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Best manufacturing websites of 2024

When customers think of manufacturing businesses, they don’t necessarily consider what makes each different. It may not look like it to an outsider, but manufacturing is a very large industry with a lot of specializations, so a great website helps communicate what’s particular about the services and character of a given company.

Manufacturing companies especially benefit from designs that don’t sacrifice clarity of vision for easy navigation and load times.

Since the industry is so hands-on due to the nature of the work, many successful sites use video loops and high-res images of the nit-and-gritty sides to their services coupled with finished examples of how their work helps customers meet their needs.

The top 8 manufacturing websites for 2024

  1. Tymetal Corp.

    Tymetal is a leading security gate manufacturer and provides their customers with a litany of options toward different security needs. Their website offers descriptions of their work history and expertise by using their homepage image slider as a sub-page menu, with clickable text that describes each image as a recent example of a security manufacturing skill. It’s especially easy to navigate through different types of gates and industries, and their educational resources for each potential customer helps inform more in-depth in order to help secure new business through clear explanation of a complex topic.

  2. Independent Machine Company

    As one of the largest and independent machine stores in the United States, Independent Machine Company’s site does an excellent job informing visitors about the specific services they offer just below their homepage’s image slider. Each of their four service types has a longer descriptive chunk because of the general and multi-part processes involved in any project they commit to. To further avoid getting lost in text, each description comes with extensive pictures for examples so new visitors don’t feel lost when learning about a new topic.

  3. Fairlawn Tool Inc.

    Fairlawn Tool Inc. offers metal fabrication resources all over the east coast and beyond. With an image-heavy design, Fairlawn’s site scales perfectly across mobile and full-size computing devices and shows action-oriented scenes that depict corresponding services without too much text. Their homepage’s thorough description of what needing metal manufacturing looks like along with their company’s guiding philosophy builds credibility with new and returning customers. They smartly list their industry-specific certifications and their most common high-volume specialty products for bulk orders their customers likely need.

  4. Cisco

    Cisco’s homepage immediately shows off their well-balanced navigation sequence: a three-level horizontal menu from their expanded header bar with images that mix important calendar dates, data distribution methods, and web security implementation topics. Since they’re a very large technology service manufacturer and provider, their recent blog entries are organized more thoroughly than most, with subcategories for the most relevant genres of the post in the upper left corner of each thumbnail so visitors know what they’re getting into. The site’s header bar’s “more” tab offers quite a bit more, with sections for different technology certifications, future webinars, and how to become an employee.

  5. Lockheed Martin

    Visitors know Lockheed Martin means business right from the homepage. The main image slider shows a missile’s space-flight trajectory with their slogan, “revolutionizing hyperspace technologies,” just under to show the level of sophistication and cutting-edge expertise visitors should expect. Throughout the site, high-resolution graphics help viewers believe in the critical nature of their work, and their extensive press release section offers recent imagery for each technological product or social event relevant to their recent services. Everything feels crisp and recent, and for a company specializing in emerging technology for large businesses and government institutions, one would be hard-pressed to ask for designs more relevant to their character and what they offer.

  6. Zeon Chemicals

    Zeon Chemicals knows that grabbing customers’ attention is one of the most powerful things a first impression can offer. As a company that produces specialized elastomers since the 1950’s, their site focuses on presenting their legacy as a business and describing just what elastomers are for new customers looking for guidance. Their main slogan, “Innovative Elastomers. World-Class Service.” suggests their industry expertise while emphasizing their ability to communicate it to the public. Their site loads very quickly and doesn’t sacrifice compelling copy-writing and action-packed images of experts at work.

  7. Caterpillar

    Caterpillar’s design loads an easy to use region-selection map for visitors, which both helps narrow where they should look for products and services and describes the sheer scale of the company and what it can offer. Their tagline, “Let’s Do the Work,” comes with satisfying images of happy employees interacting on-the-job and comes with clickable thumbnails for the construction machinery they sell. Uniquely, Caterpillar offers descriptions for businesses owners about different areas of improvement for any company that they could help improve.

  8. Marlin Steel

    Marlin Steel makes you feel like you’re there with an immersive video loop on the homepage under their main tagline, “Quality Engineered Quick.” Their site’s small graphics all add a responsive feel to the selection options, and getting a quote for any particular manufacturing question is easy with a sign-up field in the middle of the main slider. Their “What We Do” subsection links to technical illustrations and thorough descriptions for each stage in their different service processes.

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