Best 100 law firm websites of 2023

Take a look and join us, as we reveal the best law firm websites of this year. Whether an attorney for personal injury, or a law firm offering legal counsel — we have curated a list that takes a look at the top website designs of lawyers throughout an array of legal practice areas.

Working in the legal sector can bring to mind a lot of different information about different legal specialties, including entire industries devoted to just a few competencies in order to keep everything above-board and well-regulated. This is mostly due to the diverse nature of practicing law; lawyers and law firms come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a wide swath of different practice areas.

The best law firm websites communicate their unique service abilities to their specific audiences most in-need. Such sites often use language common to that audience and describe their professional competencies within the specific legal contexts prospective clients are dealing with.

The firms on our list today help narrow audience expectations toward their particular practice areas without losing trust-building rapport, and each supports its service descriptions and staff members with engaging visual presentations and persuasive staff bios.

View the top 100 law firm websites

  1. Ziff Law Firmjen

    The Ziff Law Firm focuses on medical malpractice and personal injuries, and their website does a great job of pointing that out right away. With client reviews and an in-depth description of the services they provide, the Ziff Law Firm website is perfect for the law that they practice.

  2. Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

    The website of Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP is direct, visually striking and easy to navigate. Located in many large cities throughout the nation, the firm puts their clients first and has attorneys who can represent you in a majority of legal matters. Visit their website above to see how Hinman, Howard & Kattell can help you.

  3. Taylor Janis Workplace Law

    A Canadian law firm, Taylor Janis Workplace Law does just what their name states: employment and labor law. Their website is quite visually appealing while also being easy to navigate. It is also informational. We at FreshySites designed the Taylor Janis webpage. We mixed both design and information for a law firm that focuses on serious law.

  4. Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer

    Another Canadian law firm shows up on this top 100 law firm website list. BD&P focuses on multiple areas of law from personal to corporate and everything in between. Their webpage gets straight to the point and is very easy to navigate. While there is not a lot of added design, there is a simplicity that shows BD&P is focused on providing legal services.

  5. Quarles & Brady LLP

    The first thing you notice about the Quarles & Brady website is its simplicity. On the first page, you’ll see some of their biggest clients like Harley-Davidson and Coors Light, but if you dig a little deeper, you see that they offer other services like immigration and employee benefits. They have a diverse group of attorneys who can help you out in wide variety of disciplines.

  6. Price Waicukauski Joven & Catlin, LLC

    The best part about the Price Waicukauski Joven & Catlin website is that while there is a wealth of information on subsequent pages, the homepage tells you everything you need to know if you are looking for an attorney. There is a video describing their passion for the law and an in-depth list of the services they offer. The design is clean while maintaining a focus on information.

  7. Stanchieri Family Law

    Another FreshySites creation, the Stanchieri Family Law website is one of the most innovative sites on this list so far. The creativity of the website allows the firm to stand out while at the same time providing all of the information needed. The top of the homepage sets this site apart.

  8. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

    The first criminal defense firm to show up on the list, Oykhman Criminal Defence Law uses red writing against white and black backgrounds to show potential clients their successes. The design comes across perfectly.

  9. Counter

    It would be hard to argue that the Counter website is not the most interactive and visually striking tax law website ever created. It takes what many consider a difficult topic to get excited about, tax law, and makes it interesting and appealing.

  10. Fritz Law

    When you land on the Fritz Law homepage, the first visual you see is a picture of a happy family. What better picture to introduce you to an estate planning law firm than that? In addition, the contact information is easily accessible and visually stimulating. Overall, the match of lifestyle photos and easy functionality works well.

  11. Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P

    The website draws you in with stunning visual effects that point to the focus of what Oblon does: intellectual property. While the intricacies of this type of law are difficult to understand, the importance of it is not. The website does a great job of showing how important intellectual property protection is.

  12. Custis Law, P.C.

    If you are looking for an example of a no-nonsense website that gets straight to the point, then the Custis Law site is it. Their slogan is “fighting for employee rights,” and their website both states and depicts that slogan perfectly.

  13. Virgin Hickman

    While the firm practices multiple disciplines of law, the Virgin Hickman website communicates one thing very well: they will fight for their clients. The streak of orange against the simplicity of the white communicates their devotion to ethically defending their client no matter who it is.

  14. Egan Nelson

    Egan Nelson is different, and their website is as well. The simplicity of the design is a sharp contrast to the depth of their firm. The homepage makes you want to dig deeper into what this firm can do.

  15. Hogan Lovells

    Another FreshySites creation, the Hogan Lovells site is a classic law firm design. It is simple but powerful while also providing all of the information that a potential client might need.

  16. White & Case LLP

    A multinational firm, White & Case must appeal to a wide variety of cultures and people while providing an in-depth description of the services provided. The design of this site accomplishes all of that and more.

  17. Beer Attorney

    At first glance, this is a comical site for what seems like a comical company. However, when you dig deeper into the Beer Attorney website, you’ll find an up-and-coming company with a fun and informational webpage.

  18. Lewis Rice

    Like many other law firm websites, the appeal of the Lewis Rice site is its simplicity. However, when you navigate the site, there is something unique about its design and different about how the firm provides information. This is what sets it apart from its peers.

  19. Gomez Trial Attorneys

    The FreshySites design and style trend continues with the Gomez Trial Attorneys website. A trial attorney should exude power and confidence, and so should their website. That is exactly what was accomplished here.

  20. Freeths

    A different sounding name, a different type of law and a different type of design. The Freeths website is a little different than most law firms’ sites, but it is also what sets them apart from other solicitors’ sites.

  21. Guzman Law Firm

    A bankruptcy law firm must promote trust and a sense of caring for their clients. The Guzman Law Firm site does exactly that. The colors and photos are warm and inviting, and the site is full of information about how the law firm can help you.

  22. Struble, P.A.

    The Struble law firm’s website immediately grabs your attention with its flowing design and use of photos to communicate. They are trial lawyers who focus on insurance claims, and their website design is a combination of statistics and information combined with a subtle hint of their passion to take care of those who need it.

  23. Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

    While the official title is long, the name they go by, Mintz, is straightforward and to the point, just like their website. Their homepage shows their nationwide size and scope while at the same time focusing on their unwavering desire to help their clients no matter how big or how small.

  24. Bronstein & Carmona

    From the firm’s logo to the bright and brilliant design of its site, Bronstein & Carmona sets itself apart. This FreshySites design is extremely organized, full of information and visually brilliant.

  25. Bevilacqua PLLC

    A smaller firm that has a big online presence, Bevilacqua PLLC focuses on helping entrepreneurs, and everything about their website points to that fact. This Washington D.C.-based firm has a website that is as efficient and compact as the firm.

  26. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates

    The first thing you notice about the Skadden website is the striking photography. The second thing you notice is the efficiency with which they communicate insights, news concerning their firm and the wins they have had for their clients.

  27. Parlee McLaws LLP

    The website’s use of pop-ups and forms is unique and thorough without being over the top. Parlee McLaws LLP is dedicated to forming strong relationships with their clients, and everything about their website shows this dedication.

  28. Laureti & Associates

    Clean fonts and a bold black/white/yellow color scheme combine with a striking use of video in the header to create a site that immediately draws your eye. The Laureti & Associates website shows the same attention to detail that you can expect from the firm itself.

  29. Mission Counsel

    The modern design of this FreshySites page shows the youth of the attorneys while the bold fonts and professional photography show their attention to detail. The Mission Counsel website uses this unique design to communicate the mission-driven focus of the law firm.

  30. Marrone Law Firm LLC

    This site is busy. With a video header, live chat option and pop-up window, it seems like it would be difficult to get the gist of the law firm. On the contrary, the Marrone Law Firm LLC website works perfectly so that you can easily acquire all of the information you need to become one of their personal injury clients.

  31. Protass Law

    This “dark mode” website gives off a sense of confidence and power, which is exactly what you want in a criminal defense attorney. While the Protass Law website is not for everyone, it is perfect for what this firm wants to communicate to its clients.

  32. Cleary Gottlieb

    An international law firm with offices in major cities around the world, Cleary Gottlieb has to have a website that communicates to a wide variety of clients. The contrast of colors and use of high-quality images do just that.

  33. Ackroyd LLP

    The Ackroyd website is perfect for a boutique law firm that offers everything. The homepage image communicates a feeling of warmth and intimacy while the rest of the site provides enough information for a client to choose this Edmonton-based law firm.

  34. JLongtin Law

    A “compassionate criminal defense law firm” is how JLongtin wants to position itself as a law firm. While this is a tall task, the web design of this page is full of personality and charm while light on bells and whistles.

  35. Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers

    This is the perfect website for a huge international law firm that practices any type of trial law that you could think of. The Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers site is striking and exudes the type of flamboyance that has made this firm one of the most respected and feared trial law firms in the world.

  36. Mile Wright & Co

    This FreshySites page is not in English, but it has some great design features that set it apart. When you arrive on the Mile Wright & Co homepage, you can navigate the entire site with the click of an arrow on the right-hand side of the page. In addition, the bios of the attorneys are sprinkled throughout the website so that you see the numerous options that you have when hiring this firm.

  37. Arnold & Itkin LLP

    The first two things that you notice upon arrival to the Arnold & Itkin LLP homepage are the use of over-the-top photography and the fact that the firm is involved in maritime law. Even with the deep colors and distracting photography, the site is easy to navigate, and you know exactly what the firm is about.

  38. Blaney McMurtry LLP

    The first thing we noticed on the Blaney McMurtry site was the client testimonies and updated information on the page. The web design shows an attention to detail along with a focus on showing the positives of this large Canadian firm.

  39. Judit Gyolcs Law Firm

    This is another of our FreshySites’ designs that helps set this firm apart. The use of the ampersand throughout the Judit Gyolcs Law Firm website is a great addition and does not take away from the message or the information provided. It is unique and hard to forget once you have visited that page.

  40. TSMP Law Corporation

    One of the most unique law firm websites you will see belongs to TSMP Law Corporation. When you first go to the TSMP homepage, you are treated to a humorous but relevant quote that then leads into a very interesting set of photos, videos and links. While it does take a little while to move from the quote and load the page, it is definitely attention-catching.

  41. Bighorn Law

    The opening photo on the Bighorn Law website looks like something straight from a photographer’s homepage. It is a staff photo that shows you the very people who will take your personal injury or accident case, and it is a great introduction to the law firm. The rest of the site is equally descriptive and informative and gives you a great idea of what this law firm is.

  42. Young Conway

    Young Conway is the perfect example of a classic law firm website design. It is simple, calming and informative and makes no pretext toward a modern or hip design. The focus of the website is on the law and on the law firm. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

  43. Armstrong Teasdale

    The site is a little busy, and the “cookies” request is too large, but the website does exactly what a large law firm with a focus on corporate law needs. The Armstrong Teasdale page uses splashes of red against a sea of white to highlight relevant information and links. The splashes of red direct the reader’s eye perfectly to where it should go.

  44. Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

    This is not your typical law firm website. This FreshySites design includes bright colors throughout, combined with art rather than photos. The art makes any visitor to the site remember Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP. While a little bolder than most law firm sites, the navigation is still simple, and the content is still informative.

  45. Turks Legal

    The perfect combination of black background and striking photos sets the Turks Legal site apart from other law firm websites. When you first arrive at the homepage, you know exactly the type of law they practice, and you get a feel for who you will be working with.

  46. Gecic Law

    This is a great website from a Serbian law firm, and the use of high-quality videos and photos in the site header sets this site apart from others. While your eye is naturally drawn to the media on the Gecic Law page, just as important to the success of the site is the mode of navigation. It takes a little getting used to, but it is simple, and you learn a lot about the firm.

  47. C.A. Goldberg

    This victims’ rights law firm uses a professional-looking staff photo on the homepage to introduce you to the C.A. Goldberg firm. It is the perfect way to give comfort to potential clients who are looking for help at a difficult time.

  48. Small Law

    This is a law firm that knows exactly what its niche is and has a website that communicates its message perfectly. That is what you will find at the Small Law website. Everything from the title to the name and from the design to the web address speaks to the fact that this firm works with small businesses.

  49. Robert Weinberger

    Just like a large international law firm, small boutique firms need well-designed websites that meet their needs. This FreshySites creation for Robert Weinberger is the perfect combination of great design, strong contact forms and laser focus. Everything about the site is done professionally and done well while meeting the needs of this small firm.

  50. Clifford Chance

    With its use of striking visuals in the header combined with numerous links and a focused “current news” section, the Clifford Chance website is perfect for a multinational firm. The practice works on five continents and with thousands of attorneys, and this website is both broad in scope and specific in information.

  51. Odegard Law

    As a boutique firm that specializes in working with “creative professionals,” the Odegard Law firm has to set itself apart. This creative and modern website speaks perfectly to the clients that would choose Odegard Law.

  52. Kain & Scott P.A.

    The Kain & Scott website is a more modern take on the classic law firm website. It is still very informative and interactive, but the photos create a warmth that many of today’s clients are looking for when they seek out law firms.

  53. Robbins Firm

    A litigation and regulatory law firm needs to set itself apart from the competition, and that is exactly what the Robbins Firm website seeks to accomplish. The header visuals are brilliant and eye-catching. Scrolling down lets you take in the facts and the information you’ll need.

  54. Knutson + Casey

    The homepage is a little busy, but it is also pleasant and attention-grabbing. The focus of the Knutson + Casey website is to paint the picture of a hometown law firm with the power of a big firm. The design and information do exactly that.

  55. O’Meara Law LLC

    When you are looking for a criminal defense and DUI attorney, you want a no-nonsense, tough and ethical firm. The O’Meara Law website uses in-your-face photos and facts about their winning cases to show that you cannot go wrong with choosing this firm.

  56. Ansbacher Law

    The bold colors and buttons on the Ansbacher Law page make it one of the top law firm sites of 2023. In addition to the sleek design, the information is presented and organized in a way that is easy to see and read.

  57. Surrano Law Offices

    The choice of green on black throughout the website was bold, but it also works well for Surrano Law Offices. It draws your eye to the things that the firm wants to highlight while not going overboard or being overly distracting.

  58. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

    The perfect name and the perfect website for a New York-based law firm. The Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz website is simple, informative and very easy to navigate. The design is subtle and highlights the mission of the firm without overshadowing it.

  59. Affleck & Barrison LLP

    The picture in the header is a strong opening statement for this criminal defense firm. The website highlights Affleck & Barrison’s experience, reputation and client focus through its design and presentation of information.

  60. Cheshire Law Group

    This is a nonprofit law firm whose site is easy to navigate. It also provides adequate information and is visually appealing. Cheshire Law Group has a focused mission, and the design of its website highlights that mission perfectly.

  61. Miles & Stockbridge

    In a world where customer service can be overlooked, the Miles & Stockbridge law firm website changes that narrative. Everything from the design of the site to the way that information is presented is client-focused just like the law firm desires to be.

  62. Waldon, Aldeman, Castilla, Hiestand & Prout

    This site is innovative with a “thinking outside of the box” type design. In fact, the first picture of the Waldon, Aldeman, Castilla, Hiestand & Prout website represents the type of innovative thinking for which the firm wants to be known. This civil litigation firm’s website communicates exactly what this firm desires to be.

  63. Shumway Van

    When you have an experienced law firm, you want to highlight that more than anything else. The Shumway Van website uses a black background with bold fonts to communicate the fact that they have a history of winning and every other consideration should be secondary.

  64. Bird & Bird

    An international law firm needs a powerful and professionally designed site, and that is what we at FreshySites have accomplished with the design of the Bird & Bird website. From the bold colors to the informative buttons and links, this site is perfect for a large multinational firm.

  65. Davis Law Group

    When you arrive at the Davis Law Group site, the first thing you notice is the courtroom picture, a powerful reminder of what the firm does. As your eye wanders, the next thing is the accessibility and contact information that the site offers. Those two elements combine together to make a strong criminal defense firm’s website.

  66. Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial, LLC

    On every page, the scenery and the photos are better than the previous page. The black-and-white theme, accompanied with the sheer volume of information, sets the Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial website apart. This litigation law firm displays its creativity and warmth in its website, and it is definitely a difficult one to forget.

  67. Drumm Law

    A unique design, accompanied by a unique company slogan, makes the Drumm Law website one-of-a-kind. This is a group of business lawyers who have set themselves apart by the types of cases they win, and in turn, the website explains who they are. The cartoon animation coupled with the deep-blue design makes this site a perfect match for the firm it represents.

  68. Hodgson Russ LLP

    We have never seen a site that is simultaneously busy and simple as the Hodgson Russ site is. There are videos, information pages and a clear explanation of the type of law practiced at Hodgson Russ.

  69. Graham & Graham Law Firm

    The beauty of the Graham & Graham website is in the simplicity of the design and the ease of communication. With live chat options, a call to action button in red at the top, and a highlight about free consultations, this website is made for any potential client to find out what this firm is all about.

  70. Tremain Artaza PLLC

    The homepage of Tremain Artaza belongs on the front of a magazine, and the site only gets better from there. The awards they have won along with their contact information are readily available, and the website does a great job of attracting your eye with the most relevant information.

  71. Emergence

    This FreshySites design uses cartoon-like graphics to create a fun and inviting website for potential clients. Emergence specializes in helping service sector experts succeed. They highlight their clients along with what Emergence has done to make sure their clients have the freedom to change the world.

  72. Lash & Goldberg LLP

    The warm colors and focus on results make the Lash & Goldberg site a top law firm website of 2023. The site shows warmth coupled with confidence. These details are necessary for any good litigation attorneys.

  73. Robert Sparks Attorneys

    Personal injury attorneys must do something to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack, and this Robert Sparks Attorneys website does just that. From its simple design to ease of use and navigation, any client will easily see and connect to this firm through its site. The site also highlights big cases and winnings from the firm’s past, which is an important part of the site’s design.

  74. Dechert LLP

    When you have a global business, your website must have a global approach, and that is what this FreshySites design has accomplished. The soft blues against the white background of the Dechert LLP homepage communicate the firm’s serious approach to the law while maintaining a warmth that attracts clients.

  75. The Mayer Law Group

    This firm has a singular focus, and it shines through their website. The Mayer Law Group focuses on serving servicemen and women, and their website screams military from beginning to end. In fact, as far as specialty law firm websites go, this may be the best.

  76. Procopio

    Many times when a law firm makes statements like “the world does not need just another law firm,” everything else about their website and services screams the opposite. On the other hand, Procopio’s webpage is different. The navigation is such that you have to scroll to find additional pages, and the design is more similar to what you would find in the corporate world than the world of law. We do not know how different their practice is, but the Procopio website is different, in a good way.

  77. White Harris PLLC

    Law firms with a singular focus deserve a website that shares that focus, and that is what White Harris PLLC has accomplished. The use of contrasting colors to point to a singular theme, employment law for employers, is both simple and innovative and is exactly the web design that this firm needed.

  78. Staver Law Group

    The best thing a personal injury law firm can do on its website is declare its successes without bragging. The Staver Law Group website does a great job of accentuating the wins and the positives of the firm without coming across in a negative light. The dark colors contrasted by the reds at the top of the page, followed by stark white with black writing, work well for this personal injury firm.

  79. Fragomen

    With immigration becoming more and more of a hot-button topic, an immigration law firm’s website has to be top-notch. From the moment you land on the Fragomen page, you know that this firm will fight for your immigration rights and status. The flags lining the bottom of the homepage are a great touch, and the color scheme is perfect.

  80. West Coast Trial Lawyers

    When you are choosing a trial lawyer, you want to see their face and feel like they have what it takes to represent you in the courtroom. The West Coast Trial Lawyers website does a great job of making their site personal while still highlighting their skills and winnings. The navigation is easy, there is a clear call to action and their communication information is all over the page.

  81. Roulston Urquhart

    Bold, confident and a little intimidating are all accurate descriptions of the Roulston Urquhart page. While that may not sound like a list of compliments, is that not exactly what you want in a criminal defense attorney, and in turn, their website?

  82. Farber LLC

    We love the simplicity of the message and the design of this website. Sometimes, you can lose a client with too much information or make it difficult for them to find what they are looking for on your site. The Farber LLC site is straightforward and gets right to the point. Not to mention that the deep-blue background with a thin white font is the perfect way to complement the overall simplicity of the site.

  83. Ylaw Group

    One of the most innovative aspects of the Ylaw Group website is the scrolling quotes and words of wisdom on the front-page header. They grab your attention and also communicate what the firm is all about. The pictures are powerful and serve as a great backdrop to the opening quote, “divorce may cloud your judgement, but it will not cloud ours.”

  84. Bick Law LLP

    The first entirely environmental law firm to make the list, the Bick Law LLP homepage, with sliding pictures of animals, humorously communicates what this firm is about. The deep purple contrasted with the large white font and white background of the rest of the pages stands out and makes this page difficult to forget.

  85. Bhatt Law Group

    The Bhatt Law Group website uses contrasting colors to drive clients to their call-to-action and communication buttons. It is a visually appealing design that serves its purpose of leading potential clients to make contact with their firm.

  86. Parris

    Combining simplicity with strong messaging can be a difficult thing to accomplish with a website, but the Parris site pulls it off well. They frame their messaging with their over $1 billion worth of business and show themselves to be attorneys who will do whatever it takes to serve their clients.

  87. Springhouse Solicitors

    The first thing you notice about the Springhouse Solicitors page is the warmth of the color scheme against the white background. The best part about this site, though, is that it effectively and efficiently answers the primary question any client wants to know up front, “how does this process work?”

  88. W3IP Law

    The W3IP site does a lot of things well, but what sets it apart is the ease of navigation. It is an extremely intuitive process to gather the information that you need to know by clicking one of three buttons. Plus, every page after that includes an easily definable call to action.

  89. Kasowitz, Benson, Torres LLP

    If you are looking for a powerful, simple, no-nonsense website, then Kasowitz, Benson, Torres is for you. This website exudes confidence from the use of black and white throughout the site to the great videos and staff bios. The website communicates the fact that this is a creative, aggressive and relentless firm.

  90. Barr & Young Attorneys

    This website puts their numbers front and center so that any potential client will see the success that this firm has had. The soft grays and deep blues of the Barr & Young Attorneys site are a great way to draw the reader’s eye to the facts and call-to-action buttons offered throughout the site.

  91. Becket Law

    This firm focuses on religious liberty, and the header picture is a perfect way to introduce Becket Law to any potential client. The design is warm and inviting, but it also accentuates the success that this firm has had in the field of religious liberty.

  92. Slinde Nelson

    Time is such a highly valued commodity in today’s world, and the Slinde Nelson slogan capitalizes on that fact. It is an extremely simple website but with a very unique message and purpose for a law firm.

  93. Miller Thompson LLP

    A full-page photo with links just left of center is just different enough from the traditional law firm website to set Miller Thompson apart. The use of different colors for each new navigation area is also a welcome change to the normal two-color layout.

  94. Axiom

    This is a minimalist site but with a great deal of information and just enough color to hold our attention. The Axiom site design, along with its name and expertise, is both different and simple at the same time.

  95. Bates Wells

    The color scheme and use of photography are what set the Bates Wells website apart from its contemporaries. The focus on the word “positive” in their slogan matches perfectly with the colors on the homepage and gives potential clients a sense of warmth and honesty that is so important in a law firm.

  96. Fasken

    If you are looking for a law firm website that grabs potential clients’ attention, look no further than Fasken. When you arrive at the homepage, you cannot help but be intrigued to find out more about what this firm offers.

  97. Feldman, Kronfield & Beatty

    The four clear photos framed by a larger murkier picture of potential construction sites are a pleasant introduction to what this firm does. The Feldman, Kronfield & Beatty firm specializes in construction accidents, and their website shows that focus throughout.

  98. Orr Cook

    The site took some time to load, but once it did, it showed why it belongs on this top 100 list. The Orr Cook site uses a great combination of colors to point potential clients to any number of call-to-action buttons. The site is simple, calming and perfect for a business-focused law firm.

  99. Borden, Ladner & Gervais LLP

    This site exudes confidence and grandeur and communicates Borden, Ladner & Gervais LLP’s place as one of Canada’s top law firms. The use of high-quality videos in the header, along with the ease of navigation, makes this a top 100 law firm website.

  100. Wilson Sonsini

    The Wilson Sonsini website is predominantly made up of two colors and a great use of stock photos that tell the story of what this law firm is. The splash of a third, brighter color that highlights the call-to-action and communication buttons is a brilliant design feature that makes this one of the top sites of 2023.

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