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Convert Font Awesome icons into PNGs

Here a pretty sweet site that convert Font Awesome icons (and a lot more different font icons) straight into PNG files here. You can enter the size, and color of the icon, as well as margins and background color. I found this really handy for using with blurbs or for making base64 icons.

It includes the following web icon fonts:

  • Brandico
  • Devicons
  • Feather
  • FontAwesome
  • Fontelico
  • Font Mfizz
  • Foundation Icon Fonts
  • IcoMoon Free
  • Iconic
  • Ionicons
  • Ligature Symbols
  • Map-Icons
  • Material Icons
  • MFG Labs iconset
  • Octicons
  • OpenWeb Icons
  • Payment Webfont
  • Stroke 7
  • Typicons
  • Weather Icons
  • Zocial

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