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Professional deck contractor websites of 2023

When people search for “deck contractor in my area,” they can end up with dozens or even hundreds of results. For this reason, it’s important for deck contractor websites to immediately hook visitors and convince them why they should choose one business over the competitors. The contracting industry is highly competitive, and only the companies with the best marketing survive. A good website has a clear hook that grabs visitors’ attention, full-color photos, easy-to-find contact information and a clean, professional layout.

Here is our ranking of the best deck contractor websites.

  1. Carolina Decks

    Carolina Decks starts with a large, sweeping image of a professional deck that reminds visitors why they need a deck contractor in the first place. The website also features a clean layout with a white background and crisp, readable text. The contact information is conveniently located on the top bar of the page.

  2. A Deck Above

    A Deck Above features a large image of a professionally made deck as well as neat blocks of content and a centrally located button that invites visitors to request a free estimate. The website also contains short blurbs about the company and its services that add value to the business.

  3. Deck Builders Miami

    Deck Builders Miami has a washed-out image background that makes the text clear and easy to read. Scrolling down, visitors will find vibrant full-color photos and short paragraphs that describe the company’s services. The homepage concludes with a handy form that visitors can use to request a consultation.

  4. Robi Decking

    Robi Decking starts with a slideshow that catches visitors’ attention and offers photographs of real projects, so people know they’re dealing with a professional company. The website also features a convenient list of the different products that customers can order for their deck.

  5. Danny Deck

    Danny Deck entices visitors with a full-color image of a professional deck built over an expensive pool. This image makes visitors think about the benefits of having a deck in the summertime where they can relax in the sunlight. The website also has a short chart that describes the company’s building process.

  6. DekTex

    DekTex uses a video clip to immediately grab the visitor’s attention. Scrolling down, visitors to the site will find clear information on the different services that DekTex can perform. This includes pictures of projects the company has completed. The site also features testimonials from real customers.

  7. IPE Decking

    IPE Decking offers a slideshow of luxury homes, indicating that this is a high-end service. The website includes a bulleted list that educates visitors about the benefits of buying hardwood decks. The site also has a list of other products the company can install, like fences and gates.

  8. California Decking

    California Decking immediately identifies itself as a local business with a full-color picture of the California landscape. The site also features a live chat option on the bottom-right corner for customers who want to speak with a representative. A convenient “Get a Quote” button is located on the center of the page.

  9. Robco Fence and Deck

    Robco Fence and Deck immediately offers customers the chance to schedule a free consultation and click through other pages to learn more about the company’s services. An eye-catching “Request a Free Quote” button is located on the top-right corner. Scrolling down, visitors find handy blocks of content that link to relevant pages on the website.

  10. MGC Decks

    MGC Decks catches visitors’ attention with colorful pictures of expensive, luxurious decks. The site features pictures of recent projects and reviews from real customers, which give a strong impression that this is a company customers can trust.

  11. Your Deck Builder

    Your Deck Builder uses a reddish-brown color scheme to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. The website has a gallery with photos of recent projects as well as a list of the materials that the company uses. Social media buttons are conveniently located on the top bar of the page.

  12. LT Decks

    The LT Decks website is friendly and inviting, with a warm orange-and-yellow color scheme. The site places the “Get Started” button front and center, so visitors can immediately sign up for a consultation. The webpages are easily accessible from the black top bar on the homepage.

  13. LA Decks

    LA Decks offers the company’s phone number on the top-right corner, so customers can see it immediately. The website uses bulleted lists and clean blocks to break up the content and make it more readable. At the bottom of the page, the business invites customers to sign up for a free newsletter.

  14. Texas Custom Patios

    Texas Custom Patios features neat blocks of content that link to relevant websites. The blocks have full-color image backgrounds to make them look more appealing. At the bottom of the homepage is a helpful list of contact information.

  15. Renu @ Hand

    Renu @ Hand features an attractive koi pond background that is enough to make visitors stop scrolling and study the image for a few moments. The website also contains several customer testimonials as well as an animated button that urges visitors to call as soon as possible.

  16. Twin Palm Decks

    Twin Palm Decks uses an image of a couple jumping off a dock and into the water to show customers how much fun they can have with a new deck or dock. The site also greets visitors to the website with an invitation to sign up for a free consultation, generating new leads.

  17. Decks by TJS

    Decks by TJS immediately asks visitors to sign up for a free consultation or leave a review on Google Reviews, encouraging more customer interaction. The webpages are all conveniently located on the top bar. Additionally, the site contains a helpful form to request a consultation at the bottom.

  18. Miami Decks

    Miami Decks uses a bright blue-and-yellow button to make the phone number stand out to visitors. Scrolling down, visitors will find animated text that catches their attention and keeps them engaged. The site also has short blurbs of content that tell visitors a little about the company and what to expect.

  19. California Deck Builders

    California Deck Builders uses an animated button to invite customers to check out the company’s professional portfolio. The website also uses crisp icons and blocks of content to inform readers about the benefits of choosing its services.

  20. Dynamic Decksteriors

    Dynamic Decksteriors uses convenient drop-down boxes to make the top bar links more organized. The site also features a YouTube video that explains the benefits of investing in the company’s products. At the bottom of the page is a scrolling list of customer testimonials that cement the fact that the business is both legitimate and established in the community.

  21. Decks of Charlotte

    Decks of Charlotte immediately catches the visitor’s eye with a bold red-and-blue layout. The site features multiple buttons inviting visitors to sign up for a free estimate. The website also includes short blurbs that explain why visitors should choose Decks of Charlotte over the competition.

  22. Custom Outdoor Concepts

    Custom Outdoor Concepts uses patterned backgrounds to make its website more inviting and insular. The blocks of content flow into each other instead of appearing to be separate. The site also features eye-catching buttons that invite visitors to get a free quote and learn about financing options.

  23. DeckScapes

    DeckScapes immediately showcases a list of awards the business has won, making the company seem more impressive. The site also features images from recent projects and displays a list of the third-party businesses where customers have left reviews. At the bottom of the page is an attractive row of social media icons.

  24. Deck Creations

    Deck Creations uses a brown and forest-green color scheme to make visitors think about the outdoors. The site has the company’s phone numbers conveniently located on the top-right corner. Scrolling down, visitors will find a handy box with information on financing options.

  25. Felice Decks

    Felice Decks uses a slideshow to grab visitors’ attention as soon as they enter the website. The site also invites customers to “Tell Us About Your Project,” which sounds more friendly and personable than asking customers to request a free quote.

Finding new customers can be difficult in a saturated market, but with a little skill and expertise, you can build a professional website for your deck contractor business.

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