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Top 15 topical CBD websites

Hemp-derived CBD is a hot commodity these days, gaining fans for addressing everything from pain to insomnia. So it’s no wonder that topical CBD sites are springing up all over the place. However, since this substance is still relatively new on the market and somewhat unregulated, your customers will want to be sure that your CBD business is one that’s trustworthy, protects their bodies, and offers great deals. Here are sites that stand out for all the right reasons.

15 of the best CBD company websites

  1. Pure Kana

    Pure Kana takes an interesting approach: Instead of sorting their product by type on their homepage, they sort it by what it can do for you. This means that visitors can click on Pain, Energy, Sleep, or Immunity. They also note the media outlets that have featured them. This is a subtle way of increasing their credibility.

  2. Avenue CBD

    The graphics on the Avenue CBD website are exceptionally sharp and crisp, and they do a great job of reeling you in right away. Their top menu is easy to use, and if you mouse over the Shop button, you can immediately find a wide array of CBD products.

  3. Green Roads

    Green Roads has a variety of products and a deep homepage that you can scroll down to find more information. They prominently note that they’ve received over 30,000 five-star reviews. They also clearly target beginners with their “CBD University” that offers information for first-time users.

  4. Project CBD

    What makes Project CBD so interesting is its focus. Yes, you can purchase CBD on the site, but Project CBD also has some fantastic information about the compound, offering a wide array of news and information about CBD and how it can help users. It also has a beginner’s guide.

  5. CBD Living

    CBD Living greets you with a smiling user holding a CBD drink when you arrive at the website. This is a different type of offering — one not usually highlighted on CBD websites — so you immediately start paying attention to their products. The company also has a highly active and informative blog.

  6. Come Back Daily CBD

    Come Back Daily CBD has an interesting way of pulling you in when the website loads: They have a “CBD quiz.” This 60-second quiz is designed to help you find the right CBD for you. It’s a smart and clever way of immediately building engagement with users.

  7. California Solutions CBD

    California Solutions CBD has a link directly to some of their most popular products — complete with discounts — as soon as the homepage loads. They also target skin care, offering a variety of CBD-based skincare solutions including one for acne.

  8. Vera Wellness

    Vera Wellness leads with a gorgeous picture of a sunset and a woman in a field. It pulls you right in. The homepage is also simple: You click on a button and immediately begin to view the extensive array of products on the website.

  9. California Crush CBD

    California Crush CBD leans heavily on its California location with palm trees and a lemon yellow background. As soon as you scroll down, you see their products, surrounded by an array of citrus fruits. It’s a clever marketing design. When you visit their online store, every product is displayed this way. This is a smart form of branding.

  10. Mary’s Medicinals

    Mary’s Medicinals has a clean, simple design, using black and white design elements with subdued color photos. It also has an extensive blog that discusses information about CBD and a separate page that reviews the science behind the product.

  11. Papa & Barkley

    Papa & Barkley opts for a simple, clean design that emphasizes white space and pastel backgrounds over text. They also have brief text blocks noting that their testing and process for creating supplements makes their company more transparent and their products safer and more potent.

  12. CBD American Shaman

    CBD American Shaman offers CBD in four unique categories: Relief, Wellness, Beauty & Pets. The Pets section is very different, and this is smart marketing, as there is a growing interest in CBD for dogs and cats.

  13. Good Pharmaceutical Development Company

    Good Pharmaceutical Development Company uses the phrase “clinical testing” or some variation of it throughout their website. It’s clear that they are using their website to increase the credibility of CBD in general and their store specifically.

  14. Texas Naturals CBD

    Texas Naturals CBD has a sharp homepage that uses eye-popping colors and nicely designed graphics to get your attention. They also have neatly categorized products, a helpful FAQ section, and a chatbot that will answer any questions for you.

  15. Medix CBD

    Medix CBD smartly uses their main page to divide its CBD products into sections for oils, vapes, edibles, topicals, and products for dogs. This makes it easy for users to find what they are searching for.

These websites have all figured out how to manage a remarkably difficult task. They market CBD effectively while also building up their own credibility. This is a challenging task, but these 15 websites all do it well. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD distributor websites, CBD farm websites, organic CBD websites, CBD tincture websites, edible CBD websites, best CBD websites.

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