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Top 20 electrician websites recommended for 2023

As long as people use electricity, electricians will always remain an essential part of the global economy. On the same hand, people who browse the internet will trust electricians with great websites. Although being a skilled electrician has nothing to do with website quality, consumers still value high-quality websites. Fortunately, since electricians work on a regional basis, you’ll only need to compete with regional competitors. Here are 20 great examples of electrician websites from successful businesses across the country. Use these pages as inspiration for improving your own company’s website.

The 20 best electrician websites for 2023

  1. A & P Electrical Services

    A & P Electrical Services‘ website is a perfect example of simplicity done right. The website features a slider of different services the company provides with each slide featuring pictures of high-class homes and workplaces. It lists three phone numbers above and below this slider, which makes visitors feel that A & P Electrical Services is easy to reach.

  2. Eagle Electric

    Eagle Electric welcomes readers with a high-quality image of a well-lit, high-class home. Upon scrolling down, the website displays a brief company description in black text upon a white background. It then lists its top three services with accompanying pictures.

  3. Mr. Electric

    Mr. Electric displays its wide array of services and capabilities from the moment web users visit its website. With three call buttons and two prompts to find local Mr. Electric providers, the website ensures that visitors know how to contact the company.

  4. Guidry’s Electrical

    With a hand-drawn background and a simple greeting, Guidry’s Electrical makes a great impression on browsers. The website eschews a sales-heavy approach by only listing contact prompts beneath the front page, making sure visitors don’t feel overwhelmed. It also establishes legitimacy for itself by listing statistics of completed projects, satisfied clients, and years of experience.

  5. Alba Electric

    Alba Electric uses a simple yet engaging color scheme to draw readers in. It uses a simple line-drawing animation underneath its phone number to drive call rates.

  6. GNH Electric

    GNH Electric impresses potential customers with a three-layer animation of its logo, electrical wires, and a lightning bolt on its homepage. Scrolling down, the website features a contact box to encourage people to reach out.

  7. YT Electrical Services

    YT Electrical Services prioritizes easy contact by listing a total of seven contact options on its homepage. The website lists several short blurbs about the benefits it offers, combining them with fun icons and family-friendly imaging to win over users.

  8. Empire Electric

    Empire Electric is a great example of how to make the most of a brilliant white background. The website uses animated icons as bullet points to illustrate why its services stick out from its competitors. It also features a rolling list of its many satisfied customers.

  9. All in One Electric

    All in One Electric employs a simple website layout that’s easy on viewers’ eyes. The website welcomes readers with a beautiful aerial time-lapse of its service area, which is filled with bright lights. Combined with its white and yellow theme, the design lets users know that the company is ideal for any electrical job.

  10. RDS Electric

    RDS Electric clearly displays its services across four different text bubbles. Immediately above its services is a slider of well-placed stock images combined with characteristics that make the company special.

  11. Springfield Electric Inc.

    Springfield Electric Inc. has a simple website design featuring three contact prompts on its homepage that allow browsers to contact the company. The website also features a slider with several testimonials, each of which has a professional headshot, business name, and reviewer name to add extra legitimacy.

  12. PK & Altman Electric

    PK & Altman Electric greets potential customers with a slideshow of its own employees at work. Each of these pictures features beautiful electrical installations in upscale homes and apartments throughout the company’s service area. The website also lists its associations with local organizations and review aggregators by clearly displaying their logos throughout its homepage.

  13. Smart Choice Electrical Services

    Smart Choice Electrical Services takes a novel approach to website design with its deep purple, yellow, and white color scheme. Combined with a nighttime picture of a well-lit home, this combination of colors reassures readers that this company is well-suited for around-the-clock emergency service.

  14. Arnold Electric Services

    Arnold Electric Services emphasizes its family-friendly image by starting off with a simple declaration of how long it’s been in service. The website design couples this statement with a picture of the company’s team members.

  15. Pritchard Electric

    Pritchard Electric brilliantly ties in its company colors with its website’s color scheme, giving the website an undeniably professional appeal. Below, it pairs well-edited stock images with the services it provides.

  16. Blue Apple Electric

    Blue Apple Electric combines a black, white, blue, and red color scheme with brilliant pictures of nighttime skylines of the city it serves. It lists coupons and its charity efforts alongside services to make a hard-hitting emotional appeal to visitors.

  17. Hawes Electrical Service

    With a simple yet captivating statement, Hawes Electrical Service places readers’ worries at ease without leaving its homepage. Its homepage also clearly lists its phone number, state contractor’s license, and a “Request Service” prompt to get users to contact the company.

  18. EP Electric

    Immediately underneath its homepage, EP Electric lists links to five-star reviews from six highly trusted websites. The website also lists some of its awards and accomplishments using official third-party badges, an effective strategy for building legitimacy.

  19. Delta Quality Electric

    Delta Quality Electric opts for an all-black background that emanates nothing but class. Its website makes powerful emotional appeals to visitors when discussing its services as its main call to action.

  20. Jim & Sons Electric

    With its bright yellow and brilliant white color scheme, Jim & Sons Electric uses colors traditionally associated with electricity to win over customers. The website appeals to visitors using pictures of completed residential jobs that look amazing.

Attracting new customers can be difficult with a poor-to-average website. Modeling your website after these examples can help you win over potential customers.

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