Meet the WordPress Divi theme experts

Divi is your WordPress website’s secret weapon.

WordPress is an impressively customizable platform. This is especially true when it comes to themes. However, the sheer amount of options can be a little overwhelming. Choosing a powerful yet flexible theme may seem like an impossible task.

Nevertheless, one theme stands out as an ideal candidate: the WordPress Divi theme. With responsive editing for thousands of design options, Divi can be the driving force behind a spectacular website.

Fortunately, you don’t need to harness its potential by yourself. Our team at FreshySites has used Divi to craft thousands of websites. We’ll use our Divi expertise to help you leverage the full power of this theme for your unique needs.

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An introduction to the WordPress Divi theme

If you’ve spent time in the WordPress community, chances are you’re familiar with the WordPress Divi theme.

To date, over 2 million websites have used this highly customizable, multi-purpose theme.

  1. This popularity is thanks to an array of impressive features. For example, Divi comes with over 40 built-in modules for complete design control. These can support anything from simple photo galleries to extensive forms without a single line of code.
  2. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use code if you want to. Custom CSS control means that you can combine the pre-built power of WordPress and Divi theme with your own personal touches. Additionally, the minimalist interface can help you stay organized as you personalize.
  3. Smaller details aren’t forgotten, either. Divi provides a full range of options for fonts, borders, and shadows across your entire site. This means that every inch of your website can be tweaked to suit your needs.
  4. However, the WordPress Divi theme can do a lot more than build gorgeous designs. It also comes packed with powerful search engine optimization (SEO) features, so you can rest assured that your pages will reach as many people as possible.
  5. Finally, you won’t have to worry about changes in the industry with Divi. The Elegant Themes development team is constantly updating the theme to fix potential security bugs, increase speed, and create a smoother editing experience.
  6. This continuous improvement means Divi can be your all-in-one WordPress solution. Whether you’re taking an existing WordPress site in a new direction or starting from scratch, the Divi theme can be curated to perfectly meet your needs.

Beautiful WordPress Divi websites we’ve built and host for our clients

View some of the recent WordPress Divi projects we’ve created for companies of all sizes.

Effective Divi features with a user-friendly interface

Elegant Themes advertises Divi as the complete WordPress design system.

Even though the theme’s functionality is remarkably comprehensive, this doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. In fact, Divi is one of the most user-friendly themes currently available.

Divi classic backend builder

The Divi Builder is a classic drag-and-drop editor in the backend of WordPress. You can simply place elements and modules where you’d like them to appear. This interface works for both small content adjustments as well as creating entirely new pages.

Divi frontend visual page builder

The WordPress Divi theme comes with a highly visual, frontend page builder (Visual Builder). Thus, you’ll have a fairly clear idea of what your backend edits will look like to visitors. This makes Divi an intuitive option for beginners and pros alike.

Divi theme builder

Smart features like Divi Theme Builder, extendable styles, and keyboard shortcuts enable you to easily change hundreds of elements at once. Rather than navigating a cookie-cutter interface, you personalize your editing workflow for ultimate efficiency.

We keep these benefits in mind while we build and host your Divi website. We also avoid any changes that might make editing the page more difficult for you later on.

Your professional team of WordPress Divi designers

For years now, our team has almost exclusively utilized the Divi theme when building new WordPress websites for clients. Using only the best WordPress Divi experts around, our highly skilled and experienced team is capable of crafting a Divi website you’ll love.

Whether you have an existing website with FreshySites or you’re looking for someone to build a new Divi site for you, we’re able to handle all aspects of the website build since we know the theme inside and out.

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We’re the WordPress Divi theme experts

If you prefer a more hands-off approach, FreshySites can handle any adjustments you need. Additionally, our familiarity with both Divi and your site means we can make changes quickly and easily for minimum disruption.

No matter the level of site maintenance you’re looking for, FreshySites has the answer. You can take full control, or leave all the technical aspects to us. Either way, we’ll strive to make your experience with the Divi theme as streamlined as possible.

All of the Divi theme benefits, none of the logistics

While these seemingly complex Divi features can open a lot of design opportunities, customizing each one might be time-consuming. If you’re creating content for your site or running a small business, web design might not be the area you want to focus on.

If you don’t want to spend time getting used to the Divi Builder interface, we’re happy to step in. At FreshySites, as a WordPress web development company, we’ve spent countless hours working with the WordPress Divi theme. We know the ins and outs of its design and performance features. Looking for someone to build your next WordPress website using the Divi theme?

Working with us means you won’t have to worry about the Divi license details. We’re the ones who’ll manage those specifics and maintain the theme through updates. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on other aspects of your page and business.

Choosing FreshySites as your WordPress Divi site development company also means that we’ll take care of any technical issues that may occur. No need to spend time troubleshooting or submitting Divi theme support requests. We’ll work closely with Divi’s stellar team to quickly find a solution on your behalf.

You can focus on Divi’s gorgeous results. We’ll take care of the rest.

Tried-and-true success with the WordPress Divi theme

The WordPress Divi theme may be multi-purpose, but it’s still a unique tool. Understanding how to best use its strengths can be critical in making the most of its potential. Fortunately, our FreshySites team members are Divi experts.

Despite extensive testing of other themes, we almost always opt for Divi. We’ve used it to build over 1000 one-of-a-kind websites. Each client has had a particular set of needs for their page. As such, we’ve learned over 1000 different ways to maximize the power of this theme.

We’ve also been using Divi as our go-to theme for a very long time. In addition to seeing it evolve over the years, we’ve also fostered a close relationship with the Elegant Themes support team. That means it’s even easier for us to get your site a helping hand when necessary.

Furthermore, you don’t need to rely on FreshySites for all your site changes. We have an extensive library of WordPress Divi-specific documentation that you can consult. Thus, you have plenty of helpful resources to continue leveraging this theme’s power after the building stage.

The best theme keeps getting better

Developers who don’t update their programs and software can cause a lot of problems. A lack of upkeep can lead to security flaws, technical issues, or outdated features. Therefore, your site can suffer as a result of this neglect.

Fortunately, Elegant Themes is constantly developing Divi. The company has an entire team (that continues to grow) dedicated to this theme, so you can enjoy a stable experience and excellent support for the foreseeable future.

These constant updates aren’t just about standard theme maintenance. The Elegant Themes team is always on the lookout for new features to improve their famous WordPress Divi theme. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to cutting-edge features.

However, you don’t have to rely on the actual Divi theme developers for innovation. Elegant Themes is home to an expansive marketplace of third-party add-ons specifically made for Divi. If you’re looking for even more functionality, we can use these resources to add new features without needing to customize the core code.

These add-ons also increase the number of things we can do with your site. For instance, we can curate a list of necessary features. Then, we can utilize various add-ons and calibrate them to fit your needs.

These additions can make your feature management experience easier. The contained nature of the add-ons means you’ll be able to pinpoint their effects on your site. No need to hunt through lines of code – you can instead directly address each extension.

WordPress hosting for Divi websites

If you’re looking for a WordPress hosting provider to host your Divi website, we’ve got you covered there too. Our platform consists of over 1000 client websites, all running with the Divi theme. We have infrastructure specifically tailored for WordPress websites running the Divi theme and Divi Builder. In fact, Elegant Themes has partnered with our hosting provider to offer the ultimate WordPress theme matched with a hosting platform that has the performance needed and the reliability expected. This ensures the best client experience with building and hosting Divi WordPress websites. Our WordPress hosting meets all of Divi’s requirements, and surpasses them.

The full power of WordPress Divi at your fingertips

The WordPress Divi theme is powerful, flexible, and multi-purpose.

Our team of Divi theme experts at FreshySites can help you apply its amazing potential to your page.

Whether you’re looking to transition your existing website or start a new one, we simply cannot recommend Divi enough. FreshySites is the best development team to build and host your WordPress Divi website. We’ve explored some of the theme’s most appealing features. Between Divi’s formidable capabilities and FreshySite’s years of experience, we can help you create the site of your dreams by utilizing the power of the Divi theme for WordPress.

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