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Top 50 roofing websites for 2023

These days, the competition for a roofing business is fierce as more and more people enter this field. As a result, roofing companies have to do whatever they can to ensure that they stand out from the crowd, and a well-designed website can do just that.

Here are 50 of the best roofing websites you will find in 2023.

  1. Piney Orchard Roofing

    Piney Orchard Roofing has easy to navigate icons and graphics as well as pertinent contact us points and calls to action for clients to get a quote. Built by FreshySites, this is sure to please a user and help Tony and his business grow.

  2. Houston Roofing

    Houston Roofing has a sharp picture with a gorgeous roof and a smiling, friendly contractor right on its front page. It also has a widget that allows users to virtually chat with someone right away, potentially getting questions answered and making it easy to get a quote.

  3. JC&C Roofing

    JC&C Roofing’s website has a scrolling menu that discusses its variety of options and opportunities for consumers, including the different levels of roofs it offers, an easy button to schedule an appointment, and more. It’s top menu blends in unobtrusively with the rest of the homepage for a seamless presentation.

  4. Amstill Roofing

    Amstill Roofing has an immediate pop-up, which gives you a chance to get a free quote. Scrolling past that reveals a nice video and an easy-to-access website.

  5. Houston Heights Roofers

    Houston Heights Roofers has a YouTube video right on their front page, ensuring that people can watch a quick clip and get a better idea of who they are and what services they offer. Scrolling down reveals four loaded columns that describe the services the company provides.

  6. Roofing Giant

    Roofing Giant opts for a very different style: black and white. This retro style is actually a great way of getting the user’s attention and making them look more closely at all the website has to offer.

  7. Team Roofing

    Team Roofing’s website concentrates on pictures, but the roofs here are framed attractively by a gorgeous sky. Two buttons make it easy to connect with the company. Visitors have a chance to easily request a callback or schedule a free inspection.

  8. Titan Roofing

    When you land on Titan Roofing’s homepage, you’ll see some exceptionally good pictures of roofs that highlight the kind of work this company can do. Scrolling down reveals more content that loads smoothly, including a summary of the services they offer, testimonials, and contact information. This website is exceptionally sleek and inspires confidence.

  9. D&L Roofing

    The clean design of D&L Roofing’s website leaves no room to question who this business is or what they do. Bold font positioned next to clear images quickly grabs the user’s attention and guides them down the page.

  10. One-Stop Roof Shop

    One-Stop Roof Shop leans in hard to its Las Vegas location, practically shouting it on its front page with the style of houses featured, the types of roofs, and the mountains in the background of the picture. All graphics load as you scroll down, smartly scrolling in from the side. At the same time, the website maintains a good sense of brand integrity with its color schemes and fonts.

  11. Klause Roofing Systems

    Klause Roofing Systems uses a very different color scheme than most websites, opting for a sharp red, white, and black design. This makes the website stand out boldly. It gives some great reasons why you should choose the company’s services and allows you to easily schedule a free estimate.

  12. Lindholm Roofing

    The website for Lindholm Roofing shouts family-owned — almost literally — as text and pictures of the operators make the point that the business is family-owned. It’s obvious that the site is frequently updated.

  13. New York Roofing

    New York Roofing’s website goes for a three-column design in multiple parts, allowing you to easily find out what they offer and the types of roofs they work on. A large feature also notes that you can chat live with them, ensuring that help is always accessible.

  14. Stephens Roofing & Remodeling

    One of the sharpest features on the Stephens Roofing & Remodeling website is the “before/after” page. It offers you a great view of the work they can do. It also proudly mentions the company’s expertise and quality, two items everyone is looking for in a roofer.

  15. Roofing Florida

    Roofing Florida has one of the first websites on this list to run a video in the background. It alternates with pictures of roofs and Florida-centric imagery, including hurricanes and rain-soaked beaches. This localizes their business and makes it easy for people to understand the importance of getting a high-quality roof.

  16. JNT Developers

    The logo for JNT Developers is big and bold, with a sharp blue and green color scheme. Right after you land on the homepage, a form swings into view, inviting you to get an estimate. The rest of the website offers a subdued menu that emphasizes the images, showing you how gorgeous some of their roofs are.

  17. RJW Exteriors

    There’s a gorgeous home in the background when you first arrive at the website for RJW Exteriors, and it serves as an ideal backdrop to a form that allows you to schedule a virtual consultation. The menu also blends in nicely with the picture and enables you to easily navigate between RJW’s services.

  18. Kirkin Roofing

    Kirkin Roofing has the usual features of a sharp roofing website: gorgeous home, added content as you scroll, a menu that is easy to read and navigate, and more. What makes it more interesting is the way pictures enlarge when clicked on, enabling users to inspect Kirkin’s impressive work.

  19. Showalter Roofing Services

    Showalter Roofing Services understands the purpose of a picture: to highlight their work. The picture here is the roof, and almost exclusively the roof, at the expense of the house and sky. This works nicely. Scrolling down reveals the impressive array of roofs Showalter works on and pictures of projects they have completed.

  20. Chicago Flat Roof Company

    Chicago Flat Roof Company is clear as day in their titles, pictures, website options, and more: They work on flat roofs in the Chicago area. Every piece of content on their website is smartly gathered around this basic principle.

  21. Florida Roofing

    Florida Roofing is another company that leans in on their location: a gorgeous red roof, covered in solar panels, with a blue sky featured prominently. They are also one of few companies on this list with a prominent link to their Instagram page, allowing you to view their most recent projects.

  22. Midwest Roof Renovation

    Midwest Roof Renovation has a different sort of background video: It zooms in from above on a rusty-looking roof. It uses this to capture your attention: Do you need a new roof? Click here for an estimate! This is a smart way of not only capturing the visitor’s attention but also incorporating a call to action.

  23. Able Roof

    Able Roof presents a sharp drone video that shows you the city of Columbus, Ohio, which then transitions into the work that they have conducted and offers glimpses of their employees in the field.

  24. First Quality Roof

    The way the graphics load on First Quality Roof’s site is particularly sleek. Scrolling down reveals a nice drop-down menu that makes it simple for you to contact their office, as well as a series of guides you can use if you need to reach out for help.

  25. GAF

    GAF has a horizontally scrolling slideshow of pictures that allows users to click on a variety of topics and services. They also have consistent messaging: They work on residential or commercial projects and can provide expert advice and work for both.

  26. PetersenDean

    Two updates appear right at the top of the PetersenDean site in attractively contrasting colors, so they are easy to read. Visitors are left with the impression that this is a cutting-edge, active company that is striving to stay abreast of the times.

  27. Total Home Roofing

    Total Home Roofing has a user-friendly navigation menu that shows potential customers all the things they can do. The site also features an informative blog that shows the latest information and makes a point of positioning the company as roofing experts. An easy-to-find button encourages users to get free virtual estimates.

  28. Moser Roofing Solutions

    Moser Roofing Solutions has a website offering the usual features, with an interesting addition: It has a search box titled “I want to:” with a drop-down menu that makes it simple for visitors to find information on the services or consultations they are looking for.

  29. Roofing Solutions

    The front space for the Roofing Solutions website is largely bare, and that’s by design. It allows you to watch a video of the company’s staff hard at work. From there, a form pops up, making it easy for you to schedule an “inspection and analysis” of your roof.

  30. Heritage Roofing & Contracting

    Heritage Roofing & Contracting offers a Henry Ford quote on quality when you first access the website. This sets the stage for the rest of the company’s messaging, which emphasizes the excellence of their work and how that sets them apart from their competitors.

  31. O’Hara’s Son Roofing

    Chicago plays a prominent role on the O’Hara’s Son Roofing website, with a gorgeous picture of the city taking up a good chunk of space on its front page. Two buttons make it easy for you to see O’Hara’s most recent work and contact them for an estimate.

  32. CentiMark

    CentiMark goes for something you don’t usually see: It discusses its 24/7 emergency repair options when you arrive at the page. The information is easily accessible, and it is a subtle way of highlighting the fact that the company goes above and beyond the services of the usual roofing company.

  33. Tecta America

    Tecta America seems proudly patriotic: Red, white, and blue cover their website. They are a national company, and a big map shows all their locations, making it clear that they can offer you nationwide expertise and customer service.

  34. Flynn Companies

    Flynn Companies has an exceptionally sharp and well-produced video that shows all the work they do on a building, including roofing repair. You can access the various pages of their website by clicking on an unobtrusive menu, which also contains information about their staff and how they operate.

  35. Baker Roofing

    Baker Roofing also has an awesome video: It highlights the journey of one of their employees and the work he put into building his career. This is different, but it works. It makes visitors care about the employee and want to learn more about the company that gave him a chance.

  36. CMR Construction & Roofing

    CMR Construction & Roofing has a video scrolling in the background, which excellently highlights the work that they do. They also have an easy form that allows you to get a quote or additional information with a couple of keystrokes.

  37. Ariat Roofing

    Ariat Roofing’s website lets its pictures and orange-tinted menu do the work rather than pushing you toward any particular video or fancy graphic. It’s an older style, but in an era of sharp and sleek websites, it still works nicely. It also offers an informative FAQ page that answers a variety of roofing-related questions.

  38. Empire Roofing

    Empire Roofing’s website shouts hard work and quality. The first text you see, over a background video, is “Most Reliable Service in the South.” The video showcases the work they put into repairing and constructing your roof. It also has a regularly updated blog and an active social media presence.

  39. Power

    You can find the usual features on the Power website, including a video showing homes and happy families. What makes this one different is two side arrows, both supporting Power’s mission to be a “dream-realization company.” One points toward improving your home while the other points toward advancing your career. It’s an interesting way to say they’re constantly looking for new talent.

  40. Interstate Roofing

    Users can easily navigate exactly where they need to go when they arrive at Interstate Roofing’s website thanks to a clean top menu featuring their main services. A bit of backstory, a list of company accomplishments, and a testimonial video help build trust and encourage readers to take advantage of the free estimate contact form.

  41. Bulldog Group

    The design of the Bulldog Group website is sharper than most. Clicking on various menu items doesn’t take you to a new page. Instead, it scrolls down to the information you’re trying to find. This allows you to easily navigate the webpage and find what you seek without being redirected elsewhere. The website has a wide array of info, including projects they have worked on and chances to advance within the company.

  42. The Roof Depot

    The Roof Depot allows you to easily get a free estimate by filling out a form. You can do this without ever leaving the landing page. There is an array of pictures that highlight their impressive work and an easy-to-navigate menu that ensures you can discover whatever information about the company’s products and services you may need.

  43. Collis Roofing

    The Collis Roofing website has a comprehensive menu at the top with features you don’t usually find on roofing websites, including functions like “Pay my bill” and “Financing.” Like many other companies, it uses a simple widget that allows customers to have a virtual chat and get additional information.

  44. Douglass Colony

    Douglass Colony’s website notes that they are primarily a roofing company but also offer much more. They have a nice, understated website that discusses all their services. A tab also highlights some featured projects, enabling users to see the high-quality work they do.

  45. Roofing Southwest

    Roofing Southwest tries to strike a national-local balance. They are a nationwide company but call attention to their local relationships, and the website highlights specific projects they have done throughout the country. Their website is well-designed and does a great job of demonstrating national expertise.

  46. Beldon

    Beldon is a broader company than just roofing, and its front graphic does an excellent job of displaying the company’s many offerings. It has a form you can easily fill out for more information as well as a chat widget that makes it easy to contact the company’s main office.

  47. Simon Roofing

    Simon Roofing takes a slightly different tack than most websites, with a big graphic talking about leaky roofs. It then gives you an opportunity to request service and get information about their repair warranty. It’s clear from their front page that Simon is going for quality and repairs over everything else, and the drop-down menu on the top of their page positions the company this way as well.

  48. Advanced Roofing

    A South Florida company, Advanced Roofing offers hurricane damage prevention tips right on its front page, ensuring that it gives users relevant information. It also employs a pop-up to discuss how to make your roof leak-free for 25 years.

  49. Elmer W. Davis

    Elmer W. Davis is a commercial roofing company, and their website makes it clear that they offer a wide array of services. They provide a sharp graphic that discusses all the things they can help your business with.

  50. Burns Scalo

    Burns Scalo has a huge graphic that makes it clear what they work on: roofs, wall panels, and solar panels. The video that plays in the background shows well-designed buildings, sturdy roofs, and men at work, giving users the impression of an active, competent company.

These websites have it all. More importantly, they have figured out how to make roofing engaging, appealing, and easy to access.

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