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40 best cabinet maker websites for 2023

The best cabinet maker websites can essentially make the sale before the customer starts looking at the products. To make the sale, you’ll need to do two things: grab customers’ attention right away and make it easy for them to contact you. A great homepage offers vivid, full-color photos that make customers think about their kitchen and how much better it could look. Once visitors have seen your impressive wwilork, they’re immediately directed to a phone number or an online form to complete the sale. With a sleek, professional layout, your website can start generating leads before the customer ever interacts with a real person.

This is our ranking of the top 40 cabinet maker websites

  1. Chandler Cabinets

    Chandler Cabinets immediately shows visitors a bright, full-color picture of a professional kitchen. That makes visitors think about high-end kitchens and how much more organized their kitchen could be with a new set of cabinets. The website also uses white text that’s clean, crisp and easy to read. On the bottom of the website is a convenient list of contact information.

  2. T2 Cabinets

    T2 Cabinets has a list of updates on the homepage, so customers can see what’s going on with the business. The website also shows visitors a slideshow of elegant, professional-looking homes. The site uses strong visuals to show customers the types of cabinets they can have installed in their kitchens.

  3. Tri-Tex Cabinets

    Tri-Tex Cabinets places a large logo at the top of the page to make an impression on visitors and make its name more memorable. Tri-Tex also includes the state of Texas in its logo to make it immediately apparent that this is a locally owned business.

  4. Pedini

    Pedini uses a sleek photograph of a modern kitchen to make the visitor think of wealth, class and luxury. The logo is sleek and professional, and the website is neatly organized with headers and blocks of content. Near the bottom of the website is an expertly filmed video of a corporate event.

  5. Wheatland Cabinets

    Wheatland Cabinets utilizes wood patterns and a simple logo to create a gentle, homespun atmosphere. Scrolling down, visitors will see a list of statistics that gives them more information about the company and how long Wheatland Cabinets has been in business.

  6. Bakes and Kropp

    Bakes and Kropp creates a high-class atmosphere by using a neutral color palette with grays and whites. The website uses terms like “luxury” to show visitors that this is an exclusive, high-end brand that can take their kitchen to the next level. The site also uses vibrant color photos of beautifully designed kitchens.

  7. Rainier Cabinetry

    Rainier Cabinetry offers a simple, blocky layout with basic shapes and a simple color scheme. The result is a clear, professional-looking website with neatly organized content. Near the bottom of the page are a few customer reviews as well as a button that directs customers to schedule a free consultation.

  8. Cadence Cabinetry

    Cadence Cabinetry lists the company’s phone numbers plainly in the top-right corner, so customers can easily find their contact information. The site also features a list of awards the company has received as well as a handy map that helps customers find directions to the store.

  9. Cabinet Maker

    Cabinet Maker shows visitors a full-page image of a shiny new kitchen. The homepage features pictures of the company’s handcrafted furniture as well as the cabinets the company has built for various customers. The webpages are all listed at the top in a convenient bar.

  10. B and W Cabinets

    B and W Cabinets displays a statement about the professionalism of its cabinets, which should make a positive impression on visitors. The homepage contains short blurbs that explains what sets B and W cabinets apart from their competitors. At the bottom of the page is the address and phone number.

  11. Vogue Furniture

    Vogue Furniture makes a bold statement with a text-free slideshow that lets the images speak for themselves. As the slideshow progresses, visitors see polished, handcrafted furniture that makes them think of wealthy homes. To access the pages on the website, they can click the links in the top bar.

  12. Nishiura Cabinets

    Nishiura Cabinets starts off with a charming animated pop-up sign that notifies audiences about a 20% off sale. Once visitors close the pop-up, they’ll see a picture of a gleaming kitchen and an invitation to chat with a representative in the bottom-right corner.

  13. Woodface Kitchens

    Woodface Kitchens uses a slideshow with text and images to inform visitors about the benefits of choosing the company. The site features clean rows of content with professional-grade photography and short blurbs about the different designs, which adds value to the various products the company sells.

  14. Azzurri Kitchens

    Azzurri Kitchens highlights its contact information by placing it on a bright red bar at the top of the page. Scrolling down, visitors see clean icons and bright, eye-catching orange text that’s simple to read and understand. The site also features customer testimonials.

  15. Brooklyn Millwork

    Brooklyn Millwork starts off with a full-screen photograph, then follows up on that image with neat sections of text. The website uses short paragraphs, headers and bulleted lists to break up the content and make it easier to read. Near the bottom of the site is a section with links to recent blog posts.

  16. Acadia Craft

    Acadia Craft uses a slideshow of animated images to catch visitors’ interest and keep them engaged as they scroll through the rest of the website. In the middle of the homepage is a short diagram that explains the crafting process. This diagram lets customers know what to expect from Acadia Craft.

  17. J.T. Dreyer

    J.T. Dreyer uses pictures of real wood projects that make customers feel at home and secure. The site features a brief contact form where customers can request more information. At the bottom of the website is a black bar with the address, logo and phone number.

  18. Jewett Farms

    Jewett Farms invites new customers to subscribe to the company’s newsletter with a pop-up window. Once visitors close the pop-up, they will find a calming, refreshing layout with white and gray tones. The website uses crisp fonts and blocks of content to complete the look.

  19. Structures Cabinet and Design

    Structures Cabinet and Design offers a bright orange layout that stands out from the rest of the website’s neutral color scheme. As visitors scroll down, they will find large fonts and bold headers that make them think about improving their kitchen with a brand-new set of cabinets.

  20. Cabinet Solutions

    Cabinet Solutions uses an image-heavy layout that makes customers feel like they’re browsing a catalog. The homepage contains links to blog posts with hints, tips and important information as well as posts written by the company’s cabinet specialists.

  21. Kerf Design

    Kerf Design takes an unconventional approach by opening with a video that shows visitors how their cabinets are made. The website emphasizes how useful the company’s cabinets are, adding value to its services. The site also discusses the importance of functional design and informs customers how Kerf is different from its competitors in that regard.

  22. Phoenix Cabinet Company

    Phoenix Cabinet Company uses a fire brand-like logo to make customers think of natural homemade cabinets. Scrolling down, visitors can see project photos and pictures from the company’s Instagram feed. The site also provides short blurbs about the services the company offers.

  23. Arbor Mills

    Arbor Mills creates an atmosphere of wealth and class with a simple layout that emphasizes black and white. The layout also uses bold images and simple text to convey the message that the products speak for themselves. Near the bottom of the page is a section with real reviews from customers as well as an invitation for potential clients to get in touch with the company.

  24. AWA Kitchen Cabinets

    AWA Kitchen Cabinets uses a clean row of content to link users to other pages on the site. The homepage also features sections for reviews, blog posts and a map for customers who need directions to the store.

  25. Beech Tree Woodworks

    Beech Tree Woodworks uses a clean layout with a simple, clear logo and short lines of text. The teal and orange headers stand out next to the black text and white background. The site has a small section that displays its five-star rating from third-party companies.

  26. Atlanta Cabinet

    Atlanta Cabinet uses an attached bar at the bottom of the page that invites customers to sign up for a free email newsletter. The bar follows visitors as they scroll down the homepage. The webpage also displays links to the company’s latest blog posts.

  27. Nashville Custom Cabinets

    Nashville Custom Cabinets uses dramatic close-up photography to showcase its skills, tools and artistry. Scrolling down, visitors will find short paragraphs of text that explain what sets the company apart from its competitors. The site also features a YouTube video with more information about the company and its services.

  28. Builders Cabinet

    Builders Cabinet offers pictures of its showrooms so customers know what to expect when they arrive for their consultation. The site also has the webpages conveniently organized in the top bar. The site has a short bulleted list that explains the benefits of buying cabinets directly from a local Chicago company.

  29. Castle Cabinets

    Castle Cabinets utilizes a text-and-image slideshow with classy, elegant pictures of brand-new cabinets. The site has a warm color scheme with orange and red tones set against a white background. Near the bottom of the homepage is a section with photographs from the company’s most recent projects.

  30. Kitchen Cabinets Deal

    Kitchen Cabinets Deal has an announcement on its homepage that states the company has been featured on HGTV. This, of course, raises the credibility of the company. The site also has blocky image links that direct visitors to different pages on the website.

  31. MJ Design

    MJ Design uses white text, cursive fonts, a spacious layout and pictures of elegant kitchens to give the impression of a classy, luxurious company. The site also features a video that gives readers more information about the company. At the bottom of the page is a row of social media icons so customers can stay in touch with MJ Design.

  32. Merit Kitchens

    Merit Kitchens greets customers by asking them to sign up for the company’s email newsletter. After visitors close out the pop-up, they’ll find a calm, relaxing site that makes use of white backgrounds and attractive empty space.

  33. Excel Cabinets

    Excel Cabinets uses icons and short blurbs to explain the benefits of hiring them to complete a job. When visitors scroll down, they’ll find a direct list of reasons why they should choose Excel Cabinets over the competitors. For some visitors, this approach might be refreshingly honest and up-front.

  34. Dynamic Designs

    Dynamic Designs keeps it short and direct with a large picture, a short blurb at the bottom and a list of links at the top. This website gets right to the point with a paragraph that explains why Dynamic Designs is a high-quality company. Visitors can navigate the website using the links in the top bar.

  35. William Jackson

    William Jackson puts the “Get a Free Quote” button front and center, so customers know right where to go to get signed up. The website uses a mainly black and gray color scheme, but the occasional use of bright yellow makes certain elements pop.

  36. Benvenuti and Stein

    Benvenuti and Stein uses thin fonts and a picture of a bright white kitchen to convey a sense of elegance. The site also features pictures of real projects that the company has completed. Scrolling down, visitors will see round icons that lead to images from the company’s portfolio.

  37. Authentic Custom Cabinetry

    Authentic Custom Cabinetry provides a stark design that pairs alternating black and white backgrounds with black and white text. The site is bold and eye-catching, and it features a list of the locations that the business serves.

  38. McMillan Cabinetmakers

    McMillan Cabinetmakers uses italicized text and a classically designed logo to make customers imagine a history of tradition and excellence. The site features blocks of content with live Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as an invitation to get in touch with the company.

  39. Cabinet and Wood Restoration

    Cabinet and Wood Restoration offers a simple layout with a short list of features and contact information. This website gets right to the point with no filler or fluff.

  40. Millcreek Cabinet

    Millcreek Cabinet provides a large logo on its homepage that makes a lasting impression. As visitors scroll down, they’ll find customer reviews and a portfolio of recent projects.

With a high-quality website, cabinet makers can generate more leads and expand their business throughout their service area.

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