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Top 50 computer repair service websites for 2023

More than any other website, a computer repair service website needs to make a good first impression. A clean, polished presentation sends the message that these technicians are experts in the field of computers and technology. Crafting a professional website implies that they’ll be able to help their clients with a whole host of issues. The best websites offer crisp layouts, vibrant photographs, easily accessible contact information and a few short blurbs about the services they provide. It’s everything the customer needs in one convenient package.

2023’s 50 best computer repair service websites

  1. NY Nerds

    NY Nerds wows you with a shot of the New York skyline seen from below. The site then greets prospective customers with animated text and a friendly logo as well as a short line of text with information about the different services they provide.

  2. StarWest Computers

    StarWest Computers catches your attention with large text and a bold red logo. The homepage contains a flashy slideshow that gives the reader more information about their services and the types of projects that they work on. The site features a convenient live chat button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  3. Go EBits

    Go EBits greets the viewer with a close-up shot of a pair of hands working on a computer, giving the impression that this business knows what they’re doing. The front page also has convenient links to pages about Apple and PC repair, showing that they can work on a variety of models.

  4. Mobile Computer Repair

    Mobile Computer Repair lists the company’s phone numbers in the top-left corner of the homepage, making it easy for customers to reach them. Also at the top is a convenient menu bar with links to different service pages. Inviting graphics encourage you to scroll down the page to learn more.

  5. Chicago Computer Club

    Chicago Computer Club uses a cool blue-and-white color scheme that’s professional and associated with advanced technology. Scrolling down, you find short blurbs that give you more information about the company’s services. The website also provides statistics like the number of customers they’ve served and how many of these are business clients.

  6. Tech Atlanta Computer Repair

    Tech Atlanta Computer Repair uses a clean full-page image and a crisp blue-and-orange color scheme. The website feels closed in, giving customers a safe and secure feeling. Scrolling down, you find customer reviews and a convenient form to request more information from the company.

  7. Gadget Rehab

    Gadget Rehab draws your attention by pairing a red logo and white type with a black background. Customers can access the service pages through the convenient drop-down menus at the top of the homepage. The site also features a short, bulleted list with quick, digestible information about the benefits of working with this company.

  8. Electronic Repair Center

    Electronic Repair Center greets customers with a picture of a PlayStation 4, showing that they repair more than just computers. Scrolling down, the customer finds information on the different products that they can repair, including computers, smartphones and gaming consoles. The text is accompanied by crisp icons.

  9. Jacksonville Technology Experts

    The homepage for Jacksonville Technology Experts uses neat blocks of content that pair written information with vibrant, high-color photographs. This page also features a satellite map that provides directions for customers in the area. At the bottom, you’ll find the street address, phone number and email address.

  10. West Seattle Computers

    West Seattle Computers makes use of white space to create a clean, professional layout. The homepage offers a list of clients they’ve worked with and lets you know they’ve been in business for over 20 years. You can also find information on different services they provide, including a monthly subscription to on-demand computer services.

  11. Paragon Geeks

    Paragon Geeks greets potential customers with a pop-up inviting them to get in touch with the company. Once you close out the pop-up, you see a picture of a cracked phone screen, reminding you exactly why you might need this company’s services. The site has convenient blocks of content for scheduling a service right from the homepage.

  12. My Computer Works

    My Computer Works uses bold text and simple language to make their site accessible to everyone, including the elderly. The homepage lists the company’s phone numbers at the top, and when you scroll down, you can view a helpful two-minute video about the company and what it offers.

  13. LifeLine Repairs

    LifeLine Repairs greets you with easy-to-follow maps that give directions to its various locations. The homepage features a picture of people happily using their devices, which shows prospective customers what they can expect if they use this company’s service, which even includes mail-in repairs. They also feature social media icons in the menu bar at the top.

  14. AJ Computer Repair

    AJ Computer Repair greets you with a slideshow that offers important information, including an extensive list of brands that they service. The slideshow also contains an offer for a free estimate, which entices potential customers to do business with them. A colorful block of icons at the bottom of the homepage links to search engines and sites posting company reviews.

  15. Mac EZPC

    Mac EZPC‘s homepage offers a clean layout with bold white text proclaiming “the best MacBook repair in Los Angeles” over an animated background. Short, bulleted lists offer more information about their services plus high-quality images that lend a professional look. You can initiate a chat session from any page.

  16. Computer Prodigies

    Computer Prodigies starts off with a form that invites prospective customers to save money on their first purchase. Once you close out the form, you’ll find a homepage with crisp icons and clear statistics that offer cold, hard facts about the company, delivered in a vibrant white, black and red layout.

  17. Tech Hub

    Tech Hub starts off with a “Book Appointment” button placed front and center, which helps to generate leads. The homepage and other pages on the website are short and direct and contain no filler. At the bottom of the homepage is a list of social media icons for those who want to keep in touch with the company.

  18. PC Repair Phoenix

    PC Repair Phoenix makes a bold statement with large white text over a blue background. Scrolling down, visitors find a handy button that invites them to request a free quote. The site also uses color-coded blocks of content to give potential customers more information about the company’s services.

  19. Metro Computer

    Metro Computer greets visitors with a pleasant image of people working on their laptops at a coffee shop. As you scroll down, you find information about the different services that the company provides, with accompanying full-color pictures. The site also features a scrolling list of reviews from satisfied customers.

  20. Computer City Repairs

    Computer City Repairs starts off with a pop-up live chat window inviting visitors to talk about their products. The homepage uses animated blocks of color-coded content to make the information more accessible and easier to understand. At the bottom of the page is a convenient form to fill out for more information.

  21. Computer Doctor BG

    Computer Doctor BG greets you with big red buttons to click for Apple or PC repair. The homepage goes on to display information about services in neat blocks of content with a pastel background. The site also contains information about other products and services, such as MacBooks for sale and on-site computer repair.

  22. Rossmann Repair Group

    Rossmann Repair Group lets you know in huge white type that you’ve come to the place for MacBook, iPad and iPhone repair. The homepage uses friendly blurbs of text to explain services and put the visitor at ease. There’s a button to click for a free estimate, which adds appeal for potential customers. A banner at the top of the page lists contact information.

  23. Fones Gone Wild

    Fones Gone Wild puts the company’s phone numbers front and center on the homepage so you know exactly where to call. Scrolling down, prospective customers can watch a YouTube video for more information. On any page of the site, you’ll see a colorful row of social media icons on the right side of the screen.

  24. Tech 2U

    Tech 2U offers a picture of their mascot, a smiling computer with a bandage on its screen, next to a company truck, making them seem friendly, quirky and down-to-earth. At the top of the homepage is a “Get Help Now!” button that makes it easy to call, connect remotely or send a message. The website uses the same forest green and white as the mascot and trucks.

  25. Presto IT

    The homepage for Presto IT immediately grabs your attention with a vibrant purple-and-orange color scheme. This site uses crisp full-color images and neatly organized layouts to impart a sense of professionalism and expertise. It also features pictures of the technicians, making them seem friendly and familiar.

  26. Tiggar’s Computer and Cell Phone Repair

    Tiggar’s Computer and Cell Phone Repair uses a forest green and white layout with bright orange accents to highlight certain areas of the website. The site also features customer testimonials and pictures of their locations, so visitors know exactly what to expect if they do business with this company.

  27. Envigo

    Envigo makes their homepage stand out by pairing large green text with black-and-gray-tinted images. The site also features short blocks of content with green headers and relevant icons, making information easy to digest. At the bottom of the homepage is a bulleted list of the different services the company offers.

  28. iPC Repair

    iPC Repair greets you with a high-tech image with an animated background. The simply designed homepage features a list of services with accompanying icons that make it easy to read and comprehend. A short paragraph at the bottom discusses the benefits of working with iPC Repair and is followed by contact information.

  29. Steve’s Computer Repair

    Steve’s Computer Repair grabs the viewer’s attention with a big, bright yellow button that gives their phone number. The homepage also features links to recent blog posts with more information on computer- and technology-related subjects. Scrolling down, you find data about the company that includes a number of the brands they work with.

  30. Geeks On Site

    Geeks On Site uses bright primary colors and a cute logo to make the brand seem fun and personable. A pop-up lets you know the geeks are online and ready to take messages and provide help. Scrolling down, you find information about the major brands and TV networks that have featured this company and their services.

  31. Wise Guy

    Wise Guy starts off with an eye-catching pop-up that offers a quick, free diagnostic check. After you close out the pop-up, you see a homepage with a clean black-and-white layout and orange accents. Contact information and links to services and FAQs are clearly listed at the top. There’s a chat button at the bottom right.

  32. On The Spot Computer Repairs

    On The Spot Computer Repairs gets right to the point by offering a list of the brands that the company services. Eye-catching icons link to services. The homepage also has testimonials, links to blogs and an appealing diagram about the benefits of working with this business.

  33. Computer Solutions Tampa

    Computer Solutions Tampa gives a quick rundown of their service prices so customers know what to expect when they take their device in for repairs. The homepage also features reviews and reasons to choose the company plus an eye-catching orange button for scheduling an appointment.

  34. Half Price Geeks

    Half Price Geeks has a section with information about the major brands that they’re affiliated with, including Microsoft, Dell and Dropbox. This marks the company as credible and well-established. The site also features a DIY section that teaches you how to perform basic computer repairs at home.

  35. Houston Computer Geeks

    Houston Computer Geeks offers their contact information front and center, so you can easily access their phone number, email and store address. As you scroll down, you find a coupon that offers 10% off on select services. The homepage features lists of the services the company performs for both home users and businesses.

  36. Cellular Zone

    Cellular Zone features blocks of content with short headlines about the benefits of working with this company. When you hover over the blocks, you see short paragraphs with more information about the business. The site also has a floating bottom bar that encourages potential customers to get a free quote.

  37. iTech Shark

    iTech Shark features a clean, simple layout that uses white space effectively to keep viewers from feeling overwhelmed by information. Charming illustrations accompany the short blocks of text on the homepage. At the bottom of the page are an extensive list of services they offer plus a bubble icon to click if you want to chat.

  38. Techs in a Sec

    Techs in a Sec greets the viewer with photos of IT technicians assisting customers. Testimonials are superimposed. Below the images is a brief chart that tells readers exactly how the company’s process works. The site uses full-color stock images to make the information on the page easier to digest.

  39. Bay Geeks

    Bay Geeks catches the viewer’s eye with bold type giving basic facts about the company above the fold. The homepage contains blocks of content with headers and icons that offer extensive information about their services. At the bottom is a list of on-site and remote service areas. The site also features customer reviews.

  40. Mobile PC Fix

    Mobile PC Fix stands out from the crowd with a black-and-white layout with bright yellow accents. The homepage lists prices for a few of the company’s essential services and major brands of digital devices its technicians can repair. A separate page details all the services this business provides.

  41. Danny Fix My Computer

    Danny Fix My Computer immediately grabs potential customers’ attention with a company phone number in large white text. You can click one of the flag icons at the top of the homepage to switch between English and Spanish. Social media icons are prominently located nearby. A full menu of services appears below.

  42. Radiant Tech Repair

    Radiant Tech Repair offers professional-quality head shots of their team members and an engaging “About Us” section, making the company seem friendly and personable. Near the bottom of the homepage are a large map with a link for directions plus contact information and large social media icons.

  43. PRO

    PRO grabs your attention with a cute illustration of a cat sitting on top of a desktop computer. The site also has large buttons that easily direct customers to repair services or business IT support. The site uses clear numerical data to illustrate how popular and credible their services are in the area.

  44. Creative Comp

    Creative Comp offers a clear list of the different brands they work with as well as a slideshow with pictures of the store and products they service. The site uses short paragraphs and colorful icons to illustrate the various services they provide, and their phone number is prominently displayed beneath them.

  45. Dang It Repair

    Dang It Repair uses a clean white layout that’s reminiscent of the Apple store. The site features full-color images of the different smartphones they can repair, as well as a picture of a phone with a cracked screen to illustrate what they do. A bright red “Free Quote” button is located in the top-right corner of the screen.

  46. Buckeye Laptop

    Buckeye Laptop greets you with a slideshow showing advantages of dealing with this company and presents a simple drop-down box listing their services. The site also uses dark images with white text to make the content stand out. The phone numbers for its various locations are clearly listed in the navigation bar at the top.

  47. APC Integrated

    APC Integrated greets visitors with close-up pictures of techs working with motherboards and hard drives, signifying that these people know what they’re doing. The homepage offers a helpful, easy-to-read menu of available Apple services. At the bottom is a short form to get in touch with the company.

  48. Geeks to Go!

    The homepage for Geeks to Go! features a friendly photo of their head technician with “About Us” information, as well as an extensive customer review section. Content about services pairs with attractive full-color images that makes it easy to read. A cute photo of a dog “reaching out” draws attention to company phone numbers.

  49. Laptop Repair Data

    Laptop Repair Data greets you with a large photo of a smiling technician and features a YouTube video that potential customers can watch to learn more about their services. The homepage also displays the credit cards that they accept. At the top of the screen is a menu bar that links to other pages on the site.

  50. Advanced Computer Counseling

    Advanced Computer Counseling stands out with a full-color illustration of a tech on the job amid banks of computers, followed by neat blocks of text about the company’s services and areas served. At the bottom left of the screen, a box welcomes you, invites you to get in touch and provides a space for sending a message.

With a clean, professional layout that catches the viewer’s attention, you’ll find that your computer repair service website generates leads and encourages word of mouth in your community.

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