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25 custom furniture websites to follow in 2023

There are probably buyers just waiting to discover your custom furniture, but you’re missing the critical link between you and those sales. That link is a well-developed website that makes it easy for eager buyers to find you and see what you have to offer. The most beautiful website will do you no good if no one knows it exists. That’s why it’s important to create websites that are just as functional and discoverable as they are pleasing to the eye. You want your buyers to click from the homepage to your About page to learn more about your furniture company. However, you want them to also view images of your work and convert into paying customers. How do you create a website that helps you attract more customers ready to buy your products? It starts with a clear vision of the aesthetics and functionality of the site. Pair that with SEO and a marketing plan, and you’re on the way.

These are the 25 best custom furniture websites from 2023

  1. Pinit Furniture

    Pinit Furniture utilizes simple graphics to clearly convey the message that it can make anything its customers want. The company explains the three ways that buyers can submit their preferences to get exactly what they need, and Pinit Furniture does it with visuals that require little reading. Viewers can quickly see what this furniture maker does, including the fact that Pinit works with local American craftsmen.

  2. Bespoke Furniture

    Would your brand benefit from a website that is elegant and modern? Look at the website for Bespoke Furniture to see what a spacious website with a few key design elements can do to create that modern sophistication. Half of the homepage is an introduction video that shows the company’s craftsmen at work. The rest of the page features a couple of large images and a small block of text. That’s all Bespoke Furniture needs to establish a sense of brand on page one.

  3. Sentient Furniture

    Sentient Furniture is a good example of how a custom furniture website can serve as a portfolio or gallery that allows the company’s work to speak for itself. The homepage leads with a large image of a furniture craftsman at work and offers links to its luxury collection and contract options rather than leading with a quote form. Sentient Furniture also allows visitors to download a free style book.

  4. Philip Morley Furniture

    A custom furniture website should look anything but cluttered, and Philip Morley Furniture does a beautiful job of using large blocks of imagery and text to create a spacious design that is both professional and sleek. Visitors learn about the product selection and are given opportunities to commission work or buy directly from the website all while scrolling through sharp images that personalize the brand.

  5. Kyle Cook Custom

    Check out the website for Kyle Cook Custom to see what a single image and link can do to set your custom furniture website apart. The website loads as a rotating gallery of images that occupy the full screen. You can click a link to enter the full website or click straight to the company’s Instagram page. The full website is designed as a look book with images that occupy the full screen without the intrusion of text.

  6. Croft House

    Croft House keeps its homepage short with a focus on polished images that represents its custom furniture brand. The only text on the first page is in the links, so viewers can click directly to the information they want to read. This is a good example of a minimalist homepage that builds on brand image.

  7. Casa Kids

    If you want your homepage to balance text and images, look at the website for Casa Kids. This children’s furniture maker includes small blocks of text that introduce the company while the focus remains on large images of its work. Casa Kids also includes some of its standard products on the homepage, making it easy for customers to check prices and order.

  8. Sabai

    Sabai is a good example of how you can create a website that promotes a specialized custom furniture company. The company makes furniture for apartments, and visitors know that within seconds of loading the homepage due to the large subtitle just under the top image slider. Well-placed slogans and phrases can tell the world what you stand for and what you offer.

  9. Austin Joinery

    Austin Joinery emphasizes customer reviews by placing them near the top of its homepage. The company’s gallery of images from previous projects comes next, and Austin Joinery ends the page with a presentation of its industry awards and recognitions. The company speaks volumes about its expertise without large blocks of text and without focusing mainly on images.

  10. La Bella Cosa

    Do you have a short phrase that describes your company? If so, you may want to use it on your homepage like you see on the website for La Bella Cosa. The company places the phrase “It’s a beautiful thing…” in bold letters across every image in the top slider. Along with the imagery, La Bella Cosa sizes up its brand beautifully.

  11. Leo Litto

    Not all custom furniture websites emphasize images over text. Leo Litto is a great example of a web design that allocates large blocks to text while still presenting images that show the expertise of the award-winning furniture maker.

  12. AMZ Furniture

    AMZ Furniture includes a Featured Products section in the center of its homepage. The company offers images and prices for some of its leading products, allowing visitors to quickly determine the type of furniture the company sells and the general price range.

  13. Kellogg Furniture

    Allowing your fans and potential customers to follow some of your projects online is a great way to establish your brand as an authority in the industry and increase future orders. Kellogg Furniture does this through the Shop Notes section on its website. The company links to this section from the homepage, encouraging visitors to follow along.

  14. Urban Colony

    If you can think of a fun way to showcase your products, you can boost engagement on your website and potentially increase furniture orders. A good example of this is the Collection Flyover featured on the website for Urban Colony in Los Angeles, California. The company features a video that slowly pans over its collection, which is neatly arranged in home-like settings.

  15. Greenwood Bay

    If you work with materials that are anything but ordinary, Greenwood Bay is a great example of a website that emphasizes unique materials. This furniture maker uses sustainable products to create one-of-a-kind wooden furniture pieces, and its website highlights the value of its material in all sections.

  16. Couch Seattle

    Couch Seattle uses its homepage to introduce viewers to the various styles of couches that it can make. The company walks viewers through the ordering process by allowing them to see each step, from picking a style and size to contacting the company for a quote or more information. It’s an interactive design that leads each viewer to take a desirable action.

  17. Nalu Builds

    If you want to create a custom furniture website that is modern and highly interactive, you may get some ideas from Nalu Builds. The website loads to a full-screen image gallery that requires visitors to select between a few links in order to access additional content. Each link is focused on a keyword that viewers may relate to, such as “tropical living.”

  18. Joel Bare Woodworking

    Joel Bare Woodworking offers a website that includes large blocks of text on the homepage. The company has a top slider that presents images of its work, but it uses the rest of the first page to tell its story and introduce its materials and custom woodworking expertise. This web design may appeal more to interested buyers who want to learn what the company stands for up front.

  19. Rotsen Furniture

    A white background does the Rotsen Furniture website well. The company places images of wooden furniture pieces against a plain white backdrop, and the coloring of each piece of wood pops off the screen and commands attention. Rotsen Furniture also has a more artistic design that allows images to overlap and sections to flow into one another.

  20. Vintage Wood & Forged Iron

    The website for Vintage Wood & Forged Iron is another example of an effective web design that emphasizes unique material sources. The company uses reclaimed wood, hand-hewn beams, and other distinctive materials. Vintage Wood & Forged Iron allows its homepage to introduce viewers to those materials plus some of its services. There are also links offered for those interested in learning more.

  21. This Is Urban Made

    This Is Urban Made utilizes a simple block design to lead viewers from its homepage to targeted sections of its website. The company makes it easy for visitors to find information about the type of furniture they want to buy. This web design leaves the text blocks to pages deeper in the site.

  22. Clad Home

    Look to Clad Home for website marketing ideas. The company has a popup that asks viewers to sign up for its newsletter upon entering the site. The homepage introduces a loyalty program that allows buyers to earn a small discount and cashback. These marketing efforts aren’t used on all websites for high-end furniture makers, but they are effective for select markets.

  23. Atico Furniture

    While clean white backgrounds are popular for custom furniture websites, Atico Furniture is an example of a darker theme. The website features dark images offset by some white blocks toward the end of the homepage. The dark images allow subtitles and links to pop with color.

  24. Paul Rene Furniture

    Paul Rene Furniture’s website speaks directly to viewers by evoking a sense of emotion in connection to the company’s products. The company includes a homepage section that offers three ways visitors can “journey to a higher realm” by investing in designs that speak to their identity and elicit fond feelings. This website is a good example of content that is focused on the customer’s needs.

  25. Culver Furniture

    Are you interested in building an interactive custom furniture website? If so, you might want to look at Culver Furniture for ideas. The company’s website includes image blocks that show popups and links when you place your cursor on top. The popups display the type of wood featured in the products within the images.

When you’re ready to build your custom furniture website, keep some of these features and designs in mind and ensure you really grab users’ attention.

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