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15 best real estate websites of 2023

Whether you’re in the real estate business or have been merely in the market for a new home, you know the importance of a quality realty website. People need and want to work with realtors who are honest, trustworthy and reliable. Oh, and it helps if they know all of the best homes on the market and how to work a deal too!

We’ve picked these 15 websites as the best real estate websites because they are just too good not to share. They all boast impeccable design, top functionality and demonstrate what it means to be the best in the biz.

If you’ve been on the search for website inspiration, specifically real estate website inspiration, you’re going to love what these 15 sites have to offer.

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the top realty websites.

  1. The Altman Brothers

    The Altman Brothers run their real estate business in the hot market of Los Angeles, CA. A market where buyers desire everything that’s fabulous – and more – in a home and have a taste for luxury. Luckily, the Altman Brothers have found a way to communicate with the top-tier buyers in L.A. through their website. The interactive features of the site immerse buyers in an experience rather than an overwhelming amount of information. Pictures and videos of beautiful homes fill every page giving buyers a taste of what it would be like to live in the lap of luxury. To find inspiration for a website with client-driven design, we highly recommend checking out this one.

  2. Dana Hancock

    Dana Hancock is a real estate agent in Northeast FL who markets the best of the best homes in the area to potential buyers through her stunning website. The website itself is rather simple, featuring a specialized search function, highlighted listings, an interactive map and beyond. Although Dana’s website is simple, however, it does a great job at attracting her ideal client thanks to it’s sleek, modern design. Dana’s site provides inspiration to real estate agents who work in a healthy market, but want to draw in the “out of the ordinary” buyers.

  3. Egypt Sherrod

    You probably know Egypt Sherrod from HGTV and her hit show Property Virgins. Well, as it turns out, she has a pretty legitimate website to go along with her reputation. Egypt values unique design and elegant finishes, which is clearly displayed through the light, airy, luxuriously designed site. We like that Egypt has opportunities to contact her at the top of her home page, as well as a space for featured listings and highlights from her blog. Overall, her website communicates quality – and that’s important to buyers!

  4. Keller Williams NYC

    Everyone knows real estate in New York City is a valuable investment that costs a pretty penny. And, Keller Williams is one real estate company that understands that better than anyone. Through their well-designed website, they help buyers get the best ‘bang for their buck’ with a tool that analyzes their needs and recommends properties that fit. The site also has multiple free buyers guide downloads that offer information on specific areas of NYC, as well as a large sliders that features the best listings on the market. All-in-all, Keller Williams demonstrates their extreme care for their clients through their website’s keen attention to detail and fine-tuned features. Most definitely a top real estate website to take note of.

  5. Stribling & Associates

    Stribling & Associates is another New York Real Estate Group that prides themselves on taking care of their clients. Because they specialize in luxury apartments, their website is designed to speak to clients that love the finer things in life. A clean color palette, complemented by stylish photography and beautiful fonts, makes the perfect background for all of the best listings in the city. What’s more, the website is straightforward to navigate, ensuring potential buyers can get the most out of every visit to the page.

  6. The Nartey Group

    Stationed in California, the Nartey Group is a real estate group that specializes in luxury and celebrity real estate. They know everything there is to know about the best home available, from Los Angeles to Malibu, and will do everything they can to make sure their A-List buyers purchase the property of their dreams. The website for the Nartey Group is simple, yet extraordinarily intuitive and well-designed. Large pictures, responsive headers and well-designed forms make it easy for buyers to see the information they want and request the additional information they need. For anyone looking for an example of a website that communicates luxury and functionality – this is it!

  7. Boston Luxury Flats

    The website for Boston Luxury Flats is slightly different from the other sites we have featured on this list because it isn’t a website for a real estate group, but a site for luxury apartment complexes in Boston. The moment visitors enter this site, they’re greeted with a dark, modern theme that makes them feel like they’ve just happened upon a luxurious lounge. High-quality pictures of the best apartments available in the city are highlighted throughout. We genuinely love the interactive buttons and map that make it easy for visitors to search for an apartment in the section of the city they most enjoy. Likewise, the featured listings are separated by neighborhood, which makes browsing through everything available rather easy. When talking about design, this website is easily one of the best on our list this month.

  8. The Malibu Life

    The Malibu Life Real Estate Group communicates upfront that Malibu, CA is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle. At first, the website looks more like a website for a designer blog than a real estate group, but as visitors scroll down the page, they’re able to see everything this agency has to offer and more. The website also features areas where buyers can see what life is like in Malibu, browse homes for sale in the different sections of the city and learn about what’s going on in the local community. All-in-all, the website is an all-encompassing experience that helps to entice buyers to make the big decision to lay down some cash for a home in one of the hottest markets in the country.

  9. Avi Dan-Goor

    An expert in real estate, Avi-Dan Goor is selling his skills on his website as much as he’s selling the homes in his market. On the homepage, a large picture of Avi greets visitors and welcomes them in. Throughout the site, some interactive forms and buttons allow potential buyers to browse the market and learn about Avi. We appreciate that his website has been designed in sections to make it easy for buyers and sellers alike to see what he has to offer. For anyone looking for a site that gives inspiration for an individual real estate agent page, we think you should visit Avi’s website right away!

  10. Carla Steuck

    Carla Steuck is a real estate agent who specializes in luxury real estate throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. On her website, there are fabulous photographs of the windy city and the beautiful homes she has to offer. With every click, buyers become more immersed in the appeal of the city and more convinced that buying with Carla is the best choice for them. We love that on every page Carla makes it easy to understand the geography of the Chicago suburbs through her maps and offers information on every area potential buyers might want to live. If you’re a realtor with a big market that boasts a lot of big homes, take a look at Carla’s website for inspiration.

  11. Jinny Ahh

    Based out of the sunny streets of Palo Alto, CA, Jinny Ahn offers premier real estate options to premier buyers all across the area. The homepage of her website makes site visitors feel as though they are right at home with its bright pictures of green palm trees, winding streets and beautiful cafes. After they’ve gotten over the beauty of the photographs, visitors can browse featured listings and search for their dream home via map or search bar. Jinny’s tag line is ‘Mastering the art of negotiation,’ but we think she’s mastered the art of a great website!

  12. Erin Boisson Aries

    Erin Boisson Aires is a component of CHRISTIE’S Real Estate which sells some of the best and most important real estate across the world. And, let’s just say EVERYTHING about Erin Boisson Aries website communicates worldwide luxury. Visitors don’t just click their way through her site, they fully experience every aspect of it through animations, graphics and responsive slides that lead the way. This website is not for people who want to take control and dig around, it’s for those who love service and style. Truly something worth seeing.

  13. Jade Mill

    The last thing Jade Mills would want is for her buyers to think she is a run-of-the-mill Beverly Hills, CA realtor because she is far from it. She wants her buyers to know she is into everything luxury, from Bentleys to Rodeo Drive. Luckily, her website communicates just that. Through beautiful videos of affluent neighborhoods, shots of the most prominent shopping districts in all of California, every detail on Jade Mills’ website says exactly what she needs it to say. We love how the site offers the opportunity to search for real estate by neighborhood, gives extensive background on Jade and also gives valuable information via a well-kept blog. Thanks to beautiful design and fascinating details, Jade’s website is indeed one to envy.

  14. Aaron Kirman

    Aaron Kirman is a top real estate agent in Los Angeles, CA, and his website lets visitors know it! Filled with information on the hottest spots in town and detailed listings for the best properties available, it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with in terms of real estate websites. We appreciate the way the site features Aaron as well as his entire team of agents, which creates feelings of trust and friendliness. Likewise, we think Aaron’s site has some of the best pictures of homes in this list – which is saying a lot considering the stiff competition! If you want to take a peek at a website that communicates good feelings to potential clients, go browse Aaron’s site for a few minutes – you won’t be disappointed.

  15. Tim Davis

    Old money and classic luxury are the ideal clientele and market for Tim Davis who is a realtor based out of South Hampton, NY. His website has a classic pale blue and white background with big pictures of large family homes that line the most coveted shore along the East Coast. Aside from design, this website makes the list of best of the best this month because it is easy to use and extremely inviting. Take a look for yourself to see an example of a fuss-free real estate website that still packs a punch.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 15 best real estate websites.

We expect you have found some inspiration for your own site and will want to get to work right away with any improvements!

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