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30 popular neurologist web designs for 2023

When you need a neurologist, you are likely frightened and worried. You need the best, most professional information, and you are looking for a doctor who will both heal and comfort you. When you check a neurologist’s website for more information, that website must be well-designed in order to encourage you to call and make an appointment. Here’s a collection of neurologists’ websites that excel by delivering essential information in visually appealing formats.

The most popular websites for Neurologists in 2023

  1. Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders

    The Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders website has a variety of sharp aspects. Its geometric design flows well with its pleasant blue color scheme. It is updated in a timely fashion and advertises telemedicine services above its menu. It also offers a great blog that contains a variety of useful information.

  2. NC Neurology Consulting

    NC Neurology Consulting has some eye-catching, colorful images of the brain and neurons scrolling in the background. These are a great way of getting your attention. The information on the home page is highly relevant and includes disorders the doctor treats and facts about the practice.

  3. NY Neurology Associates

    NY Neurology Associates leans in on its New York location with a menu that features conditions they treat superimposed over a picture of the city. The website also has a great trailer, embedded from YouTube, that highlights what they do at the practice and how they can help you.

  4. Dr. Dexter Sun

    The opening picture shows a serious, engaged Dr. Dexter Sun, dressed in a white lab coat, talking with colleagues. It’s a great picture that inspires confidence. The graphics load perfectly and note a variety of features about the practice and Dr. Sun, including his fluency in multiple languages.

  5. Andrew M. Lerman MD

    The website for Andrew M. Lerman MD takes advantage of white space, and they do a great job of highlighting important features like what they treat and how you can make an appointment. The appointment-making feature is easy to find on the website, as it is literally front and center on the main page.

  6. Simon Neurology Clinic

    Simon Neurology Clinic offers a sleek image of a brain in motion on a background reminiscent of a night sky. It directs your attention to the fact that these two doctors have a combined 50 years of experience. As you scroll down, simple graphics mark information about health insurance, preparing for your visit, and the neurologists at the practice.

  7. WeMind Institute

    WeMind Institute specializes in pediatric neurology. Their website is kid-friendly and shows almost exclusively photos of children and teens — you can tell who their target audience is before you read a word. Scrolling down, you learn about disorders treated and meet the team.

  8. Miami Neuroscience Center

    The Miami Neuroscience Center uses a photo of a doctor using a piece of equipment on a patient to illustrate the concept of experienced hands guiding technology. Graphics fade in smartly and information is displayed in order of importance, including the various advantages of visiting this practice.

  9. Neurology Consultants of Arizona

    Neurology Consultants of Arizona are quick to announce their specialties: migraines, multiple sclerosis, dementia and several others. Clicking on links in a block of photos depicting them allows you to get more information about these disorders or easily book an appointment.

  10. Neurology Associates

    Neurology Associates has a variety of sharp, easy-to-click buttons, including one for telehealth and another for requesting an appointment. This convenience makes it simple to find the information you want. The clinic also has multiple locations, which the website design makes it easy to find.

  11. Carefree Neurology Clinic

    Carefree Neurology Clinic greets you with a gorgeous picture of a neuron as you arrive at the website. Its menu strikes the balance between unobtrusiveness and ease of navigation. It also has some great pages, like a patient portal and a screen devoted to educational resources.

  12. Neurology Center of New England

    Neurology Center of New England has an attractive scrolling carousel of images, including some of the practice, inside and out. Its graphics load nicely, and you can click on several tabs highlighted by images to prepare for your visit and see their “Top Doctor” awards.

  13. BlueSky Neurology

    BlueSky Neurology displays two YouTube videos almost as soon as you load the front page, featuring interviews with practitioners and how to deal with strokes. Video is often a great way of drawing someone into a website, and this works well.

  14. Cherry Creek Neurology

    Cherry Creek Neurology may have the best-loading screen of any of the websites on this list. Their slogan — “We listen. We Care. We make a difference.” — loads one sentence at a time, followed by the buttons. The website also has two unique buttons: “New patients” and “Follow-up patients.” Both give interesting and helpful information.

  15. Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine

    As its name implies, Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine is a practice that focuses on children. Instead of a standard menu, the website has big buttons that make it easy to navigate from one page to another. It’s a nice change that makes the site convenient.

  16. Center for Healing Neurology

    The Center for Healing Neurology website opens with a YouTube video about their practice. They also take a different tack that reflects current conditions: The first service they advertise is immune system support. The menu also advertises other special services, like oxygen support.

  17. Seattle Neurosciences

    This website highlights Seattle Neurosciences’ patient-centered and academic credentials. Instead of showing their news or reviews, the home page discusses the various treatments that they offer and the academic journals in which the practice’s doctors have been published.

  18. Las Vegas Neurology Center

    The Las Vegas Neurology Center website has a short home page. It also has a menu that smoothly moves from the top of the page to the bottom. Most impressive is its Procedures drop-down, which allows you to learn more about the various services the center can offer you.

  19. Neurology Center of Nevada

    The Neurology Center of Nevada uses its home page to highlight a few specific items, such as sleep testing and EEG services. Scrolling down reveals more information, including the seven doctors on the medical team. You can click on each of their pictures to get more information.

  20. Medical Neurology of Las Vegas

    The Medical Neurology of Las Vegas main page prominently features the Nevada skyline and Dr. Bess Chang, noting her biography, expertise and accolades near the top. This website is an informational one; clicking on the conditions treated reveals even more information about a variety of disorders.

  21. Khavkin Clinic

    The Khavkin Clinic website offers both “complimentary review” and “second opinion” options right on its main page. This is an interesting and unique approach to marketing, and it’s an effective way to differentiate itself from other clinics.

  22. Wasatch Neurological Clinic

    The Wasatch Neurological Clinic website is attractively formatted, taking advantage of center-aligned texts and images. Its menu is limited, but its contact information is prominently highlighted, and it’s clear the website is designed to encourage you to call to learn more.

  23. Intermountain Neurology & Sleep Center

    The Intermountain Neurology & Sleep Center has a huge button encouraging you to “request your appointment today.” It also uses a gentle video of the natural beauty in the area of the clinic. This looks professional and creates a peaceful mood that suits a sleep center.

  24. Tri-Star Medical Group

    Tri-Star Medical Group has a menu with big, round buttons prominently displayed near the top of the home page. This is a unique design element and one that encourages you to click further for more information. As you scroll down, a photo and another button reinforce the practice’s emphasis on telehealth.

  25. Midtown Pediatric Neurology

    Midtown Pediatric Neurology has an adorable picture of a little girl with a teddy bear next to two big buttons inviting you to “Learn More” and “Make An Appointment.” These buttons themselves lead you to a ton of information that is highly relevant to whatever you need.

  26. Nashville Neurology Associates

    Nashville Neurology Associates is one of the few web pages on this list to display a background video. They do so using relevant scenes, like a digital picture of a spine and their doctors practicing. This works well to draw you in, and clean, clear graphics and text add to this favorable impression.

  27. Nashville Brain and Body

    Nashville Brain and Body features a pop-up that makes it easy for you to join their email list and get more information. Like other good websites, this one also make it easy to book an appointment: You can start the process with a single click.

  28. Nashville Brain Institute

    Nashville Brain Institute has a series of gorgeous, artistic pictures of the brain and people that fade into each other. Scrolling down reveals more information about their practice, locations and the disorders they treat.

  29. Neurology Consultants of Dallas

    Neurology Consultants of Dallas has a short home page that gives the basics about who they are and what they offer. Interestingly, above their menu is a narrow banner touting the research studies they offer. This is not only a great service but also helps to showcase the clinic’s academic credentials and expertise.

  30. Neurology Services of Texas

    Neurology Services of Texas has fantastic and consistent branding. Important text is located in sharp, easy-to-read graphic designs, and the home page makes it easy to learn about who practices at this clinic and how they can help you.

When it comes to neurology, websites must strike a difficult balance between sleek design and inspiring confidence in their services. These websites do just that. If you’re looking for the best neurological surgery center websites, we have you covered there as well.

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