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The 12 best bakery websites this holiday season

For a lot of us, holidays are synonymous with wonderful holiday meals. And, even more specifically, delicious holiday treats filled with sugar, butter, and a whole lot of love. Of course, if you’re in the bakery business, tempting treats are just part of your daily routine year-round.

’Tis the season to enjoy great food!

As website pros, we love taking a peek at what businesses are doing across the country in order to attract (and keep) customers. So, we decided to dive into desserts like the rest of the world does during the holidays and track down the best bakery websites we could find. And, no surprise, they’re as drool-worthy as the baked goods they serve up.

Ready to fall in love?

Here are a dozen of our favorite bakery websites this holiday season…

The best bakery websites of 2023

  1. Dolina Cafe and Bakery

    If you’re going to tempt customers to order a treat or stop in your bakery, then beautiful, professional photographs of your goodies are a must. Part of what makes the website for Dolina Cafe and Bakery so appealing is just that. Not only are the images stunning, but the font is beautiful as well. While the homepage is simple, the “Cakes & Pies” portion of the website contains an image for each treat, leaving nothing to the imagination.

  2. Baker and Spice Neighborhood Bakery

    Everything about the website for Portland’s Baker and Spice Neighborhood Bakery is beautiful. From the images to the font and even the layout, using the website is 100% enjoyable – just as any online experience should be. The addition of personal touches, like a note from the owners on the homepage, ensure that you really do understand that this is a community-oriented establishment. In the footer menu, you’ll find the bakery’s hours of operation and contact info, as well as links to their active social media profiles.

  3. Gjusta

    Located in Venice, California, Gjusta is an unconventional artisanal bakery, which is why its unconventional website is the perfect fit. Offering nothing more than large font and a newsletter sign up on its blue and white homepage, Gjusta keeps its website experience simple and straightforward. With only a handful of images sprinkled throughout the rest of the website’s pages, Gjusta trusts that its visitors already know and love them. What could feel lacking in other situations, the simplicity of this bakery’s website only adds to the fun.

  4. Sugar Bakeshop

    Rather than separating its content into segments like so many websites you’ll find online today, Denver’s Sugar Bakeshop elected to keep the experience cohesive, allowing the homepage to flow from one section to the next uninterrupted. This beautiful design is enhanced by the food photography, which actually changes with seasons thanks to the rotating “Sugar Spotlight” section on the homepage. While the About page could be enhanced by a photograph of the team, the story is sweet and simple, making you feel like you’re experience at the Sugar Bakeshop will be, well, sweet.

  5. Brown’s Court Bakery

    The logo for Brown’s Court Bakery in Charleston, South Carolina makes your first impression on their website a great one. Almost “floured” in appearance, the logo anchors the menu through its center alignment, making the rest of the menu’s selections feel like part of the design rather than a must-have afterthought. The images on this website are also beautiful, but what we love most is the footer design, which provides visitors with a quick guide to business hours, location, contact info, and social media accounts.

  6. Woodlea Bakery

    The website for Woodlea Bakery could be generic if it wasn’t for the photographs featured on the homepage. While the layout really isn’t anything special (although it’s absolutely fine), the website is proof of the importance of great images, especially when dealing with the food industry. In addition to the easy-to-navigate menu, Woodlea Bakery’s website also features a search tool in the upper right-hand corner, adding convenience for its visitors (and better rank when it comes to SEO).

  7. Cake Fetish Bakery and Dessert Bar

    Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Cake Fetish has been a local staple for nearly a decade. While so many trendy websites focus on keeping the homepage as short as possible, Cake Fetish uses its landing page as an opportunity to tell a story. From its images to its copy, the homepage for Cake Fetish provides an experience, one that allows visitors to get to know the bakery while also deciding which cupcake to try next!

  8. Bird Bakery

    Attention to detail is the main reason why we love Bird Bakery’s website. A fun bakery located in San Antonio, Texas, Bird Bakery takes its artistic eye typically reserved for decorating sweets and uses it to create a website that really is stunning. Not only do we love this bakery’s logo, but we love the font they use on each page, too. The bakery has also cleverly added client testimonials throughout the website, making them feel like a friendly reminder rather than an in-your-face attempt to close a sale.

  9. Tartine Bakery

    No bakery website roundup would be complete without Tartine Bakery, a Bay Area staple. With eleven current locations and counting, Tartine Bakery’s website is required to provide a wealth of information while still being easy and fun to use. But, the website goes above and beyond, creating an educational and engaging experience for its users through interactive media, stories, and cookbook-worthy photography. (No surprise, the famous bakery has produced several best-selling cookbooks filled with these gorgeous photos.)

  10. Bake

    Located in Chicago, Bake is a one-stop shop for pastries, pies, and cakes. Its website, which is simple in design, showcases its colorful treats on the homepage. Just below the images, you’ll find a short and concise mission, which reminds the visitor that “fresh is always best”. The Cakes section of the website is wonderfully informative, providing flavor options as well as sizes and pricing. What we love most about the website, however, is the Gallery, which feels like a Pinterest page filled with tempting goodies crafted by the talented team at Bake.

  11. La Boulangerie

    A one-page website with loads of personality, this New Orleans bakery knows how to make a good impression. The website for La Boulangerie focuses on providing information in an attractive way, interspersing text blocks with full-screen images from the bakery itself. Easy to use, the smaller font and calming colors allude to the gentle, soothing personalities that work inside the bakery. And, if you’re hungry right now, the “Order Here” link at the top of the page is extra tempting thanks to the additional note that lets you know your order will be ready in just fifteen minutes.

  12. Pistacia Vera

    Another example of a beautifully simple bakery website, Pistacia Vera features just four images on its homepage. Thankfully, those images are gorgeous, arranged in a neat square to add to the overall appeal. The menu, which is also curated down to the bare minimum, offers just three options: Menu, Locations, Delivery. Click on Locations and you’ll be greeted by a simple page that features images of the two Pistacia Vera locations in Columbus, Ohio. Choose Menu and you’ll find more images and a simple link to a PDF version of the current menu. The beauty of the website really is how pared back it is – and how attractive each page is because of it.

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