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The 20 best mold removal websites of 2023

When a customer is searching for a mold removal company, they probably have an emergency on their hands. They’re not going to spend a lot of time searching for a company online. Instead, they’re probably going to go with the first business that has an attractive website and offers reasonable prices. When you don’t have a lot of time to grab the customer’s attention, you need an attractive website that hooks them immediately. Here are some examples of eye-catching mold removal websites.

Our ranking of the top mold removal websites

  1. First to Respond

    First to Respond greets readers with a clean gray-and-white layout. The site uses yellow accents to emphasize important information, like the “Free Estimate” and “Schedule an Appointment” buttons.

  2. Scope Clean

    Scope Clean starts off with a full-color image of a large, stately home. This gives viewers the impression that their homes could look this nice if they got the mold cleaned out. The site has the phone number and a “Contact Us” button clearly located in the top bar.

  3. Mold Solutions

    Mold Solutions uses bold text and short blurbs to get important information across. When users scan the front page, they find the phone number, contact links, a quick description and an invitation to take a free assessment, which adds value to the company’s services.

  4. Rapid Response Mold Testing

    Rapid Response Mold Testing features their locations prominently in the top bar so browsers immediately know which areas they serve. The site also features an image of an employee testing a building for mold, suggesting that this company has hands-on experience and knows what they’re doing.

  5. Pyramid Restoration

    Pyramid Restoration greets readers with an open chat box that invites them to leave their name and number for a free inspection. This convenience can help the business rope in customers who otherwise might not have been interested. The site also features the company’s 5-star Google Reviews rating prominently in the bottom-left corner.

  6. J and A Environmental Services

    J and A Environmental Services offers a clean, white image of a modern living room. This gives readers the impression that their homes could be equally clean and fresh if they hired this company. The site also features the company’s phone numbers in bold black lettering.

  7. Precision Mold Removal

    Precision Mold Removal features a picture of two of their employees, making them seem more familiar to viewers. The site also has a simple, easy-to-read list of benefits that makes their company stand out from the competition. The site also features a list of FAQs on the front page.

  8. Pure Maintenance

    Pure Maintenance uses pictures of germs and bacteria to show users that they take the threat of mold seriously. The site uses attractive icons and short blurbs of text to offer more information about the company’s services. Scrolling down, browsers find a handy list of signs that they might have mold in their homes.

  9. Priority Restoration

    Priority Restoration uses an attractive red-and-yellow gradient to make certain assets stand out against the gray background. The site also has a pop-up box that invites readers to call for a free estimate, which can entice those who were casually browsing.

  10. Abate Restoration

    Abate Restoration starts off with a picture of a flooded living room, giving customers a visual cue that they treat these sorts of issues. Scrolling down, users find dynamic blocks of content with full-color images that link to the service pages. This gives people a quick snapshot of the types of issues that the business deals with.

  11. New York Mold Specialist

    New York Mold Specialist offers pictures of employees using state-of-the-art technology to detect mold in clients’ houses. The site also has the company’s contact information clearly located in the top bar so customers can call right away without scrolling through content.

  12. Air Quality Express

    Air Quality Express points out that the company has an emergency 24-hour hotline, making this business more attractive to people with a late-night emergency. The site also features a list of the discounts they’re currently offering on their services. This makes this company more appealing to people who live on a budget.

  13. ProTech Water Damage

    ProTech Water Damage invites readers to start a live chat by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner. This is a great way for people to get their questions answered without calling the hotline. The site also advertises a free estimate.

  14. Rocky Mountain Restoration

    Rocky Mountain Restoration stands out from their competitors by utilizing a distinct black-and-white layout with red accents. The site offers a list of features that explain why this company is better than the competition. They also feature a convenient map with a list of locations that they serve.

  15. Superior Mold Removal

    Superior Mold Removal offers a handy form on the front page that allows viewers to sign up for a free estimate. The site also offers a brief FAQ section that answers some common questions. When you are ready to make the call, the phone number is listed in large print at the top of the page.

  16. Mold Masters

    Mold Masters features customer reviews on the front page so prospective clients can see what other people in their area are saying. The site also has a list of awards and certifications, making the company appear more professional and established in their community.

  17. Green Planet Restoration

    Green Planet Restoration greets users with a form that allows them to request a free estimate. The site also informs readers that the company is available 24 hours a day, which guarantees a quick response. The company’s address is listed in the footer at the bottom.

  18. ProCare Restoration

    ProCare Restoration utilizes a dynamic list that people can click to get more information about each service. Next to the list is a set of “before” and “after” pictures that give readers an idea of what they can expect from this company. Scrolling down, new customers find an offer for an exclusive discount.

  19. Green Star Eco Services

    Green Star Eco Services features a grid of social media icons in the footer, inviting customers to stay in touch with the company. The site also offers informative videos hosted by one of the company’s employees. The service pages can be accessed through the drop-down box in the header.

  20. Green Home Solutions

    Green Home Solutions uses the color green to make people think about fresh air, health and wellness. The site also features a clear, full-color diagram that educates customers about the most common causes of mold growth. Readers can also watch a video that talks about the company’s charity work.

Using these websites for inspiration, you can craft a clear, high-quality site that sets your mold removal company ahead of the competition.

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