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Top 20 fence company websites of 2022

When a potential customer visits your website, you only have one chance to show them that they’ve found the right fencing company for their situation. The best sites take advantage of their headers to grab visitors’ attention immediately and then hold their attention with relevant, engaging content as they scroll through the rest of the homepage. By the end of their visit, the viewer is satisfied that they have found the right company and are ready to make a call.

Here’s our ranking of this year’s best fence company websites.

  1. Southland Fence and Supply

    Southland Fence and Supply attracts attention right away with a bright orange layout and a full-color image background. The “Free Estimate!” tab is front and center, using white text to draw the viewer’s attention to this offer. Contact information is also clearly listed on the homepage.

  2. Tim’s Fences

    Tim’s Fences opens with a slideshow showing the kinds of high-quality fences potential customers could have installed in their yards. The company incorporates a Texas silhouette in their logo to show visitors that they’re a major part of the Houston community. Homepage content is organized in neat blocks that are quick and easy to read.

  3. ColorMAX

    ColorMAX makes a bold first impression with white and neon green lettering placed over an eye-catching video background that takes visitors on a tour of fencing options. A list of features in the header tells potential customers why ColorMAX is the best choice for them. When viewers scroll down, they find a list of fence colors that the company currently offers.

  4. Western Fence

    Western Fence greets viewers with a bold mission statement placed against a video background. Viewers can hit the floating icon in the bottom-right corner to pull up a list of accessibility options. A Google Translate link appears at the top of the page, making this one of the most accessible fencing websites.

  5. Houston Fence Company

    Houston Fence Company uses a simple black-and-white layout with a fenced slideshow and video to grab the viewer’s attention. Relevant links are placed near the top of the page, inviting potential customers to get a quote or an estimate for their projects.

  6. Fence Company Phoenix Arizona

    Fence Company Phoenix Arizona uses a full-page picture of a fence to get visitors thinking about how great their yards could look with a new one. Scrolling down, they find dynamic blocks of content that offer more information about the company and its benefits. They can also see a map of the service area at the bottom of each webpage.

  7. Royal Fence

    Royal Fence leads with a great close-up of a fence with text that lets you know it does residential, commercial and industrial work. Then come buttons linking to information about four fencing materials plus a comprehensive gallery of projects. The phone number at the top of the homepage makes it easy to get in touch.

  8. Alamo Decks and Fence

    Alamo Decks and Fence offers a bold red, white and blue layout that echoes the company’s Lone Star logo. A slideshow of varied fence projects tops the homepage, and viewers can request a free quote by filling out a handy form that stays in place as the images scroll by.

  9. Missouri City Fence Company

    Missouri City Fence Company greets viewers with a picture of an attractive house with a newly installed, iconic white picket fence. The site uses a select few blocks of content that get right to the point. Near the footer, there’s a link to a 30-second video that tells you more about the company.

  10. Comal Fence

    Comal Fence highlights the “Free Quote” button at the top of the homepage to draw potential customers’ attention to this offer. Viewers can scroll down the page to learn more about the company and the types of fences that they install. The site also features glowing customer reviews.

  11. Texas Fence

    Texas Fence features a chat box icon in the bottom-right corner of the homepage. Viewers can use the chat feature to talk to a representative or leave a message with the company, eliminating the need to make a phone call. The site also features information about charities the company partners with, along with its “Best of the Best” national award.

  12. Pinecrest Fence Company

    Pinecrest Fence Company offers a neat, orderly layout with forest green accents. The website uses a wood background and a picture of a fence on farmland to make viewers think about the outdoors and how much they could use a new fence when summer arrives.

  13. Fence Masters

    Fence Masters uses a great-looking slideshow to quickly impart information to the viewer. A “Financing Available” button is located right at the top of the homepage, inviting viewers to learn more. This could sway potential customers who aren’t sure if they’re ready to make room in their budgets for new fencing.

  14. Reliabuilt Fence Company

    Reliabuilt Fence Company features a vibrant picture of a new wooden fence extending an existing brick one, showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship. They also offer a list of the areas the company serves, letting visitors know that they’ve come to the right place.

  15. JPL Construction

    JPL Construction features a picture of the company owner and his family, establishing a connection between the business and the viewer. The site effectively uses lots of white space with dark teal to highlight important areas like the free quote button near the top of the homepage.

  16. Double Eagle Fence

    Double Eagle Fence uses a slideshow showcasing some of their high-quality projects with a button to click for a free quote. When viewers scroll down, they find information about the company’s services and suppliers, emphasizing the quality of their materials. Just above the large contact form at the bottom is a project gallery.

  17. Viking Fence

    Viking Fence greets visitors with a dynamic slideshow with text sliding in about the different services that they offer, plus a button to hit for a free quote. The site features pictures of the materials they sell as well as the temporary and permanent fences they build.

  18. Peerless Fence Group

    Peerless Fence Group catches your eye with a vibrant picture of a little girl swinging in a lovely backyard with the words “Beautify Your Yard” in bold type and a white picket fence in the background. The “Request Estimate” button helps generate leads, and you can also find information about repair services.

  19. Griffin Fence

    Griffin Fence greets viewers with a stunning photo of a fence with a few stats proving that they’re a legitimate and reputable company. The site points out that the company has been in business since 1979 and has served over 25,000 customers, making them one of the top fencing companies in the region.

  20. Trinity River Fence

    Trinity River Fence uses bright, full-color images of fenced backyards to make viewers think about how much fun they could have in the summer with a new fence. As visitors scroll down, they find more pictures of projects that the company has completed, including pergolas and decks.

These websites show that a little efficiency and professionalism is all you need to make your business attractive to potential customers.

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