Creating anchor links in Beaver Builder

Creating anchor links in Beaver Builder can help your user navigate your website. An anchor link or targeted link is a link that takes a user to a specific part of a page. You might have a FAQ page, for example, with questions listed at the top. Then each question could link to the question and answer further down the page. That would be a targeted link, or anchor link, because you’re sending the user to a specific part of the FAQ page rather than just to the top of the page.

Creating anchor links in Beaver Builder

First, you need to create the place where the user will land after clicking on the link.

  1. Open the text editor on that page.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Under the “HTML Element tab, add ‘name-of-anchor’ to the ID field, with no # preceding it. In the example below, the anchor name is “unconscious-bias”. It is ok to use hyphens in the anchor tab name, but don’t use spaces.
  4. Click on “Save” in the Text Editor box.
  5. Save your changes on the page.
Beaver Builder anchor ID

Next, create the link itself.

  1. Use your cursor to select the text that the user will click on.
  2. Click on the link icon.
  3. If you are linking to a spot on the page you are on right now, add #name-of-anchor – in this case, #unconscious-bias
    Note: If you are sending the user to another part of a different page, you’ll need to include the entire link, like this: https://redearthdesign.com/other-page/#name-of-link
  4. Click on the blue return arrow to save.
  5. Save your changes to the page.
  6. Log out of your website, and click on the link to be sure it is working properly.
Beaver Builder anchor links
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