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Best local service company websites for 2023

Local service companies have a unique connection with their community. And, when they leverage this connection, they have a real advantage over other businesses in town. That means that, for most service companies, investing in a website so that it feels personal and friendly will be a huge boon for business. Not only does it let visitors know that, yes, the business really is local, but a well-designed website also cultivates a real sense of community.

By using its website to serve its local community, service companies can give back, creating a cycle of reciprocity that will create business for years to come.

In fact, that’s why so many service-based businesses across the country are some of the most evergreen across industries.

Here’s a look at eight of the best local service company websites 2023. While different in many ways, all of the best service company websites have features that show their commitment to improving their local community — and that’s one of the reasons why we love working with local businesses so much!

The 8 best local service company websites

  1. Ed Moore Florist

    A bit unexpected in terms of a florist’s website, Denver’s Ed Moore Florist uses a black background to create drama and to highlight the photos of the flower bouquet designs. Additionally, the menu is comprehensive, putting all of the options a visitor might want in one place, like information for DIY classes and a convenient “Shop by Occasion” link. But what makes the website for Ed Moore Florist so effective is its bold logo. Although simple, the “Since 1948” headline immediately puts visitors at ease. Not only has the florist been in business for decades, but it is clearly a staple in the Denver area, one that is likely to take care of you time and time again.

  2. Veribest Cleaners

    One of the things we like about the website for San Diego’s Veribest Cleaners is all of the reasons “why” it gives to visitors. While the site could definitely be enhanced by custom photographs instead of the generic ones they’re using, the content provided is compelling, explaining the importance of the business’s sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The content is easy to read and organized in a way that unfolds like a brochure, which means there’s no hunting around for information. The absolute best part about the website, however, is the video featured towards the bottom of the homepage. Clearly family-oriented and community-minded, Veribest Cleaners makes you want to do business with them. In fact, the video is such a great selling point, the company might consider moving it up higher on their homepage!

  3. Native Edge Landscape

    There are a lot of engaging features on the website for Austin’s Native Edge Landscape. From its informative videos to the step-by-step services, the website unfolds beautifully on the homepage. Using badges from well-known publications, like Houzz, HGTV, and local authorities like Austin Home, Native Edge Landscape positions itself as the local leader. And because there are so many call-to-action buttons on the site, there is no shortage of chances to decide to learn more. Make it all the way to the bottom of the site and you’ll find a “Drop Us A Line!” form, which collects information and fields leads for the business, night and day.

  4. Wave House Cleaning

    As a home cleaning company that services the Phoenix and Los Angeles area, Wave House Cleaning has a website that works for a broad audience while still managing to use its “local company” advantage. One of the best features is the friendly video of the teams cleaning inside homes, but another thing we really love is the “Giving Back” link in the menu bar. Clean and simple, the website conveys professionalism and ease, something that customers are looking for when it comes to home cleaning.

  5. Melrose Pet Grooming

    Fun and friendly, we really love the whole experience on Melrose Pet Grooming’s website. From the candy-colored letters to the super-cute pet pictures, the website is full of personality. And, because it’s well organized, everything is easy to find, including how to get in touch and all of the information you would need about cat and dog grooming. Not needing to be comprehensive, the main call to action button is the phone number, which definitely works for a small service-based business with a very clear business model.

  6. Jefferson Electric

    Another example of simple really being better, the website for Jefferson Electric LLC makes a great first impression with its headline: Your Trusted Electrician. Beautifully designed, the website features a bold menu, great photographs, and a compelling mission statement that’s easy to find. Focusing on providing solutions for its customers in Indiana, Jefferson Electric allows the website’s services section to be clear and concise, letting potential customers know exactly what they do and why it’s the right decision.

  7. Mosaik Design and Remodeling

    Local service businesses really can make a great impression by using custom photographs on their website. Rather than electing to use the easier stock images, Mosaik Design and Remodeling in Portland features a beautiful image of one of their local projects, along with the compelling headline: We design it. We build it. You love it. The website also uses smart content sections that highlight all of the services they provide, including client testimonials from past projects and the images that go along with them. An active blog and social media accounts add to the community engagement, making this website a great model for other service businesses across the country.

  8. Laundré

    A simple website created ten years ago looks and feels entirely different than a simple website made today. Today’s online visitors want bold images, minimalist design, and super fast results. The website for San Francisco’s Laundré laundromat gives its customers all three. Its super simple homepage, which only features its bold font-only logo, an image of a crumpled bedsheet, a menu, and social media accounts, is striking. Because of its simplicity, the website is easy to use and visually appealing. As you peruse the rest of the pages, the simplicity remains although more content is added. For example, on the laundromat services page, you’ll find black and white illustrations that accompany each section. And, in the photo section, you’ll find surprisingly cool photos of this hip neon-lit business.

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