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25 best animal control websites for 2023

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to remove an animal from your home or other property, the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to navigate badly designed websites that make you guess about whether the company in question offers the type of service you need. Thankfully, these 25 companies fully understand the importance of designing a great website that can help consumers find and arrange for the services they need.

Here are the top animal control websites for 2023

  1. Alpha Wildlife Removal

    Alpha Wildlife Removal greets you with a close-up of a curious raccoon, with a caption that makes it clear what they offer. Clicking on a button can get you a free quote, and the menu offers information on the company’s services and the animals they humanely relocate. The text loads smoothly, zipping in from both sides of the screen.

  2. Reliable Pest Solutions

    Reliable Pest Solutions offers a big, orange “free quote” button that you can’t miss it, and that’s good. Scenic photos of forests and mountains contrast with colorful drawings of pests they remove. The website is sleek and center-aligned, making it highly easy to navigate.

  3. Wildlife Animal Control Los Angeles

    The homepage for Wildlife Animal Control Los Angeles brings you face-to-face with a pesky raccoon, and then it lists various services. These include humane removal of living and dead animals. It also has a separate section dealing with bird control, so you know they specialize in this area.

  4. Varment Guard Wildlife Services

    Varment Guard Wildlife Services highlights that it offers services for both homes and businesses and offers links at the top of the homepage to learn more about each. There’s also a regularly updated blog that offers current advice on keeping uninvited animals off your property.

  5. Catawba Wildlife

    Catawba Wildlife offers a pared-down website with pages that discuss its services and give an overview of its animal removal process. It also has an entire page that highlights testimonials from happy customers, which is a great way of building authenticity and inspiring confidence among prospective customers.

  6. Sustainable Pet Systems

    Sustainable Pet Systems goes out of their way to discuss their “family and environmentally friendly services,” complete with pictures of a cute puppy and a playful little girl. This is a good marketing position to take, and it’s a unique way of targeting a specific market segment.

  7. New Leaf Wildlife Control

    New Leaf Wildlife Control opts to show the smiling faces of their team members as the lead photo on their website—a nice way of humanizing what can seem to be an otherwise cold business. They also discuss their humane removal options and customized plans. This is all smart marketing.

  8. Mr. Raccoon

    The motto “No Kill or Stress” is prominently displayed on the Mr. Raccoon homepage, and this is a good way of drawing the attention of potential customers. The website not only advertises their services but also has a specific page for “booking services,” which allows you to schedule an appointment from the website.

  9. Modern Wildlife Control

    Modern Wildlife Control has a great widget on its homepage, allowing you to contact the company without even scrolling down. This is a highly convenient and friction-free way of getting people to take advantage of the company’s many services, which are listed with pictures just below the fold.

  10. Advanced Wildlife Removal

    Advanced Wildlife Removal makes the most of its long homepage by dividing it into horizontal segments. This section-by-section approach highlights their reputation, services, and great reviews. A photo of an employee humanely holding several baby raccoons gives animal lovers peace of mind.

  11. Critter Evictor

    Critter Evictor doesn’t discuss “removal” services. Rather, they “evict” animals, and this is a nice way of marketing what they do. Their website highlights their raccoon work, but they also have a separate webpage showing how they deal with squirrels, rats, mice, and wildlife invading roofs.

  12. Trutech Wildlife Service

    Trutech Wildlife Service highlights its quarter-century of experience and offers a wide homepage menu bar with loads of options and suggestions for visitors. These include a wildlife library, a blog, and a list of their various commercial and residential services.

  13. Animal Control Trappers Wildlife Services

    The homepage for Animal Control Trappers Wildlife Services discusses their 24-hour services and allows you to book an appointment without ever having to scroll down. Their impressive list of services is clearly and prominently displayed. They also have a drop-down menu and a horizontal text block listing the areas they serve.

  14. Animal-Safe Wildlife Control

    Animal-Safe Wildlife Control emphasizes their humane approach and offers three broad sections about their services: wildlife removal, prevention, and deceased animal removal. These buttons are clickable above the fold. Below, you can click animal icons to learn about 10 types of wildlife they can relocate.

  15. Wildlife, Inc.

    Wildlife, Inc. has an exceptionally convenient homepage, allowing you to learn more about their services or get contact information without scrolling. With further investigation, you can get more information on what they offer and where they are located. A big red tab on the right side leads to five-star reviews.

  16. Mullis Brothers Services

    A close-up of an assertive-looking squirrel tops the sleek homepage for Mullis Brothers Services, advertising one of its animal removal specialties. This page conveniently lists all the animals that Mullis removes, making it an easy read for potential customers and enhancing its SEO potential.

  17. BuxMont-Wildlife-Trapping & Animal-Removal

    BuxMont-Wildlife-Trapping & Animal-Removal does something different as far as these pages go: It shows animals in their natural habitat, both before and after they have been captured. This is a smart way of highlighting their work and showing how their services really work.

  18. A-1 Wildlife Control

    A-1 Wildlife Control has a Facebook video from a local TV station right on their homepage. This news story features a woman talking about squirrels damaging her house, followed by a company spokesman explaining how to deal with the problem. This is a great way of demonstrating expertise.

  19. Denver Animal Control Specialist

    Denver Animal Control Specialist displays their phone number prominently in bold type on the homepage with the cities the business serves and a button that lets you call immediately. The rest of the page is devoted to discussing their services and showing a slew of five-star reviews that demonstrate customer satisfaction.

  20. Jax Wildlife Removal

    Jax Wildlife Removal dedicates buttons on the homepage to all the various types of animals they remove. Clicking on them reveals more information about each animal and why it is so important that consumers call professionals for help in taking care of their nuisance wildlife.

  21. Get Smart Rat Solutions

    Get Smart Rat Solutions stresses their approach of using science rather than chemicals and offers a great photo of their friendly team. The homepage uses a nice pull-down menu to compress lots of information into a relatively small space. There’s also a button that makes it easy to contact them.

  22. Pied Piper Pest Control

    Pied Piper Pest Control has an attractively designed front page in which the text scrolls over the images. Unlike most of the companies listed here, they don’t shy away from showing pictures of some of the uglier creatures they can help you remove. There’s a convenient contact form, too.

  23. ABC Humane Wildlife

    ABC Humane Wildlife uses a video of their employees in action inspecting surfaces, talking to customers, and removing wildlife. This is an unusual and effective way of getting a prospective customer’s attention and creating a great first impression.

  24. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions

    Buckeye Wildlife Solutions uses two- and three-column layouts on the homepage to pack in a good amount of information. They also have a prominent and helpful menu bar plus an extensive YouTube library that allows you to watch them deliver their services.

  25. Mark’s Wildlife Control

    Mark’s Wildlife Control has a horizontally oriented homepage, but it also advertises their various professional certifications as soon as you scroll down. This is a great way to highlight expertise. They also offer an entire page of positive customer reviews along with an easy link that allows customers to leave one. This not only highlights personal testimonies but also shows that they actively seek feedback.

These websites have it all: great information, fantastic design, and appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) properties. If you are looking to design a webpage, there are definitely items on this list that you can emulate — and we’ve love to help get you started..

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