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25 best commercial builders websites of 2022

Commercial construction differs from other types of building, and it is important to develop a website that highlights the elements of the company that are most likely to attract clients. It is easy to build a website for a commercial construction company, but it takes finesse to make it a high-quality site. Here are some great examples to check out for inspiration.

2022’s top 25 commercial builders websites

  1. Ronnisch Construction Group

    Ronnisch Construction Group has a website that invites the visitor to get more information. Along with images that showcase previous projects, the site offers different pages for various segments of the company’s work, such as general contracting and construction management, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

  2. NIA Construction

    The NIA Construction homepage indicates exactly what sets this company apart from its competition. Contact information is featured prominently at the top of the page, making it easy to learn more. A “Why Us?” section and another about featured services let the viewer know if NIA will be a good match.

  3. TFR Construction

    The TFR Construction website offers segmentation based on types of projects available. This allows the reader to get specific information based on the services they would need. Their homepage also gives a brief explanation of their company culture, which gives visitors an idea of the firm’s values.

  4. BAF Corporation

    BAF Corporation has a website that uses a rotating banner at the top of the homepage that features their key functions. A helpful menu bar lists all the company’s services, allowing the visitor to click for more information without needing to scroll down the page.

  5. Premier Commercial Construction

    The Premier Commercial Construction homepage draws in visitors with a glowing testimonial from a client, followed immediately by links to different types of services available from the company. The site also shows images from featured projects to let visitors see what the company is capable of doing.

  6. Shamrock Builders

    Shamrock Builders displays a lovely picture of an office park with blue skies at the top of the main page, setting the mood for the rest of the site. The company lists a menu of services at both the top and bottom of the page, making for easy access. Shamrock’s phone number is right in the middle of the top of the screen, and you can click on it to make a call from your device.

  7. Southside Constructors, Inc.

    Southside Constructors, Inc. displays its major services over the main image on the homepage with an “Explore Our Work” button that prompts visitors to browse the appealing project gallery. Another benefit of the site is that the “Contact” link is high on the homepage, so browsers do not have to hunt for it.

  8. Constructive Solutions, Inc.

    The website for Constructive Solutions, Inc. features the company’s hours, address, and phone numbers above the menu bar, where a “Contact” tab links to a simple form for getting in touch. Text on the homepage explains exactly what the business does and provides a “Why Choose Us?” link for more information.

  9. Alderson Commercial Group

    The Alderson Commercial Group website focuses on its motto, “Expertise and Relationships,” which highlights the company culture and the value it brings to clients. The entire homepage focuses on showing that the relationship between the company and its clients is a major part of every project.

  10. Setterlin

    The Setterlin website is straightforward, with a rotating banner on the homepage that offers insight into the company’s story. Below the banner, the site provides buttons for three separate sections that give information about the phases of construction. This approach differs from that of most sites and gives the company a distinctive personality.

  11. Buhler Commercial Construction

    The Buhler Commercial Construction homepage uses a video to showcase the work the company does and create a connection between the company and the visitor. There are also scrolling logos of well-known area companies that have used its services, which act like testimonials for newcomers to the site.

  12. MRJ Constructors

    The website for MRJ Constructors also uses a video in its banner, and it also features projects that give visitors an idea of what the company has to offer to clients. As the viewer scrolls down the page, hovering over images of projects yields pop-ups that provide additional information.

  13. Builderscape, Inc.

    The Builderscape, Inc. homepage provides well-placed contact information, including email and social links, so visitors can reach out when needed. This page also offers prominent images with buttons for different services, so prospective clients can get information based on what they are looking for.

  14. Foushée

    The website for Foushée stresses what it has accomplished for clients with a link to past projects at the top of the homepage, with the project types conveniently listed in alphabetical order and with business numbers and featured projects appearing below. This emphasis helps potential customers understand how their proposed job fits in with what the company has done in the past.

  15. Walsh Construction Group

    The Walsh Construction Group website uses an interactive banner to show which services it offers, and it then guides visitors to learn more about the company’s experience, request a consultation, or get more information about a specific service.

  16. Hearn Construction, Inc.

    Hearn Construction‘s presentation has the look and feel of a more traditional construction company website, using large icons at the top of the homepage to help readers find the services that interest them. The site makes it easy to contact the company using buttons throughout the homepage, which includes a wide variety of pictures of past projects.

  17. Colvos Construction

    The Colvos Construction website has a clean, elegant design that shows what it has to offer in segmented services, and it also highlights featured projects in a slideshow on the homepage. Scrolling further down the homepage, you can get more information about different aspects of what the company can do.

  18. Tindall Corporation

    The Tindall Corporation homepage highlights a 20-second video to show footage of past projects in the company’s communities. As the visitor scrolls down the page, additional information becomes available, offering insight into what the company has to offer, including its latest technology. The overall look is clean, with ample white space and clear fonts that make text easy to read.

  19. Hilbers Incorporated

    The website for Hilbers Incorporated is very colorful, which gives the reader a sense of the brand’s personality. Labeled photos, when moused over, give additional information along with links to learn even more about anything a person might need to know.

  20. Andersen Construction

    Andersen Construction‘s homepage engages the viewer by combining a video background above the fold with a text slideshow just below that gives basic information about the company and what it represents. Scrolling down, visitors can view more information that pertains to their city. This helps the company stand out from the competition.

  21. Ruscilli Construction Co, Inc.

    The homepage for Ruscilli Construction Co, Inc. is text-heavy, listing expertise areas and core markets. It includes a testimonial from a client, which reassures potential customers about the quality of work this builder provides. A button centered high on the page does provide access to a portfolio with lots of photos.

  22. Allied Construction Associates, Inc.

    The website for Allied Construction Associates, Inc. emphasizes the role the family-owned and -operated company plays in the community. This is a benefit because it shows that there is a bigger purpose to commercial construction than simply building offices, multifamily housing, and the like.

  23. HGC Construction

    The HGC Construction website uses part of its content to explain the philosophy, culture, and process that set the business apart from its competitors. There’s also a nice display of featured work as well as a three-minute video in which employees explain what they do and why it’s important for commercial construction.

  24. Shearer Construction

    The Shearer Construction website is visually creative, interspersing small blocks of text and data about the company with eye-catching pictures of past projects. The video banner at the top of the homepage helps the reader view the company from the perspective of its humanity rather than solely its identity as a corporation.

  25. CRC (Commercial Revisions Construction, Inc.)

    The website for CRC emphasizes its past projects, using a slideshow of appealing images on the homepage with buttons to learn more about individual projects. The rest of the page relies on text to give visitors the information they need about the company to determine if they want more information.

These websites blend text, images, and overall design to give viewers an idea of what the companies want their potential clients to know. Exploring these sites can help you design the commercial builder website you need to outshine your competition.

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