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Top 15 edible CBD websites

With so many CBD brands on the market, your website needs to stand out if you want to grab the viewer’s attention. Some websites talk about the health benefits of CBD while others focus on the natural, additive-free ingredients in their products. Both approaches can be effective if they’re combined with a professional, eye-catching website.

Our ranking of the 15 best edible CBD websites

  1. Infused Edibles

    Infused Edibles grabs the visitor’s attention with close-up shots of brightly colored CBD gummies. This whets the appetite and makes people think about how delicious these products must be. Scrolling down, viewers find colorful photos of muffins, macaroni and cheese, cookies and other appealing CBD-infused treats.

  2. Your CBD Store

    Your CBD Store uses white, gold and pale blue to create a professional layout that resembles a pharmacy site. Edibles are available, and so are topical cream and pet tinctures. The website features a full-color image of the awards they’ve received. This assures visitors that they’re viewing high-quality products and makes them want to learn more about the brand.

  3. Bebe’s Edibles

    Bebe’s Edibles uses a full-color picture of cannabis plants to send the message that this is a pure, natural product. The homepage is short and direct, featuring links to other webpages and a few brief paragraphs of information. This makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for.

  4. AZ Wholeistic

    AZ Wholeistic uses shades of green and pictures of people enjoying the outdoors to emphasize the brand’s use of natural ingredients. The site features a bulleted list of the company’s core principles, showing visitors that they care about their clients’ health and are there to educate them about CBD’s uses for healing.

  5. Royal CBD

    Royal CBD greets visitors with a coupon inviting them to take 10% off their first order if they subscribe to their email list. This can help the company grab new customers and build a customer base by sending them news and product updates. The site uses shades of black, white and gold to emphasize professionalism and suggest royalty.

  6. Incredibles

    Incredibles grabs shoppers’ attention with a brightly colored layout and dynamic content that changes as they scroll down the page. Colorful pictures make the products look appetizing and create a hip, youthful atmosphere. Social media buttons and an email sign-up box are located in the footer.

  7. Smokiez CBD

    Smokiez CBD greets visitors with vibrant, tantalizing photos of their candies and gummies. This makes potential customers crave their products even if they’ve never tried them before. The homepage also features an Instagram section with more pictures and social media content from the brand. Viewers can navigate the website through links in the header.

  8. Go Green Botanicals

    Go Green Botanicals features a Bogo Deals button to click at the bottom of any webpage, inviting visitors to check out the latest deals. The homepage offers information about CBD for new customers, adding value to their products. Viewers can easily access their cart by clicking the icon at the top.

  9. Hemp Haven

    Hemp Haven makes effective use of white space and green photos and graphics to create a relaxing mood as shoppers scroll down the page. Brief text explains the different products available. The address is clearly displayed at the top of the page for those who want to visit the store in person.

  10. Chicago Cannabis Company

    Chicago Cannabis Company invites viewers to learn more about CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids, which can help visitors decide if they want to take the plunge. The site features vibrant, professional product photos that emphasize their commitment to quality. Their logo is clear, simple and easily identified.

  11. The Green Dragon CBD

    The homepage for The Green Dragon CBD features a list of CBD health benefits along with accompanying products and a pop-up coupon code for 15% off. Blocks of information about their different products help shoppers make an informed decision. A slideshow at the top of the page advertises some of their top selections.

  12. Boutique Botanicals

    Boutique Botanicals uses black, white and gold to create a bold contrast that grabs the viewer’s attention. Visitors can click links on the homepage to browse various CBD products, including oils, edibles and topicals. A link to the store’s contact information is easy to find in the menu bar at the top.

  13. Texas Dispensaries

    Texas Dispensaries uses a Lone Star logo and a close-up of a Texas longhorn steer to show that this brand is totally Texan. Viewers can click the buttons on the homepage to easily find doctors and dispensaries in the area. The page tabs appear in an orderly row in the menu bar with drop-down links.

  14. Pure Kana

    Pure Kana entices shoppers right away with the offer of a 15% off coupon. The website makes a bold statement with crisp photos and large blocks of color. Real users from Instagram are pictured on the homepage, emphasizing the brand’s popularity. There’s also text about the product purity and transparency that make this vendor stand out.

  15. CBD Cafe Wellness Center

    CBD Cafe Wellness Center offers a colorful, full-page image of its CBD, oxygen, kava and kratom bar. When visitors scroll down, they find a slideshow with close-up pictures of the delicious drinks that they offer at this café. Viewers can also learn more about CBD by reading helpful text.

Sleek and professional, these websites generate leads by attracting visitors’ attention as soon as they arrive at the homepage. If you’re interested in getting started with a team dedicated to CBD website development, we’d love to help! You may also be interested in these topics: CBD distributor websites, CBD farm websites, organic CBD websites, topical CBD websites, CBD tincture websites, best CBD websites.

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