plan options. The site offers live chats and video visits.

  48. National Holistic Center

    National Holistic Center’s website is optimized with keywords and an intuitive design. Website features include educational resources, a subscription newsletter and patient events.

  49. Washington Institute of Natural Medicine

    The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine’s home page contains dozens of links to other pages on the site. Key features include an ailment guide, patient testimonials and videos. Patients can ask questions and request appointments online.

  50. George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine

    The George Washington University Center’s website is functional with a clean design. The navigation bar includes information about the center, patient care options and a contact page. Visitors can view classes and schedule appointments online.

These websites offer insightful information, and they are easy to navigate. They also provide targeted content that is crafted to meet the needs of specific audiences.

If you’re designing a healthcare website, it’s worth going to the experts. Speak to the FreshySites team today to get your health site design project on track.

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