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Top 30 family practice physician sites to follow

Family practice physician websites are designed for functionality and ease of use. Most of these websites allow you to book an appointment, get a map to the nearest clinic, access resources online, and request telemedicine services. A simple menu, fast load speeds, and bold images are common on these sites. Below are some of the top websites to visit.

Here are 30 family practice physician websites you should follow in 2023.

  1. Medical Offices of Manhattan

    Going by the slogan “Care That Never Quits,” the Medical Offices of Manhattan offer a host of services led by a team of 10 medical professionals. The company’s website is functional and carries hundreds of pages that shows what the clinic does. It also lets you book an appointment.

  2. Dr. Sally Thomas

    Dr. Sally Thomas has NCQA certification and offers a host of services, including weight management, viral, bacterial, and autoimmune infections. The website sports a simple and functional look with each service having its own page. Operation hours and a map to the clinic are shown at the bottom of the homepage.

  3. Integrative Medicine of NYC

    The Integrative Medicine of NYC offers integrative medicine, cancer screening, women wellness, primary care, cardiovascular wellness, and travel medicine among others. The company offers a website with fast load speeds and offers all the details on how to locate the clinic.

  4. Fountain Medical Associates

    Led by Safiyya Shabazz, MD, the Fountain Medical Associates website seeks to help the team of medical professionals offer online services. Options such as televisits and e-prescribing are possible through the features on the website.

  5. Venice Family Clinic

    Venice Family Clinic markets itself as a community. Most of the services that the clinic offers can be offered online, and that’s what the website helps doctors accomplish. Venice offers comprehensive health care, community wellness, and community engagement.

  6. Ashton Family Medicine and Wellness Center

    With a team of three licensed doctors, Ashton Family Medicine and Wellness Center combines a white background, images, and plenty of text in a nicely organized design. The website sports a patient’s portal through which patients can access information and a number of services from home.

  7. Manhattan Family Practice

    Although Dr. Albert Levy practices general medical practice, he also spends a lot of time putting together resources for patients to learn as seen on the Manhattan Family Practice website. The site has a patient portal through which patients can access information and some services.

  8. North Houston Family Medicine

    North Houston Family Medicine offers family medicine, urgent care, specialty care, and weight loss treatment plans. The website is designed to enable patients to schedule fast appointments with a doctor. You can see the available time and book an appointment.

  9. Integrative Family Medicine of SA, TX

    IFMOFSA.com offers a website with bold illustrations, images, maps, and contact details to help you find what you need quickly. The website’s functional design is aimed at putting everything you need at your fingertips.

  10. Pacific Coast Family Medicine

    Dr. Kathryn Schat, MD, practices family medicine after serving in many other areas, including the U.S. Air Force. She runs a simple website at Pacific Coast Family Medicine that allows you to access resources and book an appointment online.

  11. ALON Family Health

    The ALON Family Health website was designed for you to book an appointment for face-to-face doctor visits or to access virtual services. The site is easy to navigate, and the services offered include telemedicine, acute care, physicals, sports medicine, chronic care, travel health, and mental health.

  12. Westside Family Medicine

    A simple menu showing locations, services, staff, patient info, contact, and blog characterizes the Westside Family Medicine website. The website allows you to book an appointment online, find the location of the clinic near you, and find resources for different conditions. You can talk to a doctor to get help on physicals, children’s physicals, travel medicine, and vaccines.

  13. VillageMedical.com

    On VillageMedical.com, you can either find a doctor, book an appointment, or get into virtual visits with doctors. Through the website, doctors are able to connect with clients and help with different health problems. The website focuses on primary care, education, and preventive care. The in-home and virtual visits make the clinic a favorite of many patients.

  14. Vitality Springs Family Practice

    Dr. Deavens practices family medicine in Atlanta, GA. His website for Vitality Springs Family Practice is simple, and it allows you to access some resources and book an appointment. You can also talk to a doctor online and get help fast when you need it. At the bottom of the homepage is a map showing you directions for walk-in visits.

  15. Jonah Medical Group

    The Jonah Medical Group offers you resources on all the conditions the group treats. You can access the different pages and read everything on chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. The website’s focus, however, is in helping you book an appointment, call the doctor, and get directions to the clinic.

  16. Bandera Family

    What makes the Bandera Family website worth visiting is the wealth of information that the site offers. There are case studies to show you recent information on different conditions. There is also information on various ailments. The website is easy to navigate so that you locate what you need with ease.

  17. Family Medicine NYC

    The website for Family Medicine NYC was designed to deliver telemedicine services to patients. You can schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Galstian with a few clicks. Other features of the website allow you to book an appointment for doctor visits, fill out immigration forms, and access online resources.

  18. PARKWEST Family Medicine

    Dr. Shah started his clinic, PARKWEST Family Medicine, to teach other people and to improve the health of all his patients. His straightforward and functional website allows you to book an appointment, access telemedicine services, find a location near you, and fill out patients’ forms.

  19. Dr. Hicks Practice

    Dr. Hicks Practice offers more than a website with colored stripes. The website allows you to fill out your immigration documents, book an appointment, find a location, and schedule a telemedicine appointment.

  20. FCSMG.com

    There is so much you can do on the FCSMG website, including process insurance, create a patient account, access telemedicine services, and talk to a doctor. The simple menu and the different sections of the site make it easy to navigate.

  21. Columbus Family Practice

    The Columbus Family Practice website is like a patient management system. You can create a patient account online from which you can locate virtual services, access your records, and find medical resources.

  22. City Care Family Practice

    The City Care Family Practice website enables patients to find the location of the clinic in Lower Midtown, NYC, book an appointment online, and access telemedicine services. There is a patient’s portal and a blog for more medical resources.

  23. Sim Family Clinic

    The Sim Family Clinic website is easy to use and has only the functional items on the menu. The website allows you to choose the services you need, book an appointment, and get more medical resources when you need them.

  24. The Family Med Group

    You can learn about everything you need from The Family Med Group website. The website offers a news section, services, insurance, blog, and telemedicine. It’s easy to navigate from one page to the next and find the services you need. Better yet, the site loads fast, and the simple colors allow you to see different aspects of the website.

  25. Fletcher Family Medical

    The Fletcher Family Medical website was designed to allow patients to study more on family medicine and book an appointment online. It’s a clutter-free site with clear calls-to-action. The Contact Us page is detailed with a map and other contact details to allow you to get an appointment with ease.

  26. Palos Health

    Palos Health has a high-end website through which you can request telemedicine services, request a doctor’s appointment, pay your bills, and access your medical records. It is also a platform for patients to learn.

  27. Flatiron Family Medical

    The main features on the Flatiron Family Medical website are the appointment section and the news and updates section. There are other specialized sections besides primary care, which are all easy to navigate. This allows the clinic to meet its objectives with ease.

  28. Ballantyne Medical

    Ballantyne Medical offers family medicine services in-office and online. The company’s website allows it to carry out these services with ease, thanks to its simplicity. Through the website, you can pay your bills, access telemedicine through your patient portal, fill out patient forms, access your records, and read more on different conditions.

  29. SABAN Community Clinic

    Located in four locations in Los Angeles, CA, the SABAN Community Clinic offers whole-person health services. The clinic website has a long list of menu items from locations, patient services, careers, payment, medical records, to news and events.

  30. Warner Family Practice

    Located in Chandler, AZ, the Warner Family Practice website is straightforward and allows patients to book appointments and access online services. Patients can create an online portal through which they can access services and resources. The portal keeps patients’ records, so you can access them at any time.

With a good design, a physician’s website should reflect the clinic brand in every way, from the colors to the nature of services. Such a website needs to load fast and should allow patients a simple booking process. Keep these tips and tricks in mind as you design or update your own family practice website.

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