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40 best home inspection websites for 2024

Home inspectors provide essential services for homeowners: They can help you spot problems in your house, confirm a property you are purchasing is in great condition, and make sure you can move into your new home with peace of mind. That’s why it is so important that they put together high-quality websites. Here’s the cream of this year’s crop.

These are 2024’s best 40 home inspection websites.

  1. Mint Inspections

    Mint Inspections has a nice, clean website that highlights convenience right away with a big green Schedule Now button. They also make it easy for you to see the features they offer, and they are impressive, including easy-to-read reports, thermal imaging, and scheduling flexibility.

  2. Affordable Home Inspection

    Affordable Home Inspection has nicely loading graphics that encourage scrolling. The content is top-notch: They pledge a 24-hour turnaround and explain their high-tech gadgets, like thermal scanning for hidden problems, Zip Level for foundation deviations and elevation, and drones for roof inspections.

  3. home The Home Inspectors

    The Home Inspectors website advertises their “straightforward pricing” once you hit their page, and it’s a simple way of finding out just how much a home inspection will cost you. Prominent tools help you get a quote and schedule your inspection.

  4. Hometown Inspections

    Hometown Inspections changes things up, using an attractive left-aligned menu to frame a big picture of a happy neighborhood. This menu has a pop-up inviting you to sign up for their newsletter, plus interesting, useful features like a blog that answers home-related questions.

  5. Evolve Property Inspections

    Evolve Property Inspections has a rotating carousel of photos that does a great job of highlighting the various services and features that Evolve offers. This includes some great high-tech methods, like inspection by drones, thermography, and electronic metal detection.

  6. South Florida Home Inspection Service

    South Florida Home Inspection Service has sleekly loading photos showing houses that gleam in the Florida sunshine. Scrolling down reveals information about their extensive experience, more than 11,000 inspections, and various services. There are client testimonials, too.

  7. Shamrock Mold Inspections

    Shamrock Mold Inspections has a sharply changing carousel of pictures that allow you to get a better idea of the services and features the company offers. There is also an easy-to-locate form that allows users to request a free estimate.

  8. GGR Home Inspections

    The GGR Home Inspections website has appealing photos that are clickable as soon as you arrive on the page. This allows you to check out the features they offer and get a much better grasp of how they can assist you. The fact that the website is so well-designed encourages visitors to click around and learn more about the company.

  9. Inside Out Inspection Services

    Inside Out Inspection Services not only offers all the usual services, but they also teach home inspection. They advertise all services prominently on their website. This fulfills two purposes, as it not only shows off their skills but also helps position them as experts in their field.

  10. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

    Pillar To Post Home Inspectors has an attractively formatted website. Two things that make this one pop are a text block explaining why you can trust them and their social purpose statement, in which they discuss the various ways they are involved in the community beyond their professional services.

  11. In Depth Home Inspections

    In Depth Home Inspections has some of the slicker graphics on this list: Once you scroll down a bit, check marks pop up beside the services they provide. Additionally, this website has a pleasing color scheme — green and gray — that keeps it sharp and distinctive.

  12. West Inspect Home Inspection

    The West Inspect Home Inspection website has two easy-to-use buttons that allow you to get in touch with their business in just one click. They also make a point of showing off gorgeous natural scenery, creating a subtle message that their inspection services can help protect and beautify your home.

  13. Bridge Home Inspections

    Bridge Home Inspections has a nice gallery of pictures that slowly zoom in and out. They also have a broad menu that shows off their various services, a separate page full of photos, and testimonials from happy customers.

  14. Kelleher Home Inspections

    Kelleher Home Inspections has a great picture of a gorgeous home when you first enter the website. The site’s color scheme — red, gray, black, and white — looks sharp and encourages users to take a close look at the services they offer. Overall, this website has impressive formatting.

  15. Rhythm Home Inspections

    Rhythm Home Inspections offers all the usual inspection services. However, their website makes sure to advertise ancillary services as well, like having a notary public. This is a good way of showing off the fact that they offer more than most places.

  16. Homerun Inspection

    Homerun Inspection goes out of their way to have three big, clickable buttons that highlight their specific offerings: Home Inspection, Radon Testing, and Warranty Inspection. The homepage is limited, but the text is big, with more buttons that encourage you to click and learn more.

  17. The Inspection People

    The Inspection People uses big buttons that coax you to click further into the website and learn more about what the company can do for you. They also use a different color scheme — orange, red, and black — and it works well, particularly given the desert locale of the business.

  18. Protect Property Inspections

    Protect Property Inspections goes out of their way to discuss the usual services along with highlighting “specialty” services like a virtual inspection, which allows them to inspect a home without being physically present. This is a fantastic, innovative service that helps create the impression that this is a company that knows what they are doing and how to conduct state-of-the-art inspections.

  19. First Class Home Inspections

    First Class Home Inspections takes advantage of a multi-column approach that makes sure to show off what sorts of inspections they do and to highlight their quick turnaround time. The text below those columns is helpful and informative when it comes to discussing the company’s services.

  20. ATS Home Inspections

    ATS Home Inspections provides a variety of home inspection services, but they choose to highlight something different: energy audits. These days, that’s smart, and it’s also good marketing as it helps to create the impression of a competent, innovative company.

  21. Inspector Nation

    Inspector Nation, a national and North Carolina professional organization for home inspectors, has one of the few websites on this list to use a video introduction on their homepage, and it is a striking one, replete with sleek graphics and gorgeous homes. Member services, including their training school, are described.

  22. Starmark Home Inspections

    Starmark Home Inspections does something interesting with its homepage. As you scroll down, the text describing services is interspersed with photos of happy people with their testimonials. This nicely breaks up content and highlights customers. There’s also a striking red, gold, and violet color scheme.

  23. CSH Inspections

    CSH Inspections stresses health and safety, using a menu bar that does a good job of showing off the various aspects of the website without taking away from its content. Its drop-down boxes also make it easy to see what else CSH Inspections can offer you as a customer.

  24. HMO Home Inspections

    HMO Home Inspections has attractive graphics that fade in as the website loads. They stress their accessibility in the text, noting that they offer a wide array of services that are available seven days a week to accommodate customers’ schedules.

  25. Core Home Inspection

    The Core Home Inspection website has some excellent content when the page first loads: a coupon, contact information, and one-click scheduling. This is smart as they bring some of the most important aspects of their business front and center.

  26. DJ’s Home Inspection

    DJ’s Home Inspection opts to use a helpful block of text that does a good job of explaining who they are and what services they offer. Scrolling down reveals additional photos and buttons in an appealing three-column format.

  27. Pacific Crest Home Inspections

    Pacific Crest Home Inspections goes with a video that features gorgeous shots of the San Diego area. Their menu is located just above the fold and has great sections for customers and real estate professionals plus details about what to expect in your report.

  28. NorCal Property Inspections

    NorCal Property Inspections has a uniform website with three columns and circular graphics. This uniformity goes a long way toward making the website easy to explore and ensuring that users can get a great idea of who this company is with a quick read.

  29. Golden State Inspections

    Golden State Inspections uses brief, bullet point-like text blocks with check marks next to them to ensure that visitors have a great idea of what the company can do. Scrolling down reveals graphics that transition well plus loads of customer reviews.

  30. Inspection Pro’s

    The Inspection Pro’s website has a lot of text, but that text does an excellent job of laying out information about this company. The site also has a unique sidebar that offers home improvement tips, as well as a chat widget that guarantees a quick response.

  31. Home Inspection Gurus

    Home Inspection Gurus offers a variety of services, and they immediately state their prices, letting you know how inexpensive it is to inspect a small condo. This is a clever use of a marketing niche and a smart thing to emphasize. Brief text blocks tout their experience and skills.

  32. BeaconLight Home Inspection

    BeaconLight Home Inspection has an engaging photo on their homepage. It shows the front entrance of a gorgeous brick home as if inviting you in. They also provide a chat widget and separate information about safety for homeowners.

  33. Coastal Boston Property Inspections

    Coastal Boston Property Inspections draws you in with a lovely New England seacoast view. The website has big text and nice little icons that load next to the text, ensuring that your eyes are drawn to the bullet points that tell what this company offers you.

  34. JBS Home Inspections

    The JBS Home Inspections website is horizontally framed. Sharp text and appealing pictures load in, and the way the text is broken up makes it easy to read and understand. This website also offers an informative blog that has great tips and helps to inspire confidence in the company’s expertise.

  35. Tennessee Home Inspectors

    Tennessee Home Inspectors uses big, alternating pictures with a center button that lets you quickly book an inspection. The company also makes a sample report readily available on the website, helping customers to get a better idea of what they will have in their hands if they hire this company.

  36. Real Estate Inspection Services

    Real Estate Inspection Services uses horizontally loaded graphics to differentiate between various services. They make a point of highlighting their standard and specialty services, a useful feature for some buyers. Users can click a big red button to request an inspection.

  37. That One Inspector

    That One Inspector offers standard information plus a helpful Resources drop-down menu with a huge amount of data that can be wildly useful to homeowners or renters. This is good for the consumer and a smart way to establish the company’s real estate expertise. They also highlight their unusual “We’ll buy your home” guarantee.

  38. Carlson Home Inspection

    Carlson Home Inspection has all the usual bells and whistles on their website, including an eye-catching red, white, and black color scheme. What really makes this one stand out is the “Horror Show” page, which highlights some of the worst things the company has seen while conducting inspections.

  39. Burgess Inspection Group

    Burgess Inspection Group highlights their experience in the market (since 1969!) right off the bat on their homepage. The website has some excellent pictures and does a fantastic job of embracing color and light, something many of the others on this list neglect to do.

  40. Paris Pressley Real Estate Inspector

    Paris Pressley Real Estate Inspector wows visitors with a photo of a Georgia mansion that sets the scene for their statement about high-quality inspections. Smoothly loading text boxes describe who they are and what they do. Scrolling down reveals more interesting pictures and informative text.

These home inspection websites do a great job of creative marketing and demonstrating their expertise. These are excellent websites to inspire you if you are looking to design one of your own.

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