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Top 15 CBD websites

The CBD industry is booming. If you want your company to stand out, you’ll need to provide a professional, engaging website that hooks new customers and makes them want to learn more about your products. A good website can also attract experienced CBD users by making them feel like they’re missing out on something. The CBD industry is incredibly competitive, but if you have an eye for web design, you won’t have to worry about your company being left behind.

Here’s the list of the best CBD websites

  1. Green Classic

    Green Classic offers a black-and-green layout that consumers typically associate with CBD. The site also features a full-color image of a couple on a hiking trip, suggesting that this product is the right fit for people with active lifestyles. Important links are located in the top header.

  2. Boston Green Health

    Boston Green Health immediately greets viewers with an image of a blue sky, making them feel calm and relaxed. This suggests that their product offers a similarly relaxing experience. The site conveniently lists the products for sale right on the front page.

  3. Just CBD

    Just CBD gets right to the point with a large banner that advertises a popular product. Scrolling down, the customer finds a list of categories with accompanying photographs. They also have blog posts featured on the front page for people who want to learn more about CBD before they try it.

  4. Naia CBD

    Naia CBD uses a clean white layout to set a clinical, hygienic tone. They feature a convenient map on the front page, making it easier for customers to find their in-store location. They also have rows of products that you can buy directly from the homepage.

  5. CBD MD

    CBD MD makes a bold first impression with a bright, colorful layout. The front page has short blurbs of information about CBD and its uses, which might convince customers who are unsure about trying CBD. The front page also features a professionally filmed video advertisement.

  6. CBDistillery

    CBDistillery features clean, professional pictures of their products on the front page, suggesting that they’re an established business. The front page also features deals and coupons that could make their product look more attractive to new customers. When you scroll down the page, you find helpful information about the benefits of CBD.

  7. Come Back Daily

    Come Back Daily greets customers with two buttons. One button invites customers to start shopping while the other invites them to take a CBD quiz, which adds value to their products. The front page also features blocks of content that organize the products according to the issues that they treat.

  8. Pure Kana

    Pure Kana greets customers with a pop-up inviting them to sign up for their email newsletter in exchange for a 15% discount. When you close the pop-up, you find a brightly colored header and neatly organized blocks of content that take you to different product pages.

  9. The Alchemist’s Kitchen

    The Alchemist’s Kitchen uses plant imagery to suggest that their product is made from all-natural ingredients. The site also has a handy “Reviews” button attached to the right side of the page. When you click the button, you can see actual reviews that other customers have written.

  10. Medterra

    Medterra builds a strong brand identity by heavily featuring purple, the color of their logo, throughout their layout. They also feature reviews from customers who have used their products as well as pictures and information about some of the people who work for the company. This can build trust in a customer’s mind.

  11. Botanicam

    Botanicam starts off with an eye-catching photograph and a simple mission statement, along with an invitation to learn more about the company. Customers find a section of featured products when they scroll down. The site also has a section of short blurbs about the benefits of using CBD.

  12. Denver CBD

    Denver CBD greets customers with a dynamic slideshow with information about the company and its products. When you scroll down, the website gets right to the point by featuring a list of products and placing a few links at the bottom. You can navigate the site using the links in the header.

  13. GVB Biopharma

    GVB Biopharma introduces themselves with a short but enticing blurb about their company. The site also features eye-catching red buttons that invite customers to book a call and learn more. Scrolling down, the customer finds a short diagram that explains how their process works.


    BKYLN CBD greets customers with an enticing coupon offer. Scrolling down, customers find a list of major companies that BKYLN CBD has worked with, which helps build trust in the company. The site also has a few short reviews near the footer.

  15. Calyx Collective

    Calyx Collective uses a full-color image of a rural road to make customers feel calm and cheerful. This gives them the impression that these products have a similar calming effect. The front page also has a form where customers can sign up for their email newsletter.

Finding new customers is a breeze when you model your CBD website after one of these professional sites. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD distributor websites, CBD farm websites, organic CBD websites, topical CBD websites, CBD tincture websites, edible CBD websites.

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