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Top 100 handyman websites for 2023

Now that millions of people have smartphones, you may find your website more important than business cards. Most people currently use search engines to find names of reputable handymen serving their area. You want them to find you rather than one of your competitors.

You can do that by creating a professional website that represents your brand well. An effective site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate while presenting information about your services and service area. It should also tell potential customers the story behind your business.

To help you design a website that generates leads and informs existing customers, consider our list of the top 100 handyman websites for 2023.

  1. Ace Handyman Services

    Ace Handyman Services uses a subtle wood grain background and pops of bright red to create an inviting website that naturally draws the eye toward important fields like the online booking system. The website identifies the services provided with easily recognized icons as well as easy-to-read text, allowing potential customers to quickly determine if Ace can meet their needs.

  2. Mr. Handyman

    If you’re looking for an example of a website that leads with a service mindset, Mr. Handyman is a great site. The homepage uses a large font and bold, capital letters to reach out to visitors with a simple question. The company also tells visitors in simple language what it can do for them.

  3. Serviz

    Serviz uses its website to tell customers how the service works. As a technology-based company, the homepage is utilized to quickly tell potential customers how the company operates and what services it can provide. The site has a professional yet simple design and an approachable tone.

  4. In & Out Property Maintenance

    This maintenance service uses imagery to create a busy feel that is still professional. The In & Out Property Maintenance homepage brings the eye directly to a large quote form, and viewers can scroll down for more detailed information about the services offered and the area of service.

  5. My Las Vegas Handyman

    For an example of a website that gets right to the point, consider My Las Vegas Handyman. The top half of the homepage briefly introduces the services the company provides and its location along with the phone number. The bottom half has a quote form and social media links. Visitors can click the link to the company’s about page if they want more information on the company.

  6. Free Up Some Time

    Free Up Some Time is an approachable handyman website that presents the company’s main selling points on a colorful website that is easy to scan quickly. The company doesn’t use a quote form, but its phone number is easy to find from all areas of the site.

  7. A+ Handyman Services

    The slider at the top of the A+ Handyman Services website allows the company to quickly communicate its services with links for potential customers to find more in-depth content. The middle of the homepage is balanced with content and images.

  8. Handy

    Look to Handy for an idea of what minimalism looks like in web design. The website is mostly white space, but color is used to emphasize the most important content. The company uses images of houses to represent the nature of its brand.

  9. MNM Handyman Services

    MNM Handyman Services uses a top slider to present images that represent its brand and services. The slider tells potential customers what services MNM Handyman Services provides while bringing a sense of its personality to the website.

  10. Andy OnCall

    This handyman has a catchy slogan, which is presented at the top of the homepage. Andy OnCall uses fonts to create the impression of someone writing or painting portions of its content, creating a strong sense of branding through visual effect.

  11. Handyman Pro

    The Handyman Pro website delivers a detailed list of services that is easy to skim. The company use images to create a strong sense of branding and professionalism while leading visitors to some of its more in-depth content.

  12. Express Handyman Services

    Express Handyman Services has a busy website rich with imagery, but it also does a good job of telling visitors why they should trust the company with a variety of home improvement projects. The website uses color to bring life to its content.

  13. The Birmingham Handyman

    Some websites are more approachable because they use large, bold fonts that speak to the viewer with just a few choice words. The Birmingham Handyman has one of those websites. The design is clean with background images, but the large fonts emphasize the company’s main points.

  14. Columbus Handyman

    Are you ready to let your work speak for your brand? Columbus Handyman does just that by presenting images of its completed projects in the slider that tops the company’s homepage. It also places its phone number and the fact that it is licensed at the top of the page.

  15. Apex Handyman Services

    Check out Apex Handyman Services for an example of what sophistication looks like in the handyman industry. The website uses less flashy images and fonts than many of its competitors. The company also uses muted colors highlighted by bright red to create a more upscale website that fits its brand.

  16. Handyman Services in DC

    Handyman Services in DC is a good example of a website that relies on more in-depth content and smaller fonts on the homepage. The company provides a wealth of information that helps build its brand as a reputable and knowledgeable resource in the industry.

  17. My Handyman LA

    Sliders don’t have to present static images. My Handyman LA uses its top slider to present images that move almost like video clips. That movement adds life to the website while encouraging viewers to scroll down to learn more about the company.

  18. Handyman Brandon Florida

    This Florida handyman uses content to build a sense of branding while stock imagery adds visual interest to long blocks of text. Handyman Brandon Florida shows that you don’t need branded images to create a professional website. Visitors can fill out the quote form located on the right side of the homepage.

  19. Masterpiece Handyman Services

    Masterpiece Handyman Services uses a wood grain background to grab attention. The content moves along the center of the website with a lot of white space to balance out the color in the background.

  20. My Handyman Columbus

    If you don’t want to use a traditional quote form, you can swap it out for a “request service” form like My Handyman Columbus. The company places the request form at the bottom of the page rather than highlighting it at the top like many other handyman services.

  21. T&Z All Services

    T&Z All Services uses large boxes to highlight critical information on its homepage. For example, its services are presented in large boxes, and the company’s contact form is a large box that takes up a significant portion of the homepage.

  22. INDYpendent Handyman

    INDYpendent Handyman creates a more sophisticated website by stepping away from the bright red and other loud colors often featured on handyman websites. Everything from the dark color scheme to the upscale housing in the pictures is chosen to create the image of a “modern renaissance man.”

  23. Hands You Demand

    For an example of how you can use before and after photos to create a professional website that stands out, look at the website for Hands on Demand. The top slider presents a before and after image that shows the skill of its professional team. The company lets its work speak for itself before getting to the content.

  24. Johnny’s Handyman Services

    If you’re going for sophisticated branding without the slider at the top of your homepage, Johnny’s Handyman Services has a good site design to consider. The large image at the top of the page is branded and balanced by a short block of introductory text. No slider needed.

  25. Unstoppable Handyman

    Look to Unstoppable Handyman as an example of using color to emphasize your brand and most important content. This handyman website is full of bright colors from red and yellow to green. It’s used in key places to draw the viewer’s eye to its services and estimate request form.

  26. A-1 Door Company

    Specializing in both residential garage doors and commercial garage door services in Richmond, VA and surrounding Virginia locations, A-1 Door Company has a great website providing information that proves they’re the Richmond area garage door experts. Their website features hero sections of not only garage doors in action, but also their team of experts who build and install them. The site is clean, with a cutting-edge look that inspires confidence in the quality of their workmanship. It’s also easy for users to request a service appointment or schedule a free estimate for a garage door replacement.

  27. Mansfield Handyman Services

    This handyman website allows content to scroll over background images, which allows them to present a lot of written content while using images to keep the viewer’s interest. Mansfield Handyman Services uses a lot more text on the homepage than many other handyman services.

  28. House Calls, Etc

    The House Calls, Etc website uses a simple video with dark colors to add movement to the top of the homepage. The site directs viewers to scroll down, where they’re presented with an elegant yet simple display of information leading to the company’s quote form.

  29. Budget Right Handyman

    If you don’t have branded images and don’t want to use stock photography, check out Budget Right Handyman. This website uses just one image at the top, and it features cartoon-like tools that portray the handyman industry well.

  30. Shadow Creek Home Service

    The website for Shadow Creek Home Service has a modern design that allows the content to scroll over shifting background images and white space. The movement of the page encourages viewers to continue scrolling, discovering more content along the way.

  31. Smith Handyman Service

    Smith Handyman Service uses a cartoon representation of a handyman plus a small image of its branded van and a series of stock photos to pull together a polished website that looks modern and trustworthy. Ample white space and well-placed color accents keep the design simple and approachable.

  32. Mary’s Handyman

    Mary’s Handyman uses an oversized slider at the top of its homepage to deliver its most important content in one glance. The rest of the homepage includes a lot of content, but it’s broken up into smaller blocks that are easy to read while scrolling.

  33. Rockaway Handyman

    The website for Rockaway Handyman presents its services both in list form and image form. A slider is used not only at the top of the homepage but also in the middle of the page, allowing the company to present more information in less space.

  34. House Doctors

    The House Doctors website incorporates a video that allows viewers to listen to information rather than reading. This is a good option for handyman services interested in video marketing, but it’s also a simple way to give visitors an alternative to reading content.

  35. DC Handyman Service

    DC Handyman Service uses imagery to evoke emotion. The slider at the top of the company’s homepage features a man with his keys locked in a car, an inviting and spacious living room, and a bathroom renovation. These images represent the company’s services but also trigger emotion in potential customers. The images throughout the site have this same impact.

  36. Handyman at Your Command

    Look at the website for Handyman at Your Command for an example of how you can play with color in your web design. The boxes at the center of the homepage are dark blue, but they light up to red with the touch of your cursor. Small features like these often make websites stand out.

  37. Hourly Husbands

    Branded imagery takes control on the Hourly Husbands website. A box of flipping images presents pictures of the handymen providing services and its branded van. This personalized touch helps build a strong sense of the brand while showing viewers exactly who may arrive at their home or business.

  38. Honest Handyman Service

    Honest Handyman Service’s website is a good example of how images and white space balance one another out for a professional appearance. The website uses large image blocks beside white blocks with text. The eye is drawn first to the image and then naturally shifts to the content to read.

  39. Fairly Handy

    For an example of a website design that is simple and elegant yet personal, look at Fairly Handy. This website utilizes several large spaces with little content, but the middle section is white space covered with content and an introduction to the handyman.

  40. Advanced Home Maintenance

    Advanced Home Maintenance has a short and sweet website that delivers only the most important information on the homepage. Images are used sparingly, and text blocks are kept to a minimum. Viewers can click to separate pages to explore a gallery of completed work and more detailed information on services provided.

  41. Handy Harry General Maintenance

    The website for Handy Harry General Maintenance uses a larger text font that makes the content easier to read. The company also incorporates simple images that don’t take attention away from the written content. A map feature allows potential customers to determine if they’re conveniently located.

  42. HandymanPros

    HandymanPros is a good example of a web design that keeps it simple yet creates a sense of elegance and respectability. The images chosen represent craftsmanship, and the brief content tells the world about the company’s commitment to honesty, faith and love.

  43. Handy Hubby Toledo

    The Handy Hubby Toledo website leads with pictures of its work at the top of the homepage. The company makes its basic service categories, free estimate offer, and phone number obvious, allowing visitors to reach out immediately or continue scrolling for more content.

  44. Handy Portland

    Handy Portland creates a personalized website by presenting bios for the company’s contractor and office manager on the homepage. The website also uses a video that welcomes visitors and introduces the company without a lot of reading.

  45. The Home Hero

    The Home Hero website is a great example of how a theme can bring life to a website, making it more interesting to the viewer while creating a strong sense of branding. The cartoon hero theme is presented with bold colors, sloped lines, and a flashing frame around the free virtual estimate link.

  46. Alamo Handyman

    Alamo Handyman uses just one image on its homepage. That image creates a sense of prestige for the brand while leading the viewer into a simple website that presents information clearly and quickly.

  47. All Around Maintenance

    If you don’t like the bright colors and flashy nature of many handyman websites, consider All Around Maintenance. This website uses mostly muted colors and a lot of professional images to introduce its services professionally.

  48. Handyman Unlimited

    Handyman Unlimited has a website that pulls all types of content together to create a visual experience that doesn’t fail to deliver valuable information. The site utilizes video, photography, and well-written text.

  49. Yakima Home Services

    Look to the Yakima Home Services website for an example of a web design that gives more homepage space to detailed information about its services. The front page delivers an extensive list of services along with detailed explanations of its primary offers.

  50. Avid Handyman

    The Avid Handyman website is a good example of leading with expertise and craftsmanship. The images and content present a sophisticated feel that speaks well for the company’s brand. The homepage features brief introductions to the company’s services, but the emphasis is on the images.

  51. Handyman Pros

    If you don’t want to design an elaborate website, look at the site for Handyman Pros. The homepage has just two sections, but viewers can see images, read text, and watch a video to understand the company and its services quickly.

  52. Bozeman Handyman

    The Bozeman Handyman website transitions well between large images and text fields presented on solid white or black backgrounds. The site uses a variety of images to grab attention while the text tells viewers what to expect from the service.

  53. Ultimate Handyman

    Simple content and oversized images work well for the Ultimate Handyman. This website isn’t heavy handed with text on the homepage, but it clearly conveys the image of the brand and illustrates the services offered. Visitors can view deeper pages of the website if they need to know more.

  54. CL Constructions

    CL Constructions has a simple website that looks modern and presents a trustworthy image for the brand. The company relies on images of its crew at work to personalize the site while its quote form is prominently placed at the top of the homepage.

  55. Ohio Handyman

    Ohio Handyman uses images of family and home life to create a connection with its ideal customer. The company’s website has a simple design that allows the emphasis to remain on its services and family-friendly, inclusive culture.

  56. Lattimore’s Handyman Service

    The web design for Lattimore’s Handyman Service puts a gallery of work on display on the homepage. That allows visitors to see the quality of the company’s work without having to search for the gallery on a separate page.

  57. Bruce’s Contractor Services

    For an example of a web design that doesn’t implement detailed service pages, look at Bruce’s Contractor Services. The homepage features the company’s gallery of previous work as well as a detailed “about us” section. No service pages are incorporated in this design.

  58. Pro Handyman

    The delicate balance between black and white is on display with the Pro Handyman website. Sections of black and white background are used to create an appealing visual effect while bright red accents are introduced to draw attention to key areas of the homepage.

  59. Gillespie Handyman

    Gillespie Handyman created a professional website that represents its brand well without using a lot of images or graphics. The focus is squarely on the content, allowing visitors to learn about the company and explore its services without distraction.

  60. Gaspar’s

    The Gaspar’s website features a block design that transitions the eye from visual to written content. The website gives space to company news updates and upcoming events rather than focusing solely on its services and brand. The design incorporates text, images, and video on the homepage.

  61. Brad Curl Handyman

    Brad Curl Handyman is a good example of a website that doesn’t include much written content. The homepage is simple and clean, and the design includes a single service page. Viewers can quickly see what this handyman has to offer without spending much time reading.

  62. Handyman for Hire

    This website design uses a “learn more” link that allows viewers to start reading content on the homepage and transition quickly to additional website pages. This leads the viewer to spend more time learning about Handyman for Hire.

  63. Pro Handyman Bellevue

    This website makes use of a simple black, white, and red color scheme to catch the eye and pull attention to important fields. The top of the homepage lets customers know that Pro Handyman Bellevue is available around the clock, and the website provides the company’s phone number.

  64. Handyman Plus Construction

    Handyman Plus Construction elevates the service section of its website by allowing the boxes to drop in from the edges of the site. As the boxes fall into place, the viewer is entertained and is more likely to click one of the boxes for more information.

  65. Perfection Handyman Services

    If you don’t want to place too much attention on images or visuals, Perfection Handyman Services has a website design you might want to consider. The images are faded into the background, allowing their content to take center stage.

  66. Innovative Handyman Solutions

    Look to Innovative Handyman Solutions as an example of a website that places customer reviews front and center. The site grabs attention with bright orange highlights plus colorful logos for Google, Yelp, and other sources of reviews.

  67. The Phoenix Handyman

    The Phoenix Handyman uses custom graphics in addition to photography and video clips to create a website that is both fun and professional. The color choices are soothing, allowing the web design to contribute to the brand.

  68. Las Vegas Handyman

    The Las Vegas Handyman website uses a simple color scheme to create a fun feel that blends well with the company’s brand. The homepage places the company’s services and current discounts at the top, allowing visitors to see what they offer right away.

  69. IncePector Handyman

    IncePector Handyman offers a blue and white color scheme that creates a professional persona for its brand. The slider at the top of its homepage features bold images that speak to the expertise of the brand.

  70. Nery Construction & Handyman

    The website for Nery Construction & Handyman is another example of a handyman website that makes use of large images flashing across the top of the homepage. The images pull the visitor in while evoking emotions related to home and hard work.

  71. Gulf Star Handyman

    The project gallery takes up most of the homepage on the Gulf Star Handyman site. This is an example of a simple website that keeps the focus on images rather than on words. The “about us” and “service” pages utilize a blocked design that keeps the text to small clips, ensuring every page on the website is fast and easy to skim.

  72. Handy Dynamic

    Handy Dynamic dedicates a large section of its homepage to a simple quote made by one of the company’s customers. This is a great way to create the appearance of expertise and customer satisfaction without a lot of reviews.

  73. Garcia Handyman Services

    Before and after photos steal the attention at Garcia Handyman Services. This website places pictures of the company’s work front and center on the homepage, allowing visitors to see their quality before they read the words.

  74. Go Handyman Services

    Go Handyman Services is a great example of a sleek website that does away with the top slider on the homepage. The focus is on the company’s logo and text that introduces the service. Big boxes further down the page make it easy for viewers to see the services offered.

  75. Rosa’s General Maintenance Service

    A subtle wood grain background gives this handyman website a touch of prestige. The top slider doesn’t overwhelm the homepage. Instead, it presents images that draw visitors into the site to learn more about Rosa’s General Maintenance Service.

  76. The Maintenance Shop Handyman Services

    The color scheme chosen for this website fits perfectly with the company’s brand as a veteran-owned business. The leading images on the homepage do just as much for branding as they do to educate viewers on the services offered by The Maintenance Shop Handyman Services.

  77. One Stop Handyman Service

    One Stop Handyman Service uses sliding content in three spaces of the homepage. This allows viewers to look at a variety of content without extending the length of the homepage.

  78. Advantage Handyman Services

    The side column is pushed to the top of the page on the Advantage Handyman Services website. That allows the top image to ascend to the very top of the website with the navigation links dropping to the side in the column.

  79. The Salty Hammer Home Repair

    For a study in subtle use of color for web design, check out The Salty Hammer Home Repair’s website. This service uses a basic white background that is brought to life with colorful images and well-placed boxes. This is also an example of a handyman website that doesn’t use a large top slider.

  80. Big Dan the Handyman

    The image at the top of the Big Dan the Handyman website portrays the brand perfectly while brightening up the white background. The website is simple yet professional and provides all of the information customers need to size up the company.

  81. Honest Lee Handyman Services

    Honest Lee Handyman Services uses a downward point in its top line to visually lead viewers from the header image to the rest of the homepage content. This is a busy web design that allows the company to present a lot of information on a two-column layout.

  82. MD Handyman

    The color scheme adopted by MD Handyman for its website deviates from many other modern handyman websites. The company uses brown and yellow on a darker background, giving the brand a more sophisticated appeal. Branding is accomplished through the images at the top of the homepage, which feature a company van and images of completed renovation work.

  83. Best Handyman Boston

    Best Handyman Boston opens its homepage with a video placed over a background image and a brief comment about its service. This welcomes the viewer to learn about the company through video rather than reading extensive content.

  84. Fred’s Maintenance Service, Inc

    Large fonts and bold colors pull you into the website representing Fred’s Maintenance Service, Inc. The top slider features an image of the company’s branded van plus some bold announcements that speak to the company’s expertise and years in service.

  85. Rod Graham Handyman & Painting Services

    If you want to highlight a leading product or service on your website, Rod Graham Handyman & Painting Services’ website is a good example to follow. The homepage emphasizes its residential painting services while making it clear that it also provides handyman services.

  86. Breezy Point Handyman

    Do you want to include a significant amount of text on your homepage? Breezy Point Handyman has a professional site with a lot of front-page content that is easy to read. The font is large enough to see on all screen sizes, and the text is balanced with images.

  87. NC Handyman Services

    The NC Handyman Services website is approachable and friendly. It provides all of the information customers need to make informed buying decisions and contact the company from the homepage.

  88. Mr. Fix It

    Mr. Fix It leads with an entertaining image and brief paragraph that highlights the company’s service area while mentioning what it offers. Visitors can quickly size up the personality and location of the company before deciding to make contact or read more.

  89. ER Handyman Services

    To see how a handyman with an extensive list of services creates a professional website, check out ER Handyman Services. The company does a good job representing all of its services while providing before and after photos to display the quality of its work.

  90. Results Handyman

    This Tennessee handyman service displays lengthy customer reviews that help build authority for the brand while proving the company is trustworthy and reliable. The top image makes it clear that Results Handyman caters to real estate professionals as well as homeowners.

  91. Schedule FRED

    Schedule FRED’s website uses large fonts and oversized boxes with bright images that are easy for people of all ages and abilities to see and understand. This is a great example of an accessible website that might work well for a diverse audience.

  92. Omaha Handyman Service

    Omaha Handyman Service has an engaging website that uses catchy slogans and headings to grab attention while working SEO keywords into the content naturally. The slogans are displayed in large fonts that grab the eye. They tell viewers where the service is located and what they offer while using keywords that help with search engine ranking. The company does a great job of balancing communication with humans and search bots.

  93. Handyman Pro

    This Massachusetts handyman website uses a patterned background with content running down the center of the page. A large portion of the homepage features a project portfolio, which represents services offered by Handyman Pro. You can see the quality of their work through images rather than words.

  94. Neal the Handyman

    Neal the Handyman utilizes simple boxes that present each of its services. Site visitors can click “read more” to find more detailed explanations of each service. This design has a visually stimulating homepage that leads visitors naturally to deeper pages within the website.

  95. Romero’s Handyman Service

    The Romero’s Handyman Service website goes big. The site has a professional presentation that is easy to scan, but everything is oversized from the text fonts to the images and homepage blocks. It’s easy to read and provides valuable information without long blocks of text.

  96. Not Your Ordinary Handyman

    Not Your Ordinary Handyman has some not-so-ordinary features on its website. The header is static, so it stays in place while visitors scroll through the lower portions of the site. That keeps the company’s phone number, address, and site links accessible while visitors explore the homepage in depth. The company also uses a small pop-up on the homepage that invites viewers to contact it with the friendly message, “Let’s Talk!”

  97. Handy Handsome Husbands

    Look this website design over for ideas on balancing a catchy theme and a professional brand image. Handy Handsome Husbands offers to handle “honey-do’s” for its clients, but the website still presents effective images that show its team members hard at work.

  98. LRS Maintenance

    If you don’t want a standard slider or basic header image to top your website, look at the creative movement offered at the top of the website for LRS Maintenance. As you scroll down, the lower portion of the homepage seems to rise over the oversized image heading the page. The playful image on the homepage gives some personality to the website, which helps with the brand’s image.

  99. Property Prep LLC

    Property Prep LLC uses its homepage slider to identify its target markets. Each slide names a segment of the target market and offers a phone number for contact. The site design includes links to webpages at the top of the homepage in addition to prominent tabs lower on the page. That allows the company to pack a lot of content onto the homepage without requiring excessive scrolling.

  100. Fix It People

    Effective handyman websites speak directly to the consumer, and the website for Fix It People does a great job of calling out its ideal customers. Each section of the company’s homepage clearly addresses a different segment of its target market. That makes it easy for viewers to find the content that relates to their needs.

These are examples of websites that are straightforward, well-designed, offer important information, and are easy to navigate.

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