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40 best tree service websites for 2024

Unlike the past, today’s homeowners and property managers use the internet to find tree service providers. Your website should capture visitors’ attention and establish legitimacy. It should also highlight your company’s contact information and encourage visitors to reach out to you. A combination of vivid pictures of your previous work and engaging written content will encourage readers to choose your services. For help building your company’s website, take inspiration from the following 40 examples.

The top 40 tree service websites that 2024 has to offer

  1. TreeCareLA

    TreeCareLA grabs readers’ attention with a professionally shot, vibrant image of its work. It invites people to reach out to the company by placing a “Contact Us” button in the middle of its opening page. The website makes customers aware of the company’s other services by listing them immediately below this call to action.

  2. Monster Tree Service

    Monster Tree Service builds trust from the start by listing its benefits across a three-image slideshow of well-manicured lawns. By overlaying animated figures on top of these pictures, the company takes full advantage of branding, displaying as many as three logos per slide.

  3. Cypress Tree Service

    Cypress Tree Service immediately greets browsers with a full-page action shot of an employee suspended in a tree. Scrolling down, the company highlights a trio of glowing reviews using bright colors. This is a great example of a simple, high-quality webpage.

  4. Gabriel’s Tree Services & Landscaping

    Gabriel’s Tree Services & Landscaping showcases its variety of services with a slideshow of the company’s work. Each picture is titled with the service it represents. Right above its rotating testimonial widget, the company features a digital coupon, incentivizing visitors to call in.

  5. AZ Tree & Hardscape Co.

    AZ Tree & Hardscape Co. puts users at ease by displaying its state license number at the top of the page. Coupled with its phone number, this combination showcases how simple effective calls to action can be. Down the page, the company highlights its certifications and corporate clients using small icons of their logos, instilling a sense of trust in readers.

  6. Florida’s Tree Surgeons

    Florida’s Tree Surgeons sets itself apart from competitors with its calming, trustworthy green-and-white layout. Upon entry, the homepage displays a short biography to build legitimacy. Underneath this bio is a pair of call-to-action buttons: “Call for a Quote” and “Contact Us Now.” This combination increases the likelihood of contact by giving people choices.

  7. Tree Geek Services Inc.

    Tree Geek Services Inc. displays two calls to action and a slideshow of pictures taken on the job across a black background. Scrolling down, the website uses faded green and brown blocks to inform visitors of its other services.

  8. Tree Service of San Antonio

    Tree Service of San Antonio has the simplest homepage on this list. It woos readers with a full-page, well-edited picture of an employee cutting a limb. The website features three calls to action, one of which is offset by a bright-red bar at the top of the page.

  9. Big Ben’s Tree Service

    Big Ben’s Tree Service uses simplicity to its advantage, setting itself apart with its homepage’s offer of around-the-clock care in bold white text across a black background. Below, the company uses small, cute icons to list its numerous services.

  10. Lopez Tree Service

    Lopez Tree Service catches browsers’ eyes with a stunning image of a lone tree before a sun-swept background. Scrolling down, the company lists each of its services with short blurbs and pictures of the company’s employees at work.

  11. Joseph Tree

    The website layout of Joseph Tree places a “Get Your Estimate” button in the middle of its homepage, encouraging people to contact the company. Underneath, the company lists an inspiring story behind its foundation and a picture of its team members. It also sports a dozen tiny icons of its largest clients, building trust in visitors’ minds.

  12. Sunrise Tree Care

    Using a white background, Sunrise Tree Care calls readers to action by highlighting its “Get In Touch” icons with bright yellow and red hues. On its homepage, the company fits in multiple blurbs explaining what sets it apart from its rivals.

  13. Charter Oaks Tree & Landscaping Co.

    The homepage of Charter Oaks Tree & Landscaping Co.‘s website sports a trio of horizontal, different-colored blocks that advertise its three best qualities. Below, it informs users of its specialized services, each section coupled with “Learn More” and “Free Consultation” tabs.

  14. One Day Tree Service

    One Day Tree Service greets readers with a photo of its team at work, sporting an “Our Services” and a “Request Quote” button. Scrolling down, the website puts visitors at ease with a simple black-and-white design that showcases its services, testimonials, and a company bio.

  15. Boutte Tree

    Boutte Tree is one of the few tree service websites to use videos on its homepage. It loops together about 10 short videos of its employees rolling logs, feeding them into wood chippers, and cutting down tall trees while suspended high above the ground. At the bottom, it links to its awards and five-star reviews on other websites like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor.

  16. Tree Care Professional

    Tree Care Professional invites you to contact the company with a pulsing “Call Now” button in the corner and a “Contact Us” icon on the front page. On the bottom half of its homepage, it begins a list of its services, each of which is paired with images of its work.

  17. Green Leaf Trees

    Green Leaf Trees combines two trendy web designs. At first, the website dedicates one-half of the screen to a blue-text blurb backed by a brilliant-white background; the other half is a picture of its workers. After another page of this layout, the website displays short descriptions of its services over action shots of its employees at work. This is an excellent example of a forward-thinking web design.

  18. Tree Pros

    Tree Pros greets visitors with a drone-shot video of a full-fledged tree-cutting operation lasting about two minutes. The website draws attention to a tagline and a short bio with green-and-black blocks immediately beneath the video. Down below, it also features logos of its most well-established clients.

  19. Zamora Tree Service

    Zamora Tree Service begins with a high-quality shot of a chainsaw. Underneath is a large white box that lists four of the company’s most popular services. It also features its convenient location on Google Maps.

  20. Bartlett Tree Experts

    Bartlett Tree Experts employs a bright, cheerful green, orange, yellow, and white color scheme. The website uses basic, hand-drawn icons to bring attention to the company’s distinguishing characteristics. It also features a “Tip of the Month,” making visitors feel smarter after checking the page out.

  21. Tree Musketeers

    Using a black-and-white color scheme, Tree Musketeers directs your eyes to its homepage’s bright red “Our Services” icon and its bold, forest green “Contact Us” button. Below, the website lists its services, features testimonials, and displays an interactive contact form.

  22. Coronado Tree Service

    Coronado Tree Service features four call-to-action opportunities on its front page. On the bottom half of this page, it displays a form for visitors’ information in exchange for a free estimate. When used correctly, this strategy can expand your potential leads.

  23. General Tree Service

    General Tree Service offers a picture of a well-trimmed tree, showing you what you can gain from the company’s services. Heading downward, the website sports a neat list of its services in gray, rectangular bubbles. Below, it hosts a “See Us In Action” video that showcases its work in action.

  24. Green Extraction Technologies

    Green Extraction Technologies begins with a local park landscape picture, hugged by two thin maroon bars, one with a “Call” button and the other with a “Contact An Arborist” prompt. The bottom half of its homepage lists a company biography, informing readers of what makes the company different.

  25. Urban Soil

    This website immediately displays a large white menu with the company’s logo, hours, address, phone number, and a prompt to request a quote. Scrolling down, Urban Soil features a video player with a high-quality commercial informing visitors of what the company offers.

  26. Lynch Tree Service

    Lynch Tree Service employs a forest green color scheme and a picture of a high forest to associate its services with lush, fully grown trees. The website’s header follows browsers throughout the layout, attracting them to follow its “Call For Emergency Service” button.

  27. CP & Sons Tree Service

    CP & Sons Tree Service establishes legitimacy with a header that indicates the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Its homepage sports a video of a company truck driving through a neighborhood with tall, lush trees. The company also uses a long list of rectangular, forest green boxes with mustard-yellow highlights.

  28. Arbor Care Tree Care

    Arbor Care Tree Care uses a text-heavy design to inform visitors of its services and areas of operation. The website also highlights its certified arborists with professional portraits, names, and license numbers.

  29. Heartwood Tree Care

    Heartwood Tree Care gives shoppers a break from demanding calls to action, utilizing a calm, white background with a picture of palm trees. It puts users at ease by listing several reasons why the company is qualified to serve customers’ tree-trimming needs.

  30. Pro Tree Service

    On top of a picture of a tree stump, Pro Tree Service draws attention to its “Request An Estimate” prompt with a short call to action. Immediately below, the website uses large, bold, classy text to indicate its areas of service.

  31. Titan Tree Care

    Titan Tree Care leads off with a bright orange header listing its phone number and an account login, building legitimacy with readers. The company uses two menus, a hamburger menu and a bottom bar menu, to help not-so-savvy browsers navigate the website.

  32. PDX Tree Service

    PDX Tree Service makes you feel like you’re in a forest by greeting you with a landscape portrait of a beautiful forest. This website design immediately draws customers’ eyes to its two contact numbers and its “Contact Us” button.

  33. Thrifty Tree Service

    Thrifty Tree Service clearly displays its “Learn More” prompt atop a sun-kissed landscape that features an adult tree in the foreground. It also makes you aware of its services, the lower half of its homepage sporting pictures of yards the company has worked on. These pictures are trailed by paragraph-long descriptions of its services.

  34. Seattle Tree Care

    Seattle Tree Care appeases visitors with a slideshow of photographs of its team members hard at work. This website is a great example of how to use calls to action without overkill, sporting three on its front page.

  35. Branch Management Tree Service

    Branch Management Tree Service welcomes readers with a rotation of four photos overlaid with prompts to get a free quote. The website features a simple white-and-green layout that directs attention to its calls to action using white-outlined buttons. These attract visitors’ eyes without making them feel forced to reach out.

  36. Braddock’s Tree Service

    Braddock’s Tree Service greets you with a full-page slideshow of lush landscapes and tree technicians hard at work. This website is a shining example of how to use images to organically showcase services. It also features a pulsating, bright-red call button in the corner.

  37. J&J Tree Service

    J&J Tree Service employs a mixture of backgrounds, including an image of a palm tree, an up-close shot of wood grain, a cityscape, and plain white backdrops. The website features a vast array of the company’s work, including before-and-after comparisons.

  38. Rey’s Tree Service

    Rey’s Tree Service openly indicates that it provides both residential and commercial services on its opening page. Scrolling down, the website sports a picture and biography of the owner, a brief rundown of the company’s work process, and how services are priced. This innovative layout provides a comprehensive-yet-brief overview of the company.

  39. Champions Tree Preservation

    Champions Tree Preservation helps visitors feel at ease with a slideshow of beautiful landscapes the company has worked on. Below, the website lists its services using a combination of blurbs, “Learn More” prompts, and high-resolution photos of tree trimmers working in the field.

  40. Gray Tree Service

    Gray Tree Service uses a rough-and-tumble website design to appeal to a male demographic, securing business from homeowners who don’t want to hire tree-trimming experts. Toward the middle of its homepage, the company lists three awards and distinctions that set it apart.

With a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll be able to pull plenty of inspiration from these 40 tree service websites.

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