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Top 25 CBD distributor websites

Cannabidiol has become one of the hottest products in America, and its legalization three years ago turned selling it into a multibillion-dollar industry. As a result, CBD businesses have sprung up everywhere. This stiff competition means that CBD distributors need amazing websites, like the ones below, to do well.

Here are the best 25 CBD distributor websites for 2023.

  1. THC Design

    THC Design has an automatically playing video that opens with huge, blocky text. It grabs your attention right away. Scrolling down reveals a variety of options to allow you to explore this website. It’s interesting that there’s no traditional menu — just a “hamburger” button in the top right corner — and this is a great way of breaking the standard mold for these websites.

  2. Canvast

    Canvast has one of the nicer color schemes on any of these websites, with a gentle, easy-to-view rainbow greeting you when you arrive. Scrolling down reveals an array of products that are separated by two sortable menus: “Shop to grow” and “Shop to smoke.”

  3. CBD.co

    Wholesale company CBD.co has a more traditional look. In a world of complicated websites, that’s not a bad thing! It also sorts its products by a variety of CBD categories you can shop for. This website was clearly built for efficiency, and it works well.

  4. Canna Hemp

    Canna Hemp has one of the nicer loading screens, as well as a gentle, waving leaf when you arrive on the homepage. This leaf, combined with alternating blue, green, violet and orange backgrounds, creates a friendly, mellow vibe. It also has an expandable menu that makes the website easy to navigate.

  5. Blue Moon Hemp

    Blue Moon Hemp takes a different tack: It uses fancy text and pictures to argue that CBD and hemp are great for wellness and health, rather than touting the experience of using it. The offerings are sorted into easy-to-find products, so you never need to struggle to find what you are looking for.

  6. CBD MD

    CBD MD has an interesting marketing gimmick: the 30-day challenge. It argues that if you use their products for 30 days, you will feel better and be healthier. It’s a nice campaign and a great way of pulling visitors in.

  7. Green Roads

    Green Roads has another site that takes a traditional approach, formatting their website like many others. They provide a lot of options and content, including an array of national media that have featured them. Refer-a-friend and chat buttons are anchored in the bottom right corner of the screen. They also have a highly useful and regularly updated blog.

  8. CBDfx

    CBDfx has a geometrically ordered website with pictures, squares, and shapes that make the homepage easy to explore. This website encourages you to explore their various content with its design. It’s a great twist and a fantastic way of getting you to check out everything they have to offer. A big pop-up offers a discounts code, too.

  9. Tikva Health

    Tikva Health greets you with a standard menu and photo when you arrive at the website. However, when you scroll down, a massive graphic appears that lists their products’ and procedures’ various competitive advantages. For an industry as crowded as CBD, this works well.

  10. BKLYN cbd

    BKLYN cbd has a nice, wide-screen website, meaning that their content runs all the way from the left to the right of the page. Furthermore, their graphics smoothly scroll in, so it is easy to load and read new content. You can also scroll some of their hundreds of five-star reviews.

  11. Creating Better Days

    Creating Better Days has a sharp, cherry-colored website. It’s a different look, and it works well. Exploring the website reveals a series of CBD collections that are designed to give you specific experiences. There’s even a Wildlife collection for pets. Creating Better Days seems to be actively positioning itself to stand out from average CBD sites. This is a smart move in a crowded market.

  12. Joy Organics

    Joy Organics has had ample international and national media exposure, and they advertise this just below the fold of the homepage. When it comes to making CBD purchases, they smartly sort their inventory by the types of product shoppers can purchase, making it easy to buy the CBD of your choice.

  13. Carolina Hemp Company

    Carolina Hemp Company opens with a gorgeous full-screen photo and has a variety of offers. What distinguishes them is that they offer not just CBD but other hemp items as well. They lean into this marketing and heavily advertise their hemp products across the entire homepage.

  14. US Hemp Wholesale

    US Hemp Wholesale is another hemp wholesaler. They not only advertise these products for purchase but immediately let you learn more about their entire system and how you can help to sell their hemp. This makes their marketing focus clear.

  15. Anytime CBD

    Anytime CBD has an interesting feature on their website: They show their most popular products toward the top of the homepage. This makes it easy for new users to identify what products are well-liked by other customers. It’s also a distinctive feature that isn’t often used on CBD websites.

  16. NABIS

    NABIS has their slogan up-front on their homepage, billing themselves as a distributor that answers to you. This marketing pitch permeates every aspect of their website. In that sense, the website is an extension of the company’s branding, and it works well.

  17. Shelf Life Distributing

    Shelf Life Distributing has a video that you can view as soon as the homepage loads. It also takes advantage of a minimalist design and offers a huge selection of CBD brands from which you can choose.

  18. Endoca

    Endoca has a variety of interesting aspects on their website that aren’t found anywhere else on this list. They include two menus, a four-and-a-half-star Trustpilot rating, and a rotating carousel of pictures and discount offers.

  19. Partnered Process

    Partnered Process opens with a “Do You Really Know CBD?” quiz that you can take. The quiz is simple and designed to get visitors more comfortable with CBD as well as its various benefits. It’s a unique way of drawing visitors into the website and building credibility with potential customers, and it works well.

  20. Pachamama

    Pachamama opts for alternating black and white backgrounds with contrasting type and enlivening this neutral design with colorful photos. It’s a fascinating way of grabbing someone’s attention. The branding is artsy and alternative, as are the fonts and the rest of the page design.

  21. Western States Hemp

    Western States Hemp starts with a gorgeous video, zooming out over a field. It’s incredibly attention-grabbing. The rest of the website is nicely formatted, replete with gorgeous pictures and a slew of useful information.

  22. FusionCBD

    FusionCBD has an interesting division: It advertises two newer spin-offs of CBD — CBN as a sleep aid and CBG for daytime use. It’s one of the few times CBN makes an appearance on this list, and it’s a great way for the company to differentiate themselves.

  23. ErthHemp

    ErthHemp has an extremely long homepage, but it works well, as a variety of formats and loading screens full of colorful, appealing photos make it easy for viewers to keep their attention focused as they scroll down.

  24. Highland Pharms

    Highland Pharms offers some interesting angles with their website. They advertise their “CBD for People and Pets” and highlight popular products along with a mix of reviews, graphics, photos, and text explaining why their products are better than others.

  25. New York Hemp Oil

    New York Hemp Oil goes out of its way not only to advertise their product, but also to tell you how you can make money selling it. Not many sites do this, but it’s a nice addition to the usual content and a great way of getting your attention.

These websites all succeed at a very difficult task: They take a product that’s hard to sell and market and make it attractive to customers in a crowded field. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD farm websites, organic CBD websites, topical CBD websites, CBD tincture websites, edible CBD websites, best CBD websites.

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