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Top 15 CBD tincture websites

CBD is all the rage lately. Since its legalization in late 2018, the CBD market has exploded, with as many as one in three American adults trying the product. As a result, dozens of businesses have sprung up to sell a variety of CBD products, and this has led to a major proliferation of websites that market them. Since there are so many CBD businesses, they must go above and beyond customers’ expectations to stand out from the pack. These achieve that goal in a number of ways.

15 of the best CBD websites

  1. Sunny Skies CBD

    Sunny Skies CBD has two buttons that can immediately grab the user’s attention: one that links to their mission statement and competitive advantage and one that leads directly to their online shopping portal. These buttons are great, as they immediately steer users where the company clearly wants them to go.

  2. Extract Labs

    Extract Labs takes a slightly different tack. They have a banner just below the fold that shows the media attention their company has gotten, including the business magazine Forbes, the TV show “Today,” and websites like Buzzfeed. This is particularly important, considering that the industry is working to establish credibility. The website also has a flashing button that advertises its discounts.

  3. Vive CBD

    Vive CBD leads its homepage with a gorgeous picture of its CBD tinctures next to flowers and fruit. This creates a nice impression of CBD as natural and healthy. Scrolling down reveals more content, including a variety of products that you can purchase.

  4. Bare CBD

    Bare CBD has four buttons that immediately catch your eye to tell you that their products are lab tested, made in the USA, come with secured payments, and have free shipping. These are all useful and marketable things that any CBD industry should be advertising, particularly given the newness of the industry.

  5. Purely CBD

    Purely CBD shows a gorgeous waterfall on their homepage with text inviting the reader to “feel the cascading effects” of their products. This immediately grabs your attention. It also has a FAQ section that contains a huge amount of useful information.

  6. Green River Botanicals

    Green River Botanicals leans into its ownership and positioning. It is farmer-owned and sells certified, organic, full-spectrum CBD, from its tinctures to its flowers. It also offers a discount via a nice pop-up as soon as you arrive on the website.

  7. CBDfx

    CBDfx has a menu below its navigation bar that advertises its various products, including tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more. This is a great way of helping visitors shop for the types of products that they may want to purchase.

  8. CBD Farmhouse

    CBD Farmhouse has a long homepage that contains a large variety of information and marketing material, including what type of products they sell, their third-party testing and various certifications, and how their customers can know they are getting the best CBD available in their products.

  9. The CBDistillery

    The CBDistillery also has a banner that highlights the various national media where they have appeared, including The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today. From a credibility perspective, it also takes advantage of an array of certifications, advertising that they are third-party tested and non-GMO.

  10. Spero CBD

    Spero CBD makes the credibility argument as bluntly as possible. One of the first pieces of text you see is, “We’ve got standards (in an industry that doesn’t)” This is a blatant play for credibility, and it’s also a not-so-subtle swipe at their competitors.

  11. CBD Alive

    CBD Alive advertises itself with a great slogan, “Pure as nature,” and beautiful photos showing plants, bees, and butterflies. They add a personal touch for their marketing message, with a button linking to individual testimonials front and center above the fold.

  12. Pachamama

    Pachamama features a colorful, full-screen slideshow to advertise their different products. They also have a chatbot that pops up and offers you customized, personalized assistance. This is a nice touch.

  13. PlusCBD

    PlusCBD has one of the cleanest layouts of any webpage on this list, opting for a white background and black text that displays their products. They also stand out by touting their Best of the Industry Award and prominently featuring less commonly seen products like their CBD for pets.

  14. Veritas Farms

    Veritas Farms doesn’t just advertise their products. They also advertise where their merchandise is sold, including pharmacies like CVS. This is a great way of enhancing their credibility via other stores that carry their products. They also introduce a fun gimmick — a wheel you can spin for a discount after entering your email address.

  15. iLavaHemp

    iLavaHemp does something unique among the sites listed here. Their homepage emphasizes their batch testing for accurate dosing by showing a zoomed-in view of one of their CBD labels. This lets potential customers know exactly what is in their products.

These websites have it all: high quality design, slick marketing, and scientifically accurate messages about what CBD can do. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD distributor websites, CBD farm websites, organic CBD websites, topical CBD websites, edible CBD websites, best CBD websites.

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