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25 best podiatrists websites in 2023

Podiatry is an often overlooked medical specialty that involves caring for the feet. Anyone who has ever had to get around on a sore or broken foot knows that podiatric issues can be extremely painful and disruptive. Fortunately, these podiatrist websites give useful information and enough content to keep readers interested and engaged.

Here are 25 of the best podiatrists’ websites of 2023.

  1. Physicians Footcare

    Physicians Footcare features sharp pictures of a diverse field of medical professionals and patients to great visitors to this web page. It is also quick to divide the page into three sections: Foot/Ankle, Injury, and Nails. These are common issues, and highlighting them can help steer patients in the right direction.

  2. North Texas Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Associates

    A video runs in the background of the home page for North Texas Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Associates, displaying a variety of services. This website uses a “Featured Services” series of links that push patients towards what they need. It also has a nice “Contact Us” section.

  3. Grand Central Footcare

    “Book Online” is one of the most prominent buttons you can find on Grand Central Footcare’s website, and this is a great way of bringing patients into the office. The broad menu also offers access to an array of pages and features, like a blog.

  4. Schulman Podiatry

    Interestingly enough, Schulman Podiatry’s home page begins with an “Insurance Search,” obviously seeking to address patients’ concerns about insurance right away. Its understated color scheme is calming and helps give the website an air of credibility.

  5. Gotham Foot Care

    The picture on Gotham Foot Care’s home page — a woman doing a split with the city in the background — will unquestionably get your attention. This website also offers some unique features, like a “Before and After” section and a section for runners.

  6. Walk NYC Podiatry

    The peaceful video of the New York City skyline will draw you into Walk NYC Podiatry’s site, but it doesn’t distract from the well-designed color scheme or the buttons that can help patients find the services they need.

  7. Southern California Foot & Ankle

    Southern California Foot & Ankle has a big button offering telemedicine updates. Other than that, its center alignment is easy to read, and its color scheme matches well with its beach motif.

  8. University Podiatry Group

    A panning video shows the University Podiatry Group’s office on UCLA’s campus, where the practice is located. This exudes competence. It also offers a big “How Did We Do?” section of the website that allows users to give feedback about their appointments.

  9. Houston Family Foot & Ankle

    The wide-view pictures on the Houston Family Foot & Ankle website are sharp, but the home screen is relatively sparse, requiring patients who want more information to click on one of a series of easily discoverable buttons. This encourages you to visit other sections of the website that can allow you to find services or meet the doctor.

  10. Foot HealthCare Associates

    Foot HealthCare Associates is a rare website in that it takes advantage of a side menu, rather than a top-based one. This makes content easy to read and ensures that you can navigate the various parts of the website without losing track of whatever you are looking for.

  11. The Podiatry Group of South Texas

    Podiatry Group of South Texas gives them telehealth medicine options. This shows how frequently the website is updated. Scrolling down reveals a slew of information, including the 14 locations that this group offers patients.

  12. Anderson Podiatry Center

    There’s a lot going on at the Anderson Podiatry Center: sharp, colorful, center-aligned buttons, a “live chat” widget, and a background video that shows doctors practicing medicine. A nice menu at the top of the page gives patients access to a variety of services and resources.

  13. Absolute Foot Care Las Vegas

    In a testament to its importance in the field, Absolute Foot Care Las Vegas largely displays the various insurance plans that they accept, noting that this includes 50 plans. This is a great way of putting patients’ minds at ease, given the concerns that so many have overpaying for medical care.

  14. Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland

    A variety of buttons scroll on the website for Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland, allowing you a quick way to determine what you are looking for and how you can get the help you need. There is good information on the home page, but not too much. It doesn’t overwhelm you.

  15. Foot & Ankle Associates

    The doctors take a front-and-center role at Foot & Ankle Associates, implying expertise and care. Furthermore, the menus are understated but still visible, allowing you to easily access what you need.

  16. The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine

    The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine has a bit of a different specialty — sports medicine — and they wisely highlight it, using sports themes in their pictures and logo. This branding does an excellent job of telling you how different this practice is.

  17. Kansas City Foot Specialists

    Kansas City Foot Specialists has big, bold pictures scrolling across the entire background, and this is a very aesthetically pleasing design for its home page. The menu is located in the top-right corner but is understated by design, keeping your focus on the sharp pics.

  18. McVay Foot & Ankle

    McVay Foot & Ankle offers a variety of ways to meet with the practice that don’t involve in-person visits. Beyond that, the website utilizes sharp, “hand-drawn” logos that capture your attention and allow users easy access to the services they are looking for.

  19. Caruso Foot & Ankle

    Caruso Foot & Ankle has an interesting cube-like format on its website. It’s clean and crisp and makes it exceptionally easy to read content and navigate where you want to go. It is also clearly sorted by problem area and content, making it easy to find whatever you need.

  20. Foot Doctor San Diego

    Foot Doctor San Diego has a great format, and the website is easy to read. However, it’s the content, including a frequently updated blog, that really sets this website above the rest. The blog has a wide array of facts about feet, disorders, and methods of repair that is sure to interest people who need more information.

  21. Lexington Podiatry

    The design for Lexington Podiatry is great. The pictures are sharp, the color scheme is crisp and the website has big, easy-to-use buttons that allow you to schedule an appointment, make a phone call, or chat live with an associate.

  22. MVS Podiatry

    The content on MVS Podiatry is slightly different than the rest. It has information about feet and making an appointment, of course, but it also gets really specific about the services it offers, including wound care, vascular disease, diabetic foot care, and more.

  23. Long Island Foot & Ankle Group

    Long Island Foot & Ankle Group is one of the few websites on this list to take advantage of an embedded YouTube video. The video offers an introduction by the husband and wife doctor team. It also offers a simple appointment request bar on the left column, making it easy for you to contact the group.

  24. Frederick Foot & Ankle

    From a layout perspective, Frederick Foot & Ankle is one of the best on the list. It uses geometric patterns to create a retro-like feel, enabling users to not only find what they are looking for but also enjoy the time they spend on the website.

  25. Desert Foot & Ankle

    The best part of this Desert Foot & Ankle’s website isn’t the widget that allows you to make an appointment or the gorgeous photos. It’s the grid-like pattern that you can click on to find more information about what ails your feet and how Desert Foot & Ankle can help you fix the issue.

These websites have it all: great design, useful information, and a variety of tools that can help people get rid of their pain.

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