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Best concrete repair websites of 2023

Creating a website for your concrete repair company can be a challenge as you need to combine all of the company’s highlights and information concisely. As technology improves, videos are becoming important pieces of website designs, too. These companies use their websites as successful calling cards. They use color, visuals, and text to sell their experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Here are the top concrete repair websites to consider in 20232.

  1. Basement Technologies

    Basement Technologies packs a lot of useful info into a well-organized website. The top menu offers tabs with their own pull-down menus. The phone number is placed at the top of the homepage alongside the “Free Estimate” text, so there’s no question how to get in touch. The company also offers special promotions and news on the front page. Much of the in-depth information is provided against a white background, which makes for easier reading.

  2. Stoneworks Masonry & Chimney

    Affordability is key to selling this site. At the top of the homepage, there is a 10% coupon for new customers. The company does well by placing its accomplishments against a simple white background. Stoneworks Masonry & Chimney places a lot of emphasis on reviews, which take up a good amount of space on its homepage. A unique touch is the About Us video at the bottom of page.

  3. Keller Waterproofing

    The key details the company wants customers to know are placed at the top of the homepage: years of experience, that it is a family-owned company, and a contact number. A video of the team working acts as a backdrop, which matches nicely with the rest of the page’s layout. There is a ton of useful information packed on the homepage, but it is easy to navigate and doesn’t feel overwhelming. Keller Waterproofing emphasizes videos, which is a great way to market its company.

  4. Brickline Masonry & Chimney

    Brickline Masonry & Chimney uses just a white background with orange highlights to emphasize a lot of information on its homepage. This basic approach directs the viewer’s eye to exactly what the company wants them to notice. A phone number and the “Free Estimate” text are strategically placed at the top of the homepage to grab the visitor’s attention. And for customers looking for more in-depth information, there is an About Us video at the bottom of the page.

  5. Crack-X

    The company has chosen its brand’s colors for the website. The black and yellow color design is beautiful, bold, and eye-catching. While most of the site leans on black and yellow colors, heavy text is laid out against a white background. Crack-X also adds photos of its team at work, which lends a feeling of intimacy. Important phone numbers are at the top so the visitor won’t miss them.

  6. Sauereisen

    Sauereisen’s approach to website design is unique and non-conformist. Instead of a menu banner running across the page, the company uses different circles on the homepage to emphasize what it does. The mix of pastel colors and the unique design may make visitors want to explore the company further. There is a video on the right-hand side, too, for those looking to learn more.

  7. HomeSpec BasementFix

    HomeSpec BasementFix uses a basic approach to its website. The colors are a simple black, white, and blue, and the information is laid out in an easy-to-read manner. The website feels straightforward and minimal, with the phone number placed at the very top.

  8. Sleek Floors

    Sleek Floors has a website design that expertly promotes its sleek floors concept. The design itself is clean, uncomplicated, and white, which is a good visual for what the company aims to sell. The three images across the center of the homepage also fit in well with the brand. For visitors looking to learn more about the company, there is a Dry Polishing video available to watch.

  9. CurbCrete USA

    CurbCrete USA’s design is unique in that the text floats over the images. The professional design seems indicative of what the company can do. Alongside this unique design is text about the company, “What Makes Our Process Unique?” The company successfully emphasizes its unique approach with its design. White, orange, and gray are the brand’s colors, and they are used on the website to create a perfect calling card.

  10. Basement Systems

    Information is key with Basement Systems’ website design. At the top of the homepage, visitors will find a phone number. Below that, against a mainly white background, the company lays out what it does. There are also slides at the top of the homepage emphasizing the company’s key points. A well-placed blue banner in the middle of the homepage lists the company’s achievements.

  11. Gaje Contracting LLC

    This professionally designed website feels luxurious. The dark gray, yellow, and white colors combine nicely to highlight key bits of information. As visitors scroll down, Gaje Contracting LLC places its services in well-designed boxes. The unique touch and seamless layout display expertise.

  12. Saber

    Saber’s use of red and white colors gives a dynamic feel to the website. The number is highlighted at the top, and the rest of the company’s information is neatly organized into boxes. Visitors scrolling down for more information will find a video about the company and even before/after photos of a recent project. This kind of detail on the homepage is a nice touch that gives a good feel for what the company does.

  13. Decorative Concrete Surfaces

    Despite the website’s overall white background, the design makes use of a lot of colors to catch the visitor’s eye. This is a good example of using color to subtly direct the visitor to different areas of the website. There is a maroon banner emphasizing what the company does. Below that are blue boxes to indicate what kinds of concrete Decorative Concrete Surfaces offers. And there is red text highlighting important information.

  14. Los Angeles Concrete Service

    Los Angeles Concrete Service uses a simple design to create a sophisticated website. The brand’s colors are white, red, and gray, and these are used expertly to highlight the company’s services. Scrolling down, visitors will find that each section is designed differently: text on the right, text on the left, and three centered images. This intentional difference gives the site a non-traditional feel.

  15. Wallock & Maggio Inc.

    In a visual world, Wallock & Maggio relies heavily on images to get its message across. Besides its banner image, each service has a photo to accompany it. Scrolling down, the visitor gets to learn about the company as text floats over even more images. In fact, what makes this website work is that the text is minimized in favor of images.

  16. Poly Lift USA

    Poly Lift USA is another site where visuals dominate. The banner visual across the homepage is a video of the team working. Scrolling down, the visitor will see what kinds of projects the company takes on via photos. A unique design this company brings to the table is the “How It Works” section on the homepage. Four photos show steps 1-4 of a project. There are also before/after photos farther down that give great insight into what kinds of results one can expect.

  17. Madewell Concrete

    Madewell Concrete offers a very straightforward, minimal website design set against a backdrop of mostly white. There are pictures showing the company’s services, but most of the information is text. The company highlights its accomplishments, recognitions, and ratings farther down on the homepage. The company’s recognitions are key here and are highlighted throughout. The main photo banner proudly displays a Best of HomeAdvisor 2020 Winner award.

  18. Foundation Solutions

    Foundation Solutions uses a slideshow of beautiful homes to draw visitors in. Besides the slideshow, the rest of the information is laid out in a straightforward, minimal style. The contact information and social media buttons are at the very top of the homepage. All are in a gray font so as not to distract visitors from the slideshow.

  19. L.R.E Ground Services, Inc.

    L.R.E Ground Services, Inc. emphasizes its brand colors on its website. It nicely combines red, white, and dark gray into its design. There is quite a bit of information, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Key highlights, such as the company’s phone number and the text “Free Estimate,” are listed at the top of the homepage for those who may not want to scroll.

  20. Absoulte Grey’s Custom Designs

    The colors and design of this site are unique. The green color is fresh, and the layout is non-repetitive, with each block having its own theme: three images, an image with large text, and an image with small text. For visual customers, the website relies heavily on images. Absoulte Grey’s Custom Designs offers a large slideshow and a smaller one beneath it.

  21. Texas Concrete and Foundation Repair

    The company combines gray and green colors with heavy text that is well-organized. Whereas most companies show their services in a slideshow, Texas Concrete and Foundation Repair displays its reviews as part of a slideshow. This is certainly a different approach.

  22. Baird Foundation Repair

    Baird Foundation Repair strikes a perfect balance between images and text, so no one overwhelms the other. For visitors who want immediate information, the company’s phone number is listed right at the top along with the text “Get a Free Inspection.” For those interested in scrolling, there is a wealth of information about the company. You can either read the summary or click on the “Learn More” buttons to keep reading.

  23. Strive Concrete Solutions

    Strive Concrete Solutions offers a lot of information on its homepage in its brand colors of gray, white, and red. What stands out, however, are the company’s before/after photos. They give a good idea of what kind of results to expect.

  24. Reliable Paving, Inc.

    Reliable Paving, Inc. chooses a bright green color and heavy images to get its information across to visitors. In fact, all the company’s services have an individual photo with a brief description. What’s most unique about this page is its “Recent Project” section, where visitors can see the company’s latest work.

  25. Legacy Supportworks

    The Legacy Supportworks website is relatively straightforward. The phone number is highlighted at the top of the homepage, and the blue/yellow colors direct the visitors’ eyes to important information like “Free Estimates.” An interesting feature makes this website stand out: There is a review section lower down on the homepage with an accompanying video of reviewers.

  26. Apex Concrete Lifting

    Apex Concrete Lifting is smart about using the main visual on the website to show off the Apex truck. The rest of the design fuses text with photos in a blue and white color scheme. A nice touch are the three visuals on the center of the homepage that show the problem, the solution, and the result.

  27. Sundek

    Sundek’s orange and black brand colors stand out, contrasting nicely with the white background. The company combines visuals, text, and even a video on its homepage. One unique feature that jumps off of the homepage is the company’s “Concrete News” section, which is a summary of the blog. Visitors can choose to read more on each topic if they wish.

  28. Mr. Sidewalk

    Mr. Sidewalk has a unique name and a unique site. The yellow and black brand colors go well with the rest of the website’s white background. For those who don’t wish to hunt for it, the company has its phone number at the top of the homepage. At the center of the homepage is a button: “Explore Recent Work.” This is a departure from most traditional sites.

  29. Ashley Concrete

    Ashley Concrete’s website looks sophisticated and professional. The brand’s colors of black and yellow combine well with the graphics and large photos. If you scroll down, the company lists its core values on the homepage – a feature not often found on the main page of websites.

  30. A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair

    The video on A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair’s homepage works well to direct the visitor’s eye. Plus, the red, black, and white colors highlight important information. There is quite a bit of information presented, but it is done in such a way that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. There are “learn more” tabs throughout if visitors need to read more about a specific topic. What makes this site interesting, though, is the “Art & Science of Concrete Repair” section, which explains the technique behind concrete repair.

  31. Concrete Surface Repair

    Concrete Surface Repair offers a straightforward, functional site that balances photos with text. The design isn’t all standard, though. The block text jumps from the right side of the screen to the left as visitors scroll down.

  32. Select Flooring Systems

    Select Flooring Systems offers up a sleek homepage that emphasizes the white, black, and red colors of its brand. The site is minimal on the text and heavy on the visuals. No phone number is readily available, but visitors can scroll down and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

  33. Ohio Basement Authority

    Ohio Basement Authority emphasizes the relaxing blue colors of its brand. This website also has a pop-up chat window that lets you communicate directly with a customer representative. Reviews and company awards are highlighted on the homepage, and the company uses photos to show the services it provides.

  34. Ohio Basement Systems

    This website is sure to grab visitors’ attention as it uses pink and blue as its theme colors. There is also a pop-up chat window that lets you talk to a customer representative. If you don’t feel like scrolling down, Ohio Basement Systems’ phone number is listed at the top of the homepage.

  35. Re-Deck of Central Ohio, LLC

    Re-Deck’s website is functional and straightforward. An interesting feature, however, are videos of the company’s latest projects. The company expertly uses the color red to highlight key bits of information, like its phone number.

  36. Star City Concrete, LLC

    The orange and black website design lends a gorgeous, grungy look. Emphasized is the company’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Star City Concrete’s services are highlighted in orange blocks, and the rest of the text is gray. For visitors looking for quick contact information, the phone number is listed at the top of the page.

  37. Hughes Construction

    Hughes Construction uses its classic brand colors of blue, red, and white for its website design. If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll get a good overview of the company thanks to photos of recent projects and highlights from the latest reviews.

  38. Davenport Foundation Repair

    Davenport Foundation Repair mixes videos, photos, and text to show the kind of work the company does. The phone number is listed at the top, and two red buttons at the center of the homepage direct the user to a free quote and info on its available financing options.

  39. Salt Lake Concrete Coatings

    Salt Lake Concrete Coatings offers up a minimal website design that uses black, white, and splashes of red text. The site is text-heavy. Visitors not interested in reading large blocks of text, though, can call the number listed at the top of the website.

  40. New Era Concrete

    New Era Concrete’s site feels traditional in its approach, a plus for customers looking for the tried and true. The colors are a calming gray-blue against white, and the text is balanced with photos of concrete repairs and finished jobs.

A great website can attract new customers and boost your bottom line. All of the companies here use their own design elements to stand out from the competition, which is a goal that all businesses should strive to attain.

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