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The 25 best rheumatologists websites

Arthritis and hundreds of other rheumatic diseases and conditions can dramatically impact the life of people who suffer from them. Thankfully, many people have access to world-class rheumatologists who can help patients learn to cope with their ailments and, if possible, recover from them. However, these doctors cannot rely on their medical expertise alone: They also need amazing websites to attract potential patients and show off their skills. Here are some of the best in the field.

Here are 25 top rheumatology websites

  1. Soha Dolatabadi, MD

    Soha Dolatabadi, MD, has a comprehensive website. Beneath a soothing photo of the ocean, the homepage opens with information about the doctor, then expands into info about the various services she offers and how she can help patients. Links to pages about eight common conditions are easy to find.

  2. Columbia University Department of Medicine – Division of Rheumatology

    Columbia University Department of Medicine – Division of Rheumatology isn’t shy about their obvious medical expertise. Their site leans heavily into their Columbia background, highlighting their academic origins and hosting a separate tab for the research they have conducted. This is more than enough to inspire confidence.

  3. Rheumatology Associates of Oklahoma

    Rheumatology Associates of Oklahoma uses a layered website that looks sharp and modern. There’s a welcoming photo of their smiling staff. They also have a nice drop-down menu that makes it easy for users to navigate the website.

  4. Rheumatology Care of North Houston

    Rheumatology Care of North Houston wisely leads with info about their doctor and his expertise. The graphics load smoothly onto the homepage as you scroll, encouraging you to move further down. There’s also a wide array of pages on the website, including an informative and frequently updated blog.

  5. Carolina Bone & Joint

    Carolina Bone & Joint has a pleasing color scheme, alternating shades of blue and white with accents of green. It expertly merges a variety of design elements, and its easy-to-navigate homepage links to profiles of the doctors and a patient portal with forms.

  6. Ravenswood Rheumatology

    Ravenswood Rheumatology has a gorgeous picture of their front desk and a bold logo that immediately grabs your attention and pulls you in. It has a broader menu than most websites like this, but this works well, as it features a variety of options that you may be interested in reviewing.

  7. Oklahoma Arthritis Center

    Oklahoma Arthritis Center leads with a charming photo of an older women with a child. It uses a lot of white space on the homepage, something not often seen on these websites. Contrasting with their sharp pictures, it works well. The page uses a double navigation bar that looks pleasantly full rather than cluttered.

  8. North Houston Rheumatology Associates

    North Houston Rheumatology Associates emphasizes relief from pain with slogans like “Don’t let pain weigh you down” to get your attention and let you know these doctors truly care about your well-being. It also uses a nice contrasting color scheme and brief overviews of a dozen conditions with links to learn more.

  9. Pacific Rheumatology Associates

    Pacific Rheumatology Associates has a nice, center-aligned website. It shows happy patients, the practice’s medical staff and an extensive list of what they diagnose and treat, in that order. This draws you in, makes you comfortable and makes it easy to schedule an appointment.

  10. Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas

    Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas leads its homepage with a picture of an older patient having fun running on the beach with a child. A big button above the fold leads to information about their telemedicine options. They make it clear who they are marketing to and how they protect their patients.

  11. Schwartzman Rheumatology

    Schwartzman Rheumatology has a homepage that expertly rotates a variety of full-screen pictures in and out. Some of these are black and white, and this classic look inspires confidence. You can read a mission statement and a brief bio of the doctor with a link to learn more.

  12. Oregon Rheumatology

    Oregon Rheumatology also uses a full-screen photo, but this one is a colorful shot of a bicycle rider pedaling through hilly terrain — a nice way of pulling visitors into the website. The homepage advertises the various ways they provide service, including telehealth.

  13. Rheumatology Associates

    Rheumatology Associates has two big buttons just below the fold. You can easily click on them to make an appointment or watch a high-quality video for first-time visitors that explains the services they offer. Their two menus are well organized for new patients and existing ones.

  14. RheumCenter

    RheumCenter does something extremely different: Dr. Bunin describes her practice as “a medical office like no other.” Then she proves it with a photo of her dogs right beneath her mission statement, letting visitors know the two huskies can usually be found in the office. This is fantastic way of uniquely positioning the practice.

  15. Kiran Farheen, MD

    Kiran Farheen, MD, greets the visitor with a carousel that advertises her practice. She also has a wide menu that highlights many of its aspects that a lot of these websites do not include, such as referrals and clinical trials. A block of color photos draws the eye to links leading to pages about her services.

  16. Hendricks Rheumatology

    Hendricks Rheumatology uses some standard rheumatology site features, and they work well together. What sets this site apart is the “MyChart” function you can access from a big button at the top of the homepage. It lets patients easily access test results and refill prescriptions.

  17. Rheumatology Center of San Diego

    Rheumatology Center of San Diego highlights its virtual medical care and presents a long homepage that uses white space extensively and effectively. As you scroll down, text loads smoothly to match your scroll. This is an advanced feature that works nicely.

  18. The Carolina Center for Rheumatology & Arthritis Care

    The Carolina Center for Rheumatology & Arthritis Care tells potential patients all they need to know about this medical specialty, the doctors and what to expect on a first visit. A menu highlighted in gold links to helpful information about diagnosis and treatment of seven diseases.

  19. Rheumatology Consultants

    Rheumatology Consultants showcases their six doctors in a photo that tops the homepage, implying a wide range of expertise and treatment options. This inspires the visitor’s confidence immediately, and profiles of each doctor plus a comprehensive list of services builds on the positive first impression.

  20. Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center

    Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center has multiple unique features on its website. A nice graphic moves like waves and stands out against a photo of a gorgeous sunset. A chatbot will also open as soon as you arrive on the homepage, making it easy for you to get answers to your questions by connecting with a real person.

  21. Avada Health

    Avada Health leads with a full-screen photo of a doctor examining a young patient, with the office hours, phone number and brief text about “caring rheumatology.” A prominent button invites the visitor to learn more. It’s an unusual and effective way to introduce the practice.

  22. Allergy & Rheumatology Specialists of Houston

    Allergy & Rheumatology Specialists of Houston offers lots of useful information, starting with text blocks on arthritis, allergies and immune deficiencies superimposed on a carousel showing people enjoying nature. A stand-out feature is their blog, which contains helpful content about several conditions.

  23. Joint Muscle Medical Care and Research Institute

    Joint Muscle Medical Care and Research Institute allows you to request an appointment the moment you arrive on their website by simply filling out a brief form and clicking a button. This is different — and highly effective. The patient portal is easy to find above the fold.

  24. Arthritis and Rheumatology Specialists

    Arthritis and Rheumatology Specialists also helps you to book right from their homepage. There is also a huge button that lets you learn more about their services without scrolling. When you do move down the page, you find smiling pictures and profiles of both providers.

  25. Columbus Arthritis Center

    Columbus Arthritis Center features a sharp red and white color scheme and bold type highlighting their more than six decades of experience. Their homepage is long but optimally organized, and you can easily learn more about their practice and click on many graphics for additional information.

These websites have it all: Solid content demonstrating world-class medical expertise, presented with eye-catching design.

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