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Top garbage collection company websites of 2024

If you have a garbage collection and hauling company, you want to stand out from the crowd to attract clients. More customers than ever, from property management companies to corporate procurement divisions to individual homeowners, are using the internet to find potential contractors. A well-designed website is an excellent way to highlight your company’s services and value proposition. A website that is clear, easy to understand and accessible brings in leads and contracts as well as referrals for even more business. Here are some excellent examples to consider when planning your company’s content and design.

30 top websites for junk hauling and garbage collection in 2024

  1. Bro’s Hauling

    The black, white and gold Bro’s Hauling website draws the potential customer’s eye. Contact information is front and center—important in a business where many people want to make a quick connection. The navigation menu is simple and easy to use while the homepage provides a clear introduction to the services provided by the company.

  2. Crunch Time Junk Removal

    At Crunch Time Junk Removal, the homepage opens with large photos drawing attention to the services they provide for business and residential clients. The red, black and white design features contact information at the top of the page, with a phone number and social media links easily accessible for readers who want to get in touch.

  3. American Disposal Services

    American Disposal Services tailors their website for the customer’s location, and a pop-up asks potential clients to choose their service area right away. Three large buttons guide visitors clearly to residential, commercial or roll-off services while the red, white and blue color scheme gives the entire site a professional, trustworthy appearance.

  4. Pro Junk Dispatch

    The cheerful, bright color scheme at Pro Junk Dispatch does not take away from the company’s professionalism. On the contrary, it showcases the company as a friendly, easy-to-use service. A large location search box near the top of the homepage invites visitors to find local services while a bright button invites immediate business by prompting potential customers to book their services online.

  5. Junk Removal 911

    At Junk Removal 911, the site encourages viewers to contact the company right away, promoting its toll-free number both in its logo and in large, bold type centered above the fold. The navy blue and white color scheme draws attention with orange accents like a large center button inviting potential customers to get a free quote. Scrolling down, visitors see a text block that touts the company’s years of service, many satisfied clients and the advantages of dealing with a locally owned company.

  6. Green For Life

    The bright green and white color scheme at Green For Life highlights the company’s message about its environmentally friendly garbage hauling services. Every aspect of the site is designed to reinforce this message and appeal to readers on the hunt for a garbage company that puts the planet first. Large buttons clearly and easily direct visitors to residential and commercial services.

  7. JunkJunk Los Angeles

    JunkJunk Los Angeles‘ website has a gray, blue and white color scheme and a simple header that prompts potential clients to take action. Contact information and a “Book Now” button are featured prominently while rates are immediately accessible via large, clear buttons that direct visitors to residential and commercial pricing and services.

  8. Advanced Disposal

    At Advanced Disposal, the subtle blue and green tones combine with plenty of white space for a clean, professional look. The site gives a strong impression of confidence and scale, providing information for residential, commercial and government clients and offering an online help service as well as customer accounts and online bill payment.

  9. Coastal Junk Removal

    An eye-catching video welcomes potential customers to the Coastal Junk Removal homepage. The aqua and white color scheme carries the look of the company’s logo throughout the website. A contact phone number appears at the top of the screen while large buttons feature key aspects of the company’s work. The site offers online booking and text-message quotes for convenience and ease of use.

  10. Vic’s Hauling & Junk Removal Services

    A large, bright header image draws attention to the Vic’s Hauling & Junk Removal Services website. A contact telephone number is prominently featured at the top of the page while a sizable orange button offers free estimates. The site’s classic logo draws attention to the company’s 41 years in business while buttons make it easy for users to choose residential, commercial or landlord services.

  11. Sunrise Sanitation Services

    The Sunrise Sanitation Services website takes a different approach to header images, offering nature photos as well as artistic images showing off some of their niche services like container storage and data destruction. Large, bright icons give people an easy way to interact with the site, request extra pickups, pay their bills or report a concern.

  12. Phoenix Dumpster Rental

    Phoenix Dumpster Rental gets right to the point: Call to get a price on a dumpster, with contact information prominently featured on the homepage. A phone number and a “Learn More” button are instantly accessible above the fold while a live chat function offers immediate service to potential clients. Information is presented simply and cleanly for ease of use.

  13. Ronnie Rubbish Removal

    The dark green and white color scheme at the Ronnie Rubbish Removal website draws the eye and inspires thoughts of cleanliness and tidiness. Contact information is highlighted in bright white, with email and phone details easily found at the top of any page. Large, clear buttons direct visitors to residential and commercial services offered by the company.

  14. Junk-Master.com

    A bright white header featuring the green and blue Junk-Master.com logo welcomes potential clients to the site along with a prominent banner advertising 24/7 customer service over the phone. A button prompts mobile users to click to call the company. Scroll down just a little, and a simple form appears, inviting potential clients to seek a free quote.

  15. Waste Industries

    The green and white color scheme at Waste Industries emphasizes the company’s commitment to provide environmentally friendly services. Clear, easy-to-use buttons distinguish residential from commercial clients while drawing attention to specialty solutions for government, HOAs and other large accounts. The site offers account management and online access for customers as well.

  16. Garbage Guy

    Bright orange and muted blue accents at the Garbage Guy website draw attention to key information. A cartoon-like garbage guy in a superhero costume adds a humorous and friendly touch. A phone number appears at the top of every page, and the site offers an array of social media contacts. Clicking a prominent orange button allows visitors to immediately request a pickup while embedded videos highlight company services.

  17. Bayshore Recycling

    A muted green and white color scheme draws attention to the environmentally friendly services offered by Bayshore Recycling. Phone and email contact information is carried through on every page while a live chat feature offers immediate interaction with online customer support.

  18. GS Hauling

    Bright orange buttons and accents highlight the GS Hauling website. Direct phone numbers are in the header, accessible from every page, while a bright orange live chat button prompts users to seek immediate support. An online function allows visitors to send a message or book an appointment with the company.

  19. Waste Management

    Waste Management is a big name in the industry, and this is reflected in the company’s large, professional website, accented in green and gold tones with lots of white space. A virtual chat assistant prompts users to seek support while full-fledged online accounts allow people to conduct their business. Large buttons direct users to residential and commercial services while the site’s interface allows potential customers to easily request services.

  20. Shore Hauling & Junk Removal

    At Shore Hauling & Junk Removal, a memorable slogan attracts immediate attention while an eye-catching gold banner invites visitors to text a photo of the junk that needs to be removed in order to receive an immediate estimate. The site highlights company selling points, including same-day services and online booking, while a live chat function offers instant support.

  21. Lunas

    The bright, modern green and gold tones of the Lunas website catch the eye. A standout diagonal design element highlights a slideshow on the homepage. Simple buttons prompt users to log in to their online accounts, make contact or begin the dumpster rental process. The contact phone number is large and highlighted at the top of every page while pricing information is easily available to visitors.

  22. Waste Pro

    Muted tones of green and blue welcome visitors to the Waste Pro website. Header images and design here emphasize community connections and family ownership while social media contact information is featured at the top of every page. Visitors are directed to residential, commercial and careers areas of the site, which also features online bill pay.

  23. 365 Disposal & Recycling

    The bright website of 365 Disposal & Recycling provides phone and email contact information at the top of every page. A large orange button prompts visitors to click for a free quote while a live chat and messaging function at the bottom of the site encourages immediate reader interaction.

  24. Rumpke

    Dark red buttons at the Rumpke website invite potential clients to make contact while the menu in the header is accessible and easy to use. The company phone number is displayed at the top of every page while large, well-spaced icons on the homepage make it easy to find residential, commercial and recycling services.

  25. Hontz Junk Removal

    The large vintage photos that highlight the Hontz Junk Removal page are a unique technique for engaging potential customers. A simple button lets clients schedule an appointment online, and customer testimonials draw attention to the business’s reputation. Contact information is easy to find in the footer.

  26. Accurate Recycling

    A contact form dominating the right side of the Accurate Recycling homepage invites readers to seek a free estimate right away. The site, accented in tones of black, white, blue and green, is professional and easy to use, and contact information is prominently featured at the top of every page. There’s also an informative blog to read.

  27. LoadUp

    The LoadUp website highlights the company’s innovative approach to junk removal, and a pop-up makes it easy to get a quote. High-ranking reviews from major sites are featured while the header provides contact information and an easy-to-use search-by-city function with a user-friendly map. Readers can use the top button to book services or schedule a pickup directly from the homepage.

  28. Winters Bros.

    The Winters Bros. website has a green, blue and white color scheme that puts contact information front and center. Prominent icons appear above links to six different services. Key features, like online bill pay, are easy to use and find, and the site offers live chat for immediate interaction.

  29. Aspen Waste Systems

    The beige, white and green color scheme at Aspen Waste Systems gives the site a professional appearance. Photos in motion alternate to showcase the cities this company serves. Visitors can sign up for service, and customers can pay their bills directly from the top menu. Contact information is easy to find, centered just above the fold.

  30. LA Junk Haul

    Bright orange accents and a large contact telephone number in every page’s header draw immediate attention to the services offered by LA Junk Haul. Simple buttons drive visitors to residential, commercial or special services offered by the firm. The website effectively uses bright primary colors to engage the viewer.

All these websites offer some great ideas and excellent design that can inspire you to promote your garbage collection company and bring in new business.

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