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Top 25 organic CBD websites

If your goal is to sell cannabidiol products, you will want to create a website that matches not only your product but also your brand. Important elements of a successful website include functionality and simplicity. For a CBD website, additional information about the product may be helpful, too. When selling your CBD products, look to these sites for features to focus on as well as what to include on your website.

Here are 25 of the best organic CBD websites

  1. Joy Organics

    Joy Organics emphasizes soft, pastel colors. When visitors scroll down the homepage, they’ll see a photo of the company’s co-founder and learn about her personal experience with CBD. At the bottom are key factors that make them stand out, such as cruelty-free products and USA-grown hemp.

  2. my CBD Organics

    my CBD Organics emphasizes images to market its products. Full-screen photos at the top of the homepage suggests serenity and healing. Further down, you see an organic and healthy cannabis plant, and you can find information on independent lab testing and advice for choosing the right products.

  3. Vitality CBD

    The Vitality CBD homepage leads with an appealing photo of a hemp field as part of a beautiful natural setting. The rest of the site is text heavy, but it’s well organized and easy to read. Visitors can even find a helpful FAQ section at the bottom of the homepage.

  4. Kore Organic

    Kore Organic sells its products for people and pets on an image-heavy website. Bold text emphasizes important phrases like “locally made” and “handcrafted.” The site uses many colors, which is a good way to grab visitors’ attention. The word “shop” appears five times in different fonts on the homepage.

  5. Jasper Organics

    Jasper Organics has a clean site that focuses on a variety of images to sell its brand. The clean white background makes the text easy to read, while the purple and blue accents make the website visually interesting. A unique feature of the homepage is a series of images that encircle the company’s mission statement.

  6. Amberwing Organics

    Amberwing Organics pictures cannabis leaves alongside its products. The site’s soft colors feel soothing, and text in the middle of the homepage provides good reasons to use the products. Further down, there’s a simple answer to “What is CBD?” with an explanation of their process to unlock its healing properties.

  7. Blue Forest Farms

    Blue Forest Farms offers a wealth of information on its website in an organized way. In the middle of the homepage, the company touts the media where it has been seen. This is a great way to promote a brand. Another way this website stands out is that it shows the different hemp strains available. Customers can shop for seeds or flowers.

  8. Leanna Organics

    Leanna Organics doesn’t let visitors enter its website if they’re not 18 years old. Once in, they will find a beautifully designed website with soft colors and nicely organized text that includes information about CBD for skin care. The soft green and white colors of the website complement the dark green of the plant in the images.

  9. Rosebud

    Rosebud stands out because the text is unusually large, leading the eye to what the company wants visitors to see. The homepage offers helpful information about different strengths and CBD’s effects on the body. Scrolling customer testimonials are powerful advertising for various benefits of CBD. There’s a scrolling blog that provides interesting articles, too.

  10. One Farm

    One Farm uses the brand’s colors of blue, yellow, and white for its website. Scrolling down the homepage, visitors can find the company’s core mission. There’s quite a bit of information; visitors can read more about the company’s roots and the ingredients that make the products effective for various conditions.

  11. Organic CBD Nugs

    Organic CBD Nugs departs from the other websites in that it shows different CBD strains at the center of its homepage so visitors can choose the ones they prefer. Beneath each strain are reviews, too, which can be helpful for undecided customers. Product categories appear beneath these, giving potential customers another way to shop.

  12. CBD Organics

    CBD Organics combines dark and light shades of green against a white background. Below the homepage’s main image, the company highlights the important features of its product, such as vegan and third-party tested. Reviews and text about the different ways CBD helps one’s body complete the page.

  13. Green Gorilla

    Green Gorilla features its eye-catching brand logo, a gorilla holding a cannabis leaf, at the top of its homepage. The gorilla appears again, seated at a computer, in the chat icon at the bottom. The website’s colors of green and white match the logo. Visitors can take a quiz to find the right CBD product for them. Below it is a list of best-selling products.

  14. Green River Botanicals

    Important information about Green River Botanicals overlays the alternating photos that lead its homepage: farmer owned, certified organic, and full spectrum. There is a ton of useful information on the site, all expertly organized. Visitors can scroll down for a video testimonial on what users are saying.

  15. Elixinol

    Elixinol offers a straightforward and minimalist website in calming blue and white. New customers can purchase trial packs from the site if they’re not sure how CBD will affect them. Visitors can take a quiz to find out which CBD products will work for them, and they can learn more about CBD, such as the differences between hemp and marijuana.

  16. bZen Organics

    bZen Organics provides an image-heavy site that is nicely organized. Besides its products, it offers useful information further down its homepage, such as what it means to be certified organic and how to know which vendors you can trust. There are also testimonials from doctors about the effectiveness of the company’s products.

  17. Thryv Organics

    Thryv Organics has a clean website with white space that nicely balances text and images. Scrolling down the homepage, visitors find “popular reads,” which is part of the company’s blog posts on CBD and how it affects people. Customers can shop for the company’s latest product right on the homepage.

  18. CBD Farmhouse

    CBD Farmhouse has a unique, unconventional layout. There isn’t a predictable structure to the text/image combination, yet it still feels organized. The company places three important facts about its products at the center of its homepage: organic and natural, satisfaction guaranteed, and third-party tested.

  19. Hempsi

    Hempsi is a straightforward, functional website that uses green and white to sell its brand. What’s unique about this design is that the company offers visitors a chance to become Hempsi distributors right on its homepage. Potential customers can learn more about how Hempsi makes its products on the homepage, too.

  20. Chakra Organics

    Chakra Organics nicely balances images and texts to create an effective website that’s easy to navigate. The top menu even lists “lab tests” for visitors looking to find out more about the test results for Chakra Organics products. For those preferring to buy the products in person, the menu also lists which farmers markets sell Chakra Organics products.

  21. Kyro CBD

    The first thing you see on the site for Kyro CBD is a pledge to deliver “the highest quality CBD oil pure and simple.” Shoppers can purchase products on the homepage. There are also reviews, reasons why the company stands out, and a list of top-selling products. Scrolling down, visitors can read the company’s blog.

  22. Also Organics

    Also Organics offers an image-rich website that shows its products as its dominant image. Visitors can also get the facts on CBD and learn how the company makes its products. The company’s reviews, logos of media in which it has been featured, and a quiz link are nicely laid out.

  23. Pure Metta

    Pure Metta departs from other CBD websites by using eye-catching golden yellow as its dominant website color. It gives the website a fresh, fun look as it highlights the products’ quality and affordability. Visitors can scroll down to learn about Pure Metta’s mission as well as the benefits of the company’s CBD oil.

  24. Greenlife Organics

    Surprisingly, Greenlife Organics uses various shades of green, in photos and icons, to good effect on its website. Text is simple black on white. There’s a video on the homepage that shows how the company got started. A list of its best sellers and a company blog round out the page.

  25. FAB CBD

    FAB CBD sells its products right from its homepage, and there’s a wheel to spend for a first-time discount. Visitors can choose to shop for its gummies, oil, cream, or body salve. Potential customers seeking more information can scroll down to the “About Our Products” section. The text is well laid out, and information is easy to find.

The websites above do a great job of combining color, text, and images to create websites that are informative and easy to navigate. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD distributor websites, CBD farm websites, topical CBD websites, CBD tincture websites, edible CBD websites, best CBD websites.

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