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Top 15 earthquake retrofitting websites for 2023

Earthquakes are one of the deadliest acts of nature, and the ground is, quite literally, getting shakier. As a result, more and more buildings need earthquake retrofitting services. Thankfully, these exist, but companies offering these services need strong websites.

Here are 15 of the best and most effective earthquake retrofitting websites.

  1. Rhino Retrofitting

    Rhino Retrofitting has a very sharp website. A center video plays in the background, showing construction workers planning and studying documents. This serves as a great lead for the rest of the site. Scrolling down also reveals a sharp YouTube video that lays out how Rhino works.

  2. Sound Seismic

    Sound Seismic has a smiling family on their front page, making it clear right away that they do a ton of residential work. Their website is sharp, nicely colored, and easy to navigate. They also have a good section on their website, titled “Retrofitting 101,” that explains how they retrofit a home.

  3. Saunders Seismic

    Saunders Seismic takes a different tactic, and they use frightening pictures of busted buildings to grab your attention. From there, the website offers a variety of information on the services they provide. They also have a sharp portfolio that does a nice job of laying out what kind of work they do and what services of theirs may apply to you.

  4. Seismic Northwest

    Seismic Northwest doesn’t use pictures on its front page, instead opting for sharp design. However, scrolling down reveals its various services in a nice, three-column format, showing off its residential, engineering, and commercial work. Graphics also load smoothly and sharply, attracting the eye as you scroll.

  5. Secure Seismic

    Secure Seismic has a sharp, red button when you arrive on their website: Free consultation. This makes it as easy as could be to enter their website and take advantage of their services.

  6. Ace Construction

    Ace Construction has a variety of very nice features. This includes uniformly loading text that encourages you to keep scrolling, clear pictures of construction crews at work, and a prominent button that encourages people to view their work. All of this makes it easy to see the type of work that the company does.

  7. SOCAL Retrofitting

    SOCAL Retrofitting not only advertises their work but the legal necessity to get it done, citing specific ordinances. It also has a very nice top menu that expands when you hover your mouse over it, making it easy to find all of their services.

  8. NW Seismic

    NW Seismic has an automatically loading video that features one of the principals of the company, discussing their work. It’s a good video, crisply narrated, and does a great job of explaining who the company is and what work they do.

  9. A.L. Vineyard

    A.L. Vineyard has a nice picture that appears to actually be one of their employees working, not a stock photo, something that many other websites on this list do use. Clicking on the most prominent button – “View our work” – makes it easy to click through their list of projects and what they do.

  10. Cal Quake

    Cal Quake has a gorgeous picture of Los Angeles, replete with a frightening sky overhead. It then shows off its various services, which include a slew of specific items not often seen on websites like this.

  11. Retrofitting 360

    Retrofitting 360 has a very nice slideshow of pictures that show their crews at work and what retrofitting looks like to them. The website also uses subtle, understated colors, letting its content and pictures do the talking.

  12. Earthquake Tech

    Earthquake Tech takes a very different approach. They show the smiling face of one of their employees and have their workers in the sliding carousel of pictures. A big “GET QUOTE” button makes it easy to learn more.

  13. California Retrofitters

    California Retrofitters has pictures of the skyline and apartment buildings together, drawing you in. Scrolling down reveals a nice Frequently Asked Questions document that lays out the work that the company can do for you and answers common questions.

  14. John’s Waterproofing

    John’s Waterproofing does a great job of diversifying their services on their front page. The website quickly notes that the company offers a variety of jobs, doing more than just seismic retrofitting.

  15. Seattle Seismic

    Seattle Seismic uses a nice blue and gray color scheme and a ton of white space. This looks different and really makes the content on the website pop.

These websites all do an excellent job of advertising deadly serious services in a manner that is sharp, attractive, and accessible. They are absolutely worth emulating for your business.

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