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Hitting it out of the park: the 6 best baseball websites of 2023

If technology is the future of the world and baseball one of the world’s favorite past times, then putting the two together is somewhat of a mixed bag. When you think of baseball, you can’t help but to think of the “good ol’ days”, when everything was simple, affordable, and — best of all — straightforward. Technology, including the internet, on the other hand, leaves a lot of people feeling the complete opposite: difficult, expensive and complicated.

So, what happens when a baseball team or program needs a website?

Not only do the best baseball websites require creativity in order to present themselves as part of a centuries-old tradition on a modern-day platform, but they must be extremely well designed so that everybody feels right at home when navigating from page to page, link to link.

Curious to see what that might look like?

Here are the six best baseball websites on the internet right now…

The six best baseball websites of 2023

  1. https://www.mlb.com/

    While it might not surprise you that the Major League Baseball website is one of the best examples of a great baseball website, the reasons why it’s so good just might. Required to offer an extensive amount of information, including the home pages of all of the MLB teams, the website chooses to use an extensive, rather than a simplified, menu to help visitors find what they’re looking for without even needing to scroll. While logic might tell you to keep the main menu as basic as possible, trying to hide too much of what the website offers can actually make people dig more. For a comprehensive website like MLB.com, choosing to keep as much as possible visible really is the best decision in terms of overall visitor experience. Instant-play video clips of game highlights, daily updated scoreboards, and an integrated Twitter feed are just other reasons why this is one of our top picks for baseball website design.

  2. https://www.baseballyouth.com/

    While the load time is slightly longer than you might want (we’re talking milliseconds here), the final result is worth it: A beautiful image-rich website that keeps your attention from top of the page to bottom. Using a less-traditional side bar menu for navigation, the Baseball Youth website allows the focus to go completely to the eye-catching image of the young boy behind his baseball glove – a smart marketing move because of its ability to quickly make a personal connection with visitors. Image animation keeps the visitor engaged as they scroll down the homepage, coming across sections like the “Elite 25” rankings and the latest issue of the Baseball Youth magazine. One of the funnest features on the site is the social media count section, which uses bright colors and a toll-inspired animation to show you just how popular they are with the rest of the baseball-loving world.

  3. https://www.imgacademy.com/boarding-school/athletics/baseball

    Attracting some of the nation’s best high school baseball players, the IMG Academy is a boarding school for elite athletes. Needing to come across as personal and professional, the website uses a combination of real-life images and the school’s colors (which happen to be red, white and blue) to give visitors, both prospective students and their parents, a positive experience. Putting everything on one long landing-type page ensures that all of the pertinent information gets seen so that when you arrive to the bottom, where the tuition is revealed along with the admissions process, you have been educated about the school and its program enough to understand why it’s worth it. Using the testimonials section right above the contact form helps encourage visitors to input their information before clicking away.

  4. https://www.dugout.org/

    Another well-designed baseball website leveraging the power of the red, white, and blue color scheme to convey trust and tradition, the Dugout website is home to the National Adult Baseball Association. Rather than using images of adults playing baseball on the homepage, the website wisely chooses to use a large image of a baseball resting in the dirt next to a partially buried plate. Rather than using the common sense choice of people to create engagement with visitors, Dugout’s website plays on emotions and memories, allowing you to reminisce about your own experiences playing baseball, inserting yourself into the mental image you create. In addition to smart design choices, Dugout’s website puts its events front and center, letting you know why getting involved in baseball as an adult really is a whole lot of fun.

  5. https://www.ferreirabaseball.com/

    Wonderfully simple and straightforward, the website for Ferreira Baseball gets its job done effectively – and then gets back to playing ball. While the overly simple bold blue menu only offers four choices – Español, English, FAQs and a Contact button – the image directly below of the three boys playing together gives off all of the personality you need to understand who and what Ferreira Baseball is. Divided into sections with minimal content, the rest of the main page flows easily, answering your questions in a logical way, but without ever coming off as trying too hard or, worse, being too pushy to make the sale. Filled with photos and featuring a convincing and personal video testimonial, by the time you make it to the contact form, you feel compelled to enter your information as if saying to yourself, “Let’s see what happens!”

  6. https://www.perfectgame.org/

    Using boldly colored images and video clips in the carousel on the homepage, the website for Perfect Game makes you feel like there’s a lot going on. But, rather than feeling overwhelmed, visitors feel excited – like they want in on the action. One of the biggest reasons the website design doesn’t feel daunting is the great use of white space and spacing, which gives the eyes room to rest as well as intuitive organization of sections. High quality images, smart navigation, and cohesive font takes this website from the minor leagues to the majors in a matter of seconds.

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