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5 best auto sales websites for 2023

Auto dealerships sell higher-budget products with an implicitly visual side, making even a used car dealership’s attention to how their vehicles appear both online and in-person a crucial part of getting customers to convert. But the website of a car dealership doesn’t necessarily need lots of bells and whistles, like excessive pop-up notifications that you sometimes find.

Let’s take a look at some site examples from dealerships that strike an online balance between flashiness and utility.

  1. Anderson Lincoln

    This site advertises its most popular products with high resolution imagery right at the top of the page, even before scrolling to the homepage’s center. Dealerships have a lot of inventory flux, so this is a good idea because it shows what’s most new and available, and you can close the slide whenever. More generally, the site’s background video offers a pleasant view of the business’s location with three very direct calls to action, “Find,” “Sell,” or “Service” your vehicle. Below, they have a more complex query menu narrowing which cars are in stock for any customer’s needs and a series of slides that more statically describe who they are and what they offer. Their balance of initial dynamic presentation and still-image sequencing is an effective first look into their business!

  2. Regency Toyota

    Based in Vancouver, CA, Regency’s website shows that they’re both a used and new car dealership, meaning their inventory is probably high and they don’t have as much a need to advertise specific models more than quality dealership service otherwise. Their calls to action are front-and-center on their homepage and scrolling down brings you to a personalizing description about how Regency wants to help you make an informed purchase instead of a rushed one. Along with a slideshow image that shows a Regency employee celebrating blood donation efforts in Canada, this helps build more community-based trust in their brand. They aren’t just trying to sell you a car and get you out the door more than helping you make the decision that’s best for your needs so you’re as satisfied as possible.

  3. Land Rover Tampa

    Succeeding with a less-is-more strategy, this site delivers crucial information in a compelling way, and without needing to deviate from more classic design. They advertise new vehicles right on their homepage slider with clear pricing and call to action buttons for each. Just below, they let users scroll between the general models they offer for clicking toward a more specific look at models based on user preference. While their header bar offers a thorough menu of all the services they offer, the rest of the site is mostly an informative description of their mission and an easy-to-find menu of their most popular services, including servicing vehicles and financing options.

  4. Volvo Cars Manhattan

    Offering a sleek website with just a little more than the essentials was the right choice for Volvo Manhattan. The first things you see are two calls to action for viewing their inventory: a “View [Specific Trending Model]” option and a “Browse Inventory” option with associated blank fields for model, year, and the number of used or new versions of a particular car. With evenly-spaced, large and clickable images denoting their categories, the sophisticated tone of “Looking for offers?” is an effective way to advertise discounts and other deals for a more boutique dealership while “Join Our Service Clinic” characterizes their repair services as both club-like and highbrowed.

  5. Austin Infiniti

    Last, but hardly least, Infiniti’s Austin dealership brings a site that supports the middle ground between sophistication and accessibility. While their homepage slider shows their newest products in action-oriented, immersive video, just below is a simple-looking search bar for looking up the value of your own vehicle in case you wish to sell. This is a very smooth transition between describing that they offer new, exciting vehicles, and also buy used ones, all with minimal text and heavy visuals. They’re proud to show a plethora of very recent customer testimonials from many social media channels and offer a concise but punchy welcome description near the bottom to keep you focused on how they want you to feel about their services without just getting lost in flowery language.

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