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20 urologist websites you should see

The choice of a urologist isn’t something that most people take lightly. A good website assures them that they’ve found a safe treatment facility that features some of the top experts in their field. Visitors can find important information at a glance and get in touch with the facility with a few clicks of a mouse.

Ranking of the top 20 urologist websites for 2023

  1. Arizona Urology Specialists

    Arizona Urology Specialists puts viewers at ease with a picture of a friendly patient smiling at his phone. The site uses bright primary colors to draw attention to important blocks of content, like the link to schedule a telehealth appointment.

  2. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas

    The website for Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas uses shades of gray and aqua to suggest an adult, professional atmosphere. The site greets visitors with a picture of the doctor as well as an invitation to read his biography. This helps potential patients feel more comfortable about scheduling an appointment.

  3. Murray Hill Urology

    Murray Hill Urology features a convenient “Book Online” button anchored in the bottom-right corner as the viewer scrolls down any page of the site. Large buttons displayed front and center invite prospective patients to call, request an appointment, or fill out a contact form.

  4. The Urology Place

    The Urology Place greets visitors with a pop-up box inviting them to sign up for the practice’s newsletter. This is a great way to generate leads by sending deals and advertisements right to potential patients’ inboxes. When viewers close the box, they find a button inviting them to talk to a staff member directly.

  5. Houston Metro Urology

    Houston Metro Urology uses a clean blue-and-white layout to create a sense of professionalism. The homepage offers testimonials from patients as well as information about the practice’s newest treatments. A pop-up makes it easy to get in touch for an in-person or a telehealth visit, and more contact information appears at the bottom of the page.

  6. Y. Mark Hong, M.D.

    The website for Y. Mark Hong, M.D. features the office’s phone number clearly listed in the top navigation bar. The site offers short blocks of text that educate the visitor about Dr. Hong’s education and achievements. When viewers scroll down, they find glowing patient testimonials and a video of the doctor on “Good Morning America.”

  7. Star Urology of Texas

    Star Urology of Texas greets visitors with a yellow and blue color scheme that makes them feel happy and comfortable. The homepage gets right to the point with a few short paragraphs and information about their locations. Visitors can request an appointment by clicking a link on the website.

  8. Women’s Urology New York

    Women’s Urology New York uses a full-color image of the New York City skyline to show visitors that they’re a permanent fixture in the area. The contact information is clearly listed on the homepage as well as a form that viewers can fill out to get in touch with the office.

  9. Arizona Urology

    Arizona Urology places the contact buttons front and center so visitors don’t have to search through the homepage if they want to contact the office immediately. An eye-catching block of color photos provides links to the practice’s many services, including robotic surgery.

  10. San Antonio Urology Medical Group, Inc.

    San Antonio Urology Medical Group, Inc. uses large text to make their website clear and easy to read. The homepage features a dynamic slideshow that grabs the viewer’s attention and imparts information about the practice. Potential patients can easily request an appointment by clicking the button in the top-right corner.

  11. Alan D. Garely, M.D.

    The website for Alan D. Garely, M.D. provides extensive information about the different conditions that he and his team can treat. Scrolling down, viewers find pictures of the office’s doctors and nurse practitioners and short bios about their skills and education. The homepage features a large section of answers to frequently asked questions.

  12. San Diego Urology Associates

    San Diego Urology Associates offers videos that educate potential patients about the practice and the doctors who work there. The homepage lists the insurance companies they accept as well as the conditions that they treat. Viewers can also find a row of social media icons.

  13. Central Arizona Urologists

    Central Arizona Urologists uses white text and blue buttons to draw the visitor’s attention to important parts of the homepage. The address and office hours are conveniently listed in the menu bar next to the phone number. New patients can schedule an appointment and fill out an introductory form by clicking prominently displayed buttons.

  14. Columbia University Department of Urology

    Columbia University Department of Urology features news and events about the facility on the homepage. The site also uses a slideshow with pictures of their doctors working with patients to put visitors at ease. The office address is listed in the website footer.

  15. Dr. Lauren Byrne, M.D.

    Dr. Lauren Byrne, M.D.’s website uses a clean white layout with blue and green accents to convey a sense of medical professionalism. When viewers scroll down, they find a form to contact the office directly from the website. The homepage also features a short biography of the doctor.

  16. Urology Clinics of North Texas

    Urology Clinics of North Texas uses dark shades of red to draw visitors’ attention to important content without blinding them with bright colors. The homepage also makes it easy to find bios of all 47 providers, and it features blog posts that allow viewers to learn more about the subject of urology.

  17. Clavell Urology

    Clavell Urology greets visitors with a bulleted list of the major conditions that they treat at their clinic. Their social media buttons are clearly listed in the menu bar, making it easy for potential patients to stay in touch with the facility. The phone number is also listed at the top of the page.

  18. David M. Nudell, M.D.

    David M. Nudell, M.D.’s website uses red accents to grab the viewer’s attention. Visitors can learn more about the facility by clicking links in the menu bar and set up an appointment immediately. A brief bio on the homepage lists the doctor’s educational credentials and links to a page with information about why he’s a good choice.

  19. New York Urologic

    New York Urologic features neat blocks of content with plenty of space, making the website feel open instead of crowded. A full-color picture of Manhattan in the header signifies that this is the right place for patients in New York City. The “Book Online” button is highlighted in bright yellow, and a patient portal appears beside it.

  20. Austin Urology Institute

    Austin Urology Institute features a dynamic layout that changes as the viewer scrolls down the page. The site uses pictures of athletes and a bright white-and-green layout to suggest that this clinic is for active men who want to increase their energy levels.

Clean and professional, these urologist websites assure viewers that they’ve come to the right place.

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