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The 20 Most Popular Websites For 2019

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The average person spends 24 hours a week online. That’s one entire day – which is A LOT of time to be surfing the web. If you wonder where all of their (our) time is spent, we’ve got the answer for you with the most popular websites!

The most popular websites below are some of the most visited in the world. Some of them you might have guessed, other ones might surprise you.

Ready to take a look at the 20 most popular websites for 2019? Let’s go!

The 20 Most Popular Websites For 2019

  1. Google.com : There’s no doubt Google is the most popular search engine and website on the internet. Over 40k searches are reported each second on Google – which translates to over 1.2 trillion searches per year! No matter what someone wants to know, Google is the go-to. Not only that, but Google also now serves as the hub for a plethora of other web services including Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive and many more.
  2. Amazon.com : What started out as a small business in a garage turned out to be one of the most popular websites on the internet and the top leader of online shopping in the world. From Amazon.com, site visitors can purchase their favorite books, clothing, home goods, groceries and more! And, if they sign up for the Prime membership, those purchases can be delivered to their front door within just a few days – for free! With such a wide variety of goods and such amazing service, it’s no wonder Amazon is one of the 20 most popular websites for 2019 (and likely many years to come too).
  3. Facebook.com : Facebook is the leading social media platform across the world. Its innovative design has changed the way people communicate and live their lives. Every month, the website boasts an impressive 2.27 billion users. As if that wasn’t enough, the most active users spend about 41 minutes per day on the app or browsing their Newsfeeds, playing games and interacting with other users. It’s safe to say that Facebook.com is easily one of the most popular websites for 2019. 
  4. Youtube.com : Every minute, over 300 minutes of video is uploaded to Youtube. That’s a lot of screen time! That statistic, combined with the fact that there are over 1.3 billion users on Youtube.com, easily makes Youtube one of the most popular websites in the world. On the website, users can create accounts to upload their own videos, as well as interact with other users. Due to the fact that the general population loves video, and it has such a prominent place in society, it’s safe to say Youtube isn’t going anywhere in the most popular website rankings anytime soon.
  5. Yahoo.com : Before the Google takeover, there was another kid in town – Yahoo.com. Yahoo was the leading search engine and news source for quite some time. Now, after a little hiatus and a few rough patches, it’s back at the top of the most popular websites lists. Instead of being a top search engine, Yahoo is now known as one of the most popular sources for news and articles on the web. Yes, it also still offers email services, which are quite popular as well!
  6. Wikipedia.org : Twenty years ago, encyclopedias were the most popular source of information. Today, it’s Wikipedia. Wikipedia.org is an online encyclopedia that houses articles on nearly every historical event, location and topic you can think of. Many people turn to Wikipedia for answers to basic questions and beginner research. Every day, the site gets over 13 million visitors, easily making it one of the most popular websites in 2019.
  7. Twitter.com : Next to Facebook, Twitter is the leading social media site on the web. Over 300 million users access the site monthly to share their thoughts and opinions about daily life and worldwide issues. Like other social sites, Twitter was created for engagement and connection and has accomplished those goals successfully. Twitter makes it easy to get the daily news, see what friends are up to and stay connected to the world without having to read too much – a winning combination for many people.
  8. Ebay.com : Over the years, Ebay.com has transformed greatly from a site designated to online auctions, to a site where users can purchase items of all kinds in a variety of ways. Today, the site can be browsed by category to locate goods for purchase and still hosts many auctions. According to recent stats, eBay has over 177 million active users and sells in over 190 markets around the world. The site is truly a leader in online sales and easily makes its way into the list of 20 most popular websites for 2019.
  9. MSN.com : Although the name MSN isn’t nearly as popular as Google, there are still plenty of users who turn to the site for the day’s top news. Designed to be a homepage for internet users around the world, MSN.com offers multiple feeds containing the most popular news stories in the categories of news, entertainment, sports, money, lifestyle and many more. MSN also hosts Outlook email and has partnerships with Skype and Microsoft Office. These facts point towards why MSN.com is obviously one of the top websites this year.
  10. Pinterest.com : Pinterest.com is simply a dream come true for everyone who loves browsing the internet for tasty recipes, DIY projects, inspiration and quality product recommendations. On Pinterest, users will find websites and pages they are able to link to vision or mood boards to access at a later date. Furthermore, many people use Pinterest to generate an income by driving traffic to their websites. Last year, over 70 million people in the United States used Pinterest. That’s a lot of inspired people!
  11. WordPress.com : As one of the most popular hosts of websites and top website building platform, there’s no question why WordPress.com makes the list of 20 most popular websites for 2019. On this site, users can easily sign up for a domain name and hosting service as well as choose a template that can be customized to create their own website. Both individuals and businesses alike use WordPress as their point of contact for website design and it’s easy to see why. WordPress offers the opportunity to make quality websites at affordable prices.
  12. Microsoft.com : A leader in technology worldwide, Microsoft has one of the most popular websites for the year 2019. Although they are up against steep competition, like Apple and Google, Microsoft continues to hold its own in the world of online services and technological devices. On the website, visitors can access information about the latest Microsoft products, as well as contact support and sign into their online accounts. Microsoft has been around for a long time and with rankings like it’s getting, it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere soon.
  13. Wsj.com : Wsj.com is home of The Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street Journal online. On the site, users can access the day’s top news stories, most popular opinion articles, horoscopes, advice columns and so much more. Although the number of articles users can browse for free is limited, the site still gets plenty of daily visitors and has a record number of subscribers. The site is simple and fun to use, as well as very informative – that’s why it’s one of the most popular websites in 2019.
  14. Bing.com : Many people think that Bing.com is a search engine that’s irrelevant and out of date – well, they’re wrong! Believe it or not, Bing is in the list of most popular websites for 2019 and for a good reason. Like other popular search engines, Bing offers the opportunity to surf the web from its easy-to-use search bar, and also links to the most popular news stories from around the globe. Just like Yahoo, MSN and other sites, Bing has quite a lot to offer. It’s responsive and modern design doesn’t hurt its rankings either! Bing is truly a great website.
  15. LinkedIn.com : Created to foster a connection between professionals around the globe, LinkedIn is not only one of the most popular social media sites, but also one of the most popular websites for 2019. This site has over 500 million users that have created a professional profile in hopes of landing a new job or networking in order to advance their career. LinkedIn also offers a customized Newsfeed that users can tailor to their preferences, in order to receive information on the subjects that matter most to them. Truly a one-of-a-kind success, LinkedIn is a great website to know and visit regularly.
  16. Ask.com : Developed in 1996, Ask.com was one of the first popular search engines available on the worldwide web and remains one of the most popular search engines today. Although it’s rather basic, Ask.com functions a lot like Google as a search engine, but offers less additional services. For someone in need of a basic answer to a question, or looking to do a quick search, Ask.com is perfect!
  17. Reddit.com : Reddit.com claims that it is the “Front Page of the Internet.”Created as a site for social sharing and social interaction, Reddit.com has become extremely popular among internet users of all age groups. On Reddit users can upload their favorite articles, memes and graphics for the viewing pleasure of other users. Each post is then voted on and ranked by its popularity – with hopes of reaching the front page. People love Reddit because it gives the opportunity to interact with other users in a fun, harmless manner. Easy to use and fun to browse, Reddit.com is an obvious choice for one of the most popular websites of 2019 list.
  18. Instagram.com : Among teens, millennials and even other age groups, such as Generation Z, Instagram is one of the most popular social sharing sites online. Because it offers the opportunity to share photos, videos and live streams, Instagram has the potential to truly offer a glimpse into someone else’s life. Not only that, but the site is also very popular for business marketing and brand building as well. This year, the number of active users on Instagram is expected to go above and beyond 100 million – obviously, it’s a popular website!
  19. Twitch.com : Over the past few years, a new phenomenon has taken the internet by storm – live streaming video games. More kids than ever are playing video games online and streaming their progress for the world to see. In fact, many users who stream video games have a following that allows them to generate a full-time income (or more). Twitch.com is a website that hosts video game streaming and for that reason, it’s become one of the most popular websites. With users across the globe, everyone these days seems to know Twitch.com.
  20. PayPal.com : An easier way to pay, PayPal.com is an online system that encrypts electronic payments in order to make the internet a more secure place to make purchases. Millions of websites offer PayPal as a simple payment option and physical retailers are beginning to offer it as a payment option as well. Every day, users log into the website to view their account balance, send payments, send invoices and complete transactions, making PayPal.com a very popular website indeed!

There you have it! The 20 most popular websites for 2019!

We guarantee some of these websites will still be on the list next year, but can’t wait to see what changes over the next year.

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