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17 best personal brand websites for 2022

There are many reasons you might need or want a personal website. From showcasing your creative work, to selling your goods and services, or even displaying a resume of your professional experience, a personal website can help you achieve many different goals.

At FreshySites, what we love about personal websites is that they don’t have to follow any rules or fit any specific mold – you can truly design a website that communicates who you are and what you do! Today, we’re going to count down the best personal websites for 2022.

These websites represent a wide variety of individuals with a wide variety of talents.

As you browse through the pages of their creativity we hope you find a little slice of inspiration to motivate you to create a website that represents you in the best way possible.

Ready? We thought so! Let’s get started.

Best personal websites for 2022

  1. Gari Cruze : You can tell from Gari Cruz’s website that he is a clever copywriter and, well, isn’t that the point? Strategically designed to be bold and intriguing, we love that the front page of Gari’s site displays barely any text (although the text is what he ultimately wants you to see). This unique design feature helps to reduce that overwhelming feeling that too many words bring to a page. As you browse through the different pictures on the homepage and select each one of them individually, you can see examples of the work Gari has done. All-in-all, this site shows that you don’t have to go with the obvious option – sometimes it’s best to think out of the box.
  2. Geraldine DeRuiter : Also known as ‘The Everywhereist,’ Geraldine Deruiter is a travel enthusiast gone pro who will help you navigate your next trip and almost all of the awkward situations in life. Her website makes our list of the best personal websites for 2022 because it brings quirky and functional together in a beautiful way. Although the basic layout of the site isn’t extremely unique, the features added to it, such as the custom graphics and branded font, make it more compelling than most of its competitors. And isn’t that what everyone wants?
  3. Gary Sheng : The greeting on the front page of this site couldn’t be any more basic, but in this case, basic is best. The purpose of Gary Sheng’s website is for him to introduce himself as an individual and professional to those who might be interested in acquiring his talents. As you scroll down the page, you can see all of his work experience, as well as some of his personal thoughts on a few topics. There is only one page to his site, but that’s all he needs to sell himself. Gary’s website proves that those who want to market themselves can, with a little bit of creativity, some quality copywriting and a bit of web design.
  4. Leah Goetzel : Leah Goetzel is a Colorado based wedding photographer. We love this website because it’s fun, and colorufl, yet extremely effective. Leah uses her homepage to explain as much as she can about her services, provide examples, and tell visitors more about her.
  5. Devon Stank : Devon Stank is primarily a Squarespace developer. So, yes, he used Squarespace to design his site. That, however, is not what we want you to take away. We chose Devon’s site as one of the best because it has a very organized layout that displays his talents and past projects well. Different sections on the front page have been isolated to feature individual components of his work and highlight the main focuses of his career. This type of organization helps to create a natural flow for the eyes to follow, which helps people to get to the end of the page before giving up – something we all can aspire to.
  6. Daniel Grindrod : A professional videographer, Daniel Grindrod knows how to make film the highlight of his personal website in a seamless, professional manner. As you venture through Daniel’s page, you’re able to see multiple samples of his work and experience what you might receive if you were to hire him as a videographer for the next special event in your life or business. On Daniel’s website, you can view his portfolios, look through what he uses to create his work (his kit) and learn more about the services he offers. It’s really plain and simple, but plain and simple, in this case, is perfect.
  7. Jasmine Star : Everything about Jasmine Star’s website if fabulous, from the constantly changing pictures on the front slider, to the side navigation and the free downloads to help lure site visitors in. The color scheme is strategic and so are the fun and fancy fonts that grace each page. But, we aren’t surprised because after all, Jasmine Star is a web designer and social media guru. No matter what you do, what you should take away from Jasmine’s website is that when you showcase what you do best through your website design, you will win every time.
  8. Robby Leonardi : If you want to see something really impressive, then you need to see Robby Leonardi’s interactive resume website. Designed like a video game, this site takes you through the different “levels” of Robby’s expertise and showcases all of his skills and talents in a fun, unique manner. Although it does take some time to see it all, this website is easily one of the best for the year 2022 because people love to see someone take their creativity to the next level. So, when you design your website, take a lesson from Robert and don’t be shy – show off your skills!
  9. Brian Michael Gossett : From the moment you land on Brian Michael Gossett’s homepage, you can easily assume he is a creative graphic designer and illustrator. That’s because his entire website puts his best work into focus to create a one-of-a-kind portfolio. As you scroll down his homepage gallery, you will get a glimpse of everything Brian can do and maybe even what he can do for you. We also like that his navigation is simple, yet creatively worded to draw visitors in. It goes to show that he truly thought of every design element involved in his website, because he wanted it to be one of the best.
  10. Victoria Bona : Victoria Bona is a graphic design artist who has done work for some pretty big names. We’re talking Victoria’s Secret, The Knot and more. The best part about the work she has done is she’s not afraid to show it off on her perfectly designed website. From the homepage, you can browse her most recent accomplishments and drool over her intelligent design choices that could make any product look like a dream. What we believe everyone can take away from Victoria Bona’s site is that you shouldn’t be shy when designing a personal website – give it your all and don’t be afraid to brag a little.
  11. Dave Gamache : Completely unique and even a little bit strange, Dave Gamache’s personal website is simply a landing page with links to his social sites that showcase his work. And, although his site might not be complex or glamorous, it’s completely functional and effective because what Dave wants to do is engage with his audience and that’s what this site enables him to do. Whether you want to see his work on Twitter or Medium, Dave has the links on his site for you to do that. You can even send him a personal email from the bottom of the page. Sometimes, like Dave’s site shows, less is truly more.
  12. Gary Vaynerchuk : Even if you can’t picture his face, you probably know Gary Vaynerchuk’s name. That’s because he’s an extremely successful serial entrepreneur who has a lot of advice and insight to offer the world. His website isn’t bad either! On his personal site, you can listen to his past podcasts, purchase his books and read some of the inspirational messages he has to offer. Furthermore, you can sign up for events where he will be featured and even get into contact with him. It’s true there’s nothing extremely exceptional about Gary’s site, but it’s completely functional and not at all confusing – so that’s a winner in our books!
  13. Anthony Wiktor : A website that really makes you say “whoa,” Anthony Wiktor’s site is truly unique and can offer inspiration to everyone. The site switches from white and black, to black and white, as you scroll up and down the page – and you can view a portfolio of his work from the top righthand corner of the page. We love this website because it offers a personal touch with a professional design. Oh, and did we mention how cool the interactive animation squares at the bottom of the page are? They change colors of the website as you scroll over their text that transforms into pictures. How cool is that?
  14. Melanie Daveid : An art designer and director living in Berlin, Melanie Daveid has a lot of talent to offer the world and her website certainly helps her out. Completely professional yet utterly unique, the personal website of this creative is interactive and intriguing. The way it blends her personal style with her professional portfolio welcomes everyone who lands on the front page. And, if you scroll far enough to the bottom of the page you will even get a high-five. Now that’s what we like to call thoughtful design!
  15. Andrew Huang : This website showcases a single page design with simple navigation that scrolls through the content for you automatically as you take in all that Andrew Huang has to offer in terms of the music business. Brightly colored and boldly executed, Andrew’s website nods at the vibrant personality and fun work he is so well known for. From his blog, you can learn musical tips and tricks and take away information about his next single or album. We think that Andrew’s website is one of the best personal websites in 2022 because it’s so unique and well-curated.
  16. Charlie Waite : A guy with quite the resume and quite the website to show it off, Charlie Waite is a designer, thinker, father and husband. Although he currently works for Uber, you’re welcome to view some of his most prized work on the homepage of his website. Everything you need (and want) to see is displayed on the right-hand side of the page, while an opportunity to contact him waits in the left. Extremely simple, you could never go wrong with a design like Charlie’s.
  17. Tasha Meys : A photographer, adventurer, and Instagram expert, Tasha Meys has truly aced the world of influencer marketing and climbing the ladder of online success. Tasha’s website showcases who she is as an individual and some of the work she has created on her own as well. What makes her site one of the best, however, is that every single element on her site is a nod to her talents and style. And, what you can take away is that you shouldn’t be afraid to show your style off – even if it is a little bit different!

There you have it, the best personal websites for 2022. Now that you have acquired some inspiration go out there and get to work on a website to showcase your talents.

You deserve it!

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