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Top 20 flooring contractor websites for 2022

Flooring is a vitally important component of a home’s overall aesthetic, safety, and value. It’s also not cheap, with a good floor replacement costing thousands of dollars. Flooring contractors recognize this, and that’s why so many have gone out of their way to create outstanding websites like the ones in this list.

The 20 best flooring contractor websites of 2022

  1. State of the Art Wood Floor Gallery

    State of the Art Wood Floor Gallery has fantastic photos of a variety of floors. Their homepage glides in nicely, and text appears in boxes slightly overlapping pictures of the floor work they do. It’s a sharply designed website that uses its own handiwork as part of its graphics.

  2. Shaw Floors

    Shaw Floors leads with striking full-screen, three-dimensional photos giving overviews of a living room, kitchen, and bedroom with lovely hardwood floors. Scrolling up or down alters the picture angle, and with a click of the mouse, you can get details on the types of wood used. This presentation gives you a great chance to see the quality of work you can expect.

  3. Unique Flooring

    Unique Flooring greets you with a carousel of photos that rotate in the background when you arrive at the website. The first text you see lets you know that the business is family-owned, and you can click on a button to request a fast, free quote. Scrolling down reveals easy-to-read information on their services.

  4. Walsh Hardwood Flooring

    Walsh Hardwood Flooring opens with a photo of a gorgeous home interior with a gleaming hardwood floor. Scrolling down, you learn that they specialize in custom work and have two decades of experience. Three buttons to click for more information advertise their main services. This is a great way to funnel you into the site.

  5. Keystone Floor Works

    Keystone Floor Works greets you with a pop-up inviting you to enter your email address or click on a Facebook or Twitter link. The distinctive homepage layout starts with buttons at the left, which let you alternate between full-screen photos of flooring, and continues with a custom hardwood floor graphic to break up content. It’s creative and nicely done.

  6. Stylish Carpets & Fine Flooring

    Stylish Carpets & Fine Flooring uses huge type over a photo of a kitchen with a hardwood floor to let you know they do custom flooring and countertops. You can click on a bright red button to learn about either option. You can click on nicely organized photos for more information on different materials, making the content you need easy to find.

  7. Our Home Improvement

    Our Home Improvement takes an unusual approach to their website, one that works well. They have many features that aren’t often seen, including a button that allows you to make a phone call, a “Discuss Your Project” button, a chatbot, and a carousel of pictures you can control with a “See What We Do” button.

  8. Scharm Floor Covering

    Scharm Floor Covering opens with a charming photo of a baby exploring a carpeted floor, which morphs into a soundless video of work in progress on a hardwood floor. You can click a button to view another video with sound that features a couple discussing flooring challenges they faced, choices they made, and why they like this company.

  9. Midway Flooring

    Midway Flooring leads with a colorful full-screen photo showing an interior with several types of flooring. Just below are three brief columns of text about the company’s competitive advantages, not just the type of flooring they offer. Next, they list the types of clients they serve and their company values. This unusual approach works well.

  10. Royal Home Flooring

    Royal Home Flooring provides interesting buttons that you’ll see when you reach their homepage. A chatbot lets you get answers to your questions from a real person. A “free in-home estimate” button lets you immediately schedule a visit. The page is chock-full of well-laid-out information on products, services, completed projects, and awards as well as customer reviews.

  11. Robert Tile

    Robert Tile uses a unique color scheme of white, blue, and gold that ties its photos into its text. It also has a “free estimate” form you’ll spot soon as you arrive on the homepage. This makes it very easy to start interacting with the company. Scrolling down, you’ll find an attractive and effective “Why Choose Us” section.

  12. Pacific Hardwood Flooring

    Pacific Hardwood Flooring has one of the sharper photo sliders in this list. Pictures at the top of the homepage highlight the company’s diverse skills while showing off how their flooring makes a room pop. Gorgeous images of projects and products grace the rest of the page, and you can click the tabs in the navigation bar to see more.

  13. New York Carpets

    New York Carpets incorporates a sound-free video with a slider of still shots to engage visitors. This business takes a different approach, starting by showing off their massive store and the impressive array of products that customers can purchase from them. Scrolling down, you’ll also see an impressive project gallery.

  14. Color Interiors

    Color Interiors boasts one of the most content-rich sites on this list. The slider that leads the homepage has buttons to click for inventory, shopping from home, scheduling a consultation, and accessing a valuable coupon. When you’ve scrolled through the rest of the page, you can return to the top and click on tabs to find locations, chat with a virtual concierge, and more.

  15. Petra Flooring & Blinds

    Petra Flooring & Blinds offers an expansive website with a long homepage. Its helpful information is nicely arrayed, alternating between text and pictures. It also has an extensive review section that lets visitors read about the company from the perspective of happy customers.

  16. Flooring Express

    Flooring Express provides a sleek website with ample pictures plus pages to sort by rooms to remodel, materials, and commercial services. The homepage departs from the norm by using only text and contact buttons on a color-blocked background above the fold. Appealing photos appear farther down.

  17. Carlson’s Floors

    Carlson’s Floors entices visitors with a broad array of products plus pictures of different types of their flooring in use in varied homes and offices. This is a great way of showing off the versatility of their goods. Sticky tabs at left and right make it easy to read customer reviews or start a live chat session from anywhere on the homepage.

  18. Great Western Flooring

    Great Western Flooring has a subdued but effective website. It takes ample advantage of white space and has a menu bar that expands only when when you click on its tabs. This guides you to focus on the content of the page rather than the header. Seldom-seen features include virtual consultants, measurement tools, and “tips and inspiration.”

  19. Trinity Floor Company

    Trinity Floor Company greets you with a slider showing floors at symphony and sculpture centers and a high school as well as a residence. It uses its website portfolio better than most, highlighting the myriad of floors that the company has worked on. This part of the website does a great job of convincing you that they can tackle almost any type of project.

  20. Mayfair Floors

    Mayfair Floors greets you with a funny photo of a dad and two kids in hooded raincoats “fishing” indoors to advertise their waterproof floors. This is a sharp way to go after a niche market. Tabs that pop up above the fold invite viewers to apply for credit, get a valuable discount, or click for room design ideas.

These websites provide great information while also being designed extremely well, and they offer much that’s worth replicating.

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