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10 best landscaping websites of 2023

While local service companies might rely heavily on good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, the reality is that websites are critical for these small (and sometimes quite large) businesses. With more and more people using their phones and computers to do research about who they should work with, having a strong website presence is critical. Being able to rank well in local searches for your specific keywords (like “best landscaping service near me”) can totally transform your business — and take over a lot of the other marketing expenses that you have to pay for.

For landscapers, having a great landscaping website requires a few specific things. Not only does it need to be easy for customers to get in touch with you quickly, whether to book a service or get an estimate, but landscaping websites also need to have outstanding professional images and design. An aesthetic-oriented business, landscaping companies need to have their websites speak volumes about their personal style and design, especially if they want to stand out from the competition.

When we looked online to find the best landscaping websites that have made use of quality website design services, and the best really stood out.

If you’re in the local landscaping business, refreshing — or totally redesigning — your website could mean a big boost in sales.

Here are the eight best landscaping websites we’ve found for your inspiration…

  1. Highlands Landscaping

    The moment you land on the website for Denver’s Highlands Landscaping, you get the impression that they really are professional designers. Their website, which is smartly organized and personal, reflects their taste – a traditional somewhat formal approach to landscaping. While their professionally designed logo is one of the first things you notice, it’s the short “About” blurb on the homepage that really makes you feel like you’re working with someone you can trust.

  2. Anderson Landscape Maintenance

    Local service companies, including landscaping companies, have to be trusted by their community in order to stay in business. One of the most important things that the website for Portland’s Anderson Landscape Maintenance does is give its visitor reasons to trust them almost immediately by using “Best Of” badges in addition to the year the business was founded (2006). Although these details might seem non-consequential, they really do wonders for signaling to potential customers that they are trusted, respected, and experienced. And, of course, the rest of the website design is professional and effective, too.

  3. Brookscapes

    Not all landscaping companies offer the same services. While some focus on regular yard maintenance, others do design, overhauling entire landscapes in order to dramatically change a home’s appearance. Because there’s such a difference, it’s important that landscapers make their area of expertise clear on their website so that they don’t waste anyone’s time – including their own. The Brookscapes website, which is well-organized and aesthetically pleasing (we love that font!), makes the company’s niche clear quite quickly with the headline, “Resort Style Living in Your Backyard”, followed by a concise paragraph about their specific services and experience.

  4. Juniper Landscape Company

    A great photograph really is worth a thousand words. Not only can an image convey a whole mood, but, in the case of landscaping companies, it can truly showcase a yard’s potential. San Diego’s Juniper Landscape Company uses stunning, almost moody, images to create a professional appearance that we really love. But, maybe even more effective, the website also features intelligent design, including an easy-to-find and clickable phone number, social media links, and a logical menu that puts everything important right at your fingertips.

  5. Gibbs Landscape Co.

    There’s a lot that the website for Gibbs Landscape Co. does right. In addition to a great custom logo, the website’s main headline (“Winner of Over 300 Awards”) immediately lets visitors know that they are the best in Atlanta. Stunning images add to the website’s overall appeal, but the entire flow of the website’s homepage is what really makes the design so effective. Moving from services to customer testimonials, calls to action and a compelling “Get Your Project Started” form at the bottom, everything a potential customer wants to know is offered in a concise and organized manner.

  6. Pearl Landscaping & Patio Co.

    While most service websites, or websites in general, elect to use white to fill in space, the power of black really can make an impact. For example, the website for Pearl Landscaping & Patio Co. feels much more dramatic, maybe even more professional, because of its unconventional black background. Well-organized content blocks, as well as a full-screen video, allow the visitor to explore without getting lost or feeling overwhelmed. Also, note that the initial black background is swapped for a creamier white as you scroll through content, ensuring that the images – and the content – don’t feel too moody.

  7. Seattle Urban Farm Company

    A completely unique landscaping company, Seattle Urban Farm Company needs its website to do more than just explain what they do – they need it to compel people to take action, educating them about the importance of making land, no matter how small, productive. While the design of the website is simple, it’s effective because it doesn’t try to do too much at once. Instead, the website is a platform for content to be explored, offering visitors a chance to listen to podcast episodes, engage in multimedia, buy a course, and, yes, get in touch in order to have your own yard transformed.

  8. Carrington Lawn & Landscape

    While most of the best landscaping websites manage to look great while offering services, the website for Carrington Lawn & Landscape goes a step further by actually creating a compelling experience, one that convinces visitors even more about the importance of creating a landscape you love. They manage to accomplish this through inviting images, strong copy, and testimonials that showcase the difference between the “before and after”.

  9. Davey Tree

    The Davey Tree site offers plenty of images of their hard-working staff right on the homepage for a sense of teamwork and devotion to quality service they want their customers to feel from the start. The header bar’s sections are well-represented with fun animations for each service type and concise explanations on each corresponding sub-page. Scrolling down brings visitors to their origin description floating just to the right of a beautiful example of their landscaping work. Their ongoing Davey Blog updates regularly with scientific and industry information about proper tree and lawn care and emerging techniques for how to best keep flora well-cared for without letting it grow out of control.

  10. Green Tree Landscaping

    Based in Los Angeles, CA, Green Tree Landscaping uses a minimalist design with a large white border encompassing each page’s content. Not a single page on the site has the ability to scroll in any direction for even more navigation simplicity; this challenges the designers to make sure each page’s visual and textual content are well-branded and informative without the extra space so many sites prefer. This unique style emphasizes their company’s slogan, “Our approach is simple” while showing that simplicity doesn’t have to be absent from the elegance of beautiful photography capturing their landscaping projects and even concise descriptions for each case study.

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