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25 top naturopathic physician website designs for 2023

You invest time and money in marketing because you want the world to know what you stand for and offer clients. This is especially important for those who practice naturopathy, which is often misunderstood. Your website is the first step toward creating a strong online presence that presents your brand to ideal customers. All other efforts to secure and convert leads are supported by your website.

Here are 2023’s top 25 naturopathic physician websites.

  1. The Roxbury Institute

    The Roxbury Institute uses a sweeping website design that easily transitions from large images of upscale, comfortable spa environments to detailed explanations of the services. You almost feel relaxed just by looking at the images. Together, the images and text create a strong sense of brand that tells potential customers what to expect when scheduling an appointment.

  2. Doctor Guy

    About halfway down the Doctor Guy website, you see a visual display of the services offered by this naturopathic physician office. The site provides an image along with a brief introduction for each of their primary services, and you can click a link for more detailed information. That’s a good way to tell potential clients what’s available.

  3. Dr. Bryant Esquejo, Naturopathic Doctor

    When you load this naturopathic physician’s website, the screen is filled with a colorful image and a four-word statement. The focus is on the “book now” link, which is placed just below that introductory statement. While it doesn’t deliver a lot of information about the doctor’s services right away, it does introduce Dr. Bryant Esquejo’s brand with strong imagery.

  4. The Healing House of New Mexico

    The Healing House of New Mexico website features several images of its facility and staff members. These images are woven throughout the homepage, allowing visitors to visualize themselves participating in an outdoor yoga class in a serene natural environment or ordering a snack at their Morning Glory Café. These images may convince visitors to book an appointment even if they don’t read the text.

  5. Vitality Integrative Medicine

    If you imagine your website presenting your services to the world with colorful images that pull readers into your content, Vitality Integrative Medicine has a web design worth exploring. The front page opens with a slider that presents images and category names for their primary services. The site then offers large boxes with images and brief introductions to more specific services.

  6. Dr. Megan Ding, ND

    Dr. Megan Ding in Charlotte, North Carolina, features a video at the top of her homepage. It looks like a captivating image as you see on so many other naturopathic physician websites, but clicking the “play video” link takes you to a branded clip that presents her services in a more entertaining manner.

  7. Dr. Judith, ND

    The website for Dr. Judith, ND, proves that you don’t need a lengthy homepage to speak to your client base. The site opens with a large image that welcomes visitors with a smile, and then it transitions through just a few short sections that lead to more detailed pages of information. This is a more minimalist design on the homepage, but the website still delivers all the needed information to establish a sense of brand and encourage appointments.

  8. Sage Naturopathic Medicine

    For an example of a naturopathic physician website that places more emphasis on written text, look at the site for Sage Naturopathic Medicine. The design incorporates fewer images than most other websites in the industry and dedicates more room to detailed content that speaks to the services offered and expertise of the physician.

  9. Dr. Maura

    The website for Dr. Maura in New York has a more engaging way of introducing visitors to the services offered. Large image blocks represent each service category, and the images flip to blocks of introductory text when you hover your mouse over each one. This is a more interactive site design that’s likely to captivate the interest of visitors for longer periods of time.

  10. Dr. Lana Wellness

    Dr. Lana Wellness uses a video on her website to bring movement and verbal communication to what is often a quiet, static experience. The video starts playing the moment the website is loaded, so you don’t need to hit play. It does a good job of introducing the services and products offered without requiring visitors to read text.

  11. Ascend Integrative Medicine

    Many naturopathic physicians use sliders at the top of their websites, but few do it as well as Ascend Integrative Medicine. The slider on this website is more expansive and engaging. It flips automatically between bold images, creating a visual effect similar to a video clip. It’s more interactive and entertaining than many other homepage sliders.

  12. Holistic Specialists

    Holistic Specialists places their consultation scheduling form toward the top of their homepage. The website design flows smoothly between sections of content, which are divided by moving lines, images, and color blocks. The consultation form stands out as you scroll, increasing the chances of visitors filling it out.

  13. Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken

    If you want your website to have a more personal feel, consider the website representing Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken a good example. It features images of the licensed naturopathic physician, and all the content is written in first person. Rather than learning about a service or doctor’s office, visitors are introduced to the doctor personally and her reasons for offering her services.

  14. Integrative Wellness

    Integrative Wellness provides a good example of how playing with fonts can add more interest to text on a website. This naturopathic practice uses text that looks more like handwriting on sections of their homepage. The result is a more personal feel that grabs the eye, allowing that portion of text to stand out from the rest.

  15. Naturahealth Integrative Medical Center

    Naturahealth uses a simplified list to present their services in a concise manner. Instead of large image blocks, they utilize small colored circles with symbols that represent each service. This approach allows them to present a more exhaustive list of services without dedicating too much space on their homepage.

  16. Infinity Holistic

    Look to websites like Infinity Holistic for creative ways to put a personal touch on a homepage. You can introduce yourself to your community personally while keeping your image professional and trustworthy. This website does it through pictures of the naturopathic physician and blocks of content written in first person.

  17. Dr. Eric Wood, ND

    Dr. Eric Wood, ND, presents his personal journey to natural wellness on the front page of his website. Rather than focusing on the services offered by his practice, he uses storytelling to show potential clients that he can relate to their struggles. This is an excellent way to gain trust and turn online leads into new patients.

  18. Natural Medicine of Seattle

    Natural Medicine of Seattle is an example of elevating your website with information that you don’t often see presented up front. For example, this website dedicates a block of text toward the top of the homepage to their stance against discrimination. You don’t have to stick to your services. Providing more detailed information about your practice can help win over visitors.

  19. New Hope Unlimited

    Are you interested in presenting success rates and other data on your website? If so, look to websites like New Hope Unlimited for creative ways to pull that data into your design. This site features their success rates on the homepage, presenting powerful information that visitors can use when deciding to contact the office.

  20. Water’s Edge Natural Medicine

    Water’s Edge Natural Medicine leads with its expertise. The header on the homepage features a bright picture of a couple smiling and states that they have 30 years of experience with bio-identical hormones and are national experts. That information is all that many visitors need to know before deciding if the service can meet their needs.

  21. Holistic Primary Care

    You can see what the addition of simple moving parts can do to a website when you look at the site for Holistic Primary Care in St. Petersburg, Florida. The homepage features a couple of leaves that appear to drop and float in place. The leaves are placed between sections of the homepage, creating visual interest and entertainment while pulling all sections of the site together.

  22. Holistic Healing Heart Center

    Dr. Cynthia at the Holistic Healing Heart Center in California uses the heading section on her homepage to feature more than an image. The top section features links to her newsletter signup form, her service philosophy, and pages related to telehealth and other trending services. That’s a great way to put the most important information front and center.

  23. Coherence Healing

    If you don’t have a lot of images to feature on your website, use Coherence Healing as an example of a site that focuses heavily on bold color and text. While the top of the homepage features an image, most of the website is text backed by blocks of bright color. The site utilizes just one primary color and white as an accent, proving you don’t need a lot of fancy details to create a visually stimulating website.

  24. Southern California Integrative Wellness Center

    For a variation on the standard website slider, look at the website for the Southern California Integrative Wellness Center. Their slider features decorative lines that almost create the shape of a heart across the top. It also features images that seem to drop into place as the slides flip. The site has a lot of color and visual interest that feels interactive.

  25. Rainier Natural Medicine

    Rainier Natural Medicine offers a great example of how small details can bring a naturopathic physician website to life. The image at the top of the homepage is static, but it creates the effect of moving clouds at the top and water along the bottom. That grabs the eye and offers a sense of serenity and peace, which fits with the practice’s brand.

These quality examples are the perfect inspiration when designing or improving your naturopathic physician website.

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