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40 best new pediatrician websites to follow in 2023

There isn’t a parent out there who isn’t worried about the health of their children. That’s why pediatrician websites have become so important. They have useful information that can be easily consumed via clear design elements.

Here are 40 great pediatrician websites.

  1. Central & Priority Pediatrics

    The Central & Priority Pediatrics website makes excellent use of a great color scheme and adorable rotating pictures. What pushes it over the top is that it is updated frequently. It doesn’t just have the usual information, it also has a big headline advertising Telemedicine.

  2. Growing Child Pediatrics

    The homepage of the Growing Child Pediatrics website makes interesting use of a two-column approach in order to give the latest information. Its top menu is easy to find and comes with plenty of relevant information about the practice.n

  3. Sunrise Pediatrics

    The Sunrise Pediatrics site has a nice header bar which lets patients have easy access to whatever information they need. It also makes it clear that the practice offers a variety of services and gives parents many convenient options, like resources they can take advantage of from home.

  4. Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center

    The Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center site takes a bit of a different approach. One of its most prominent elements is a YouTube video that provides basic information about the practice. Three big, clickable buttons give parents quick and easy access to whatever information they may need, including the services they offer.

  5. Panda Pediatrics and Adolescent Care

    The homepage of Panda Pediatrics and Adolescent Care is as good as it gets. The rotating pictures are friendly and welcoming, featuring a diverse array of children. Four big buttons give parents quick access to the services that they may need, and a nice menu option allows for easy navigation throughout the website.

  6. Lake Country Pediatrics

    A sliding picture menu gives a variety of information. However, Lake Country Pediatrics takes a different tact than most. Instead of featuring an easy-access menu, it shows pictures of its nine doctors and allows you to click on them for more information.

  7. Pediatrics Costa Mesa

    Pediatrics Costa Mesa might have the sharpest video of any website here. A modified grid displays about a dozen different videos before coming together to form one large one. It is a sharp, brilliant way of capturing your attention.

  8. Clara Vista Pediatrics

    A picture of smiling practitioners greets you as soon as you navigate to Clara Vista Pediatrics, serving as a great greeting. The navigation menu is at the top, so parents should be able to find what they need easily.

  9. West Tower Pediatrics

    The West Tower Pediatrics site does a lot of things right. It has a rotating menu that allows you to click on different items. Two big buttons display their most important services, a patient portal and a way to request an appointment. After a brief scroll down, you can find an array of featured services.

  10. Kessler Pediatrics

    You will love the picture of a smiling girl with a butterfly on her nose on the homepage. It’s a perfect greeting. A further examination of the Kessler Pediatrics website sticks to this friendly and helpful style, allowing you access to the company’s services by clicking on the buttons of adorable kids.

  11. Pediatrics East

    Pediatrics East goes out of its way to make all users feel welcome. A huge button describing the company’s non-discrimination policy greets you on the front page. The page is also sharply designed, making gathering other information easy, including news and resources.

  12. Almaden Pediatrics

    The adorable branding that appears in the top menu and then as a clickable video really captures your attention and is a unique way of getting visitors intrigued. The color scheme of the Almaden Pediatrics site is muted, so it’s not overwhelming.

  13. Washington Avenue Pediatrics

    The wide orientation of the Washington Avenue Pediatrics site, the sharp pictures, and the easy-to-read color scheme helps to set the stage for a great website. It also has a large menu for easy navigation and big, colorful buttons to help you find frequently visited portions of the site.

  14. Hirsch Pediatrics

    Hirsch Pediatrics is refreshingly different, opting for a sidebar menu instead of a top bar. However, it still has a series of buttons that provide easy access to various popular pages and a very pleasant color palate.

  15. Peek-A-Boo Pediatrics

    It’s back to the basics with the Peek-A-Boo Pediatrics site, which features easy, big buttons, and high-quality pictures. However, what really makes Peek-A-Boo stand out is some of the various features on the website, which include updated recommendations, information vaccines, and even a virtual tour.

  16. Center City Pediatrics

    In addition to the nice colors, the Center City Pediatrics site provides a medical library. It lists a variety of information, including what to do if your child is sick, dosage information, and standard medical conditions. This can be a great resource for parents whose kids get sick and don’t know what to do.

  17. Pediatric Associates of Dallas

    The Pediatric Associates of Dallas site is up to date. It has some sharp graphics that move when you hover your mouse over them, giving you a degree of interactivity not usually seen on websites like this.

  18. Memphis Pediatrics

    To Memphis Pediatrics credit, this website moves away from the stock photos that far too many websites use. Instead, it opts for real pictures of real patients, clients, and the office. These rotating pictures, along with a variety of other easily accessible features, like the ability to see your child’s medical record, put this website head and shoulders above many others.

  19. Children’s Clinic of Nashville

    Children’s Clinic of Nashville opts for a dual-menu approach, with more important features on the top. Rotating pictures of a diverse patient set make anyone feel at ease, and the website has easily findable features, like the ability to schedule an appointment and a patient portal.

  20. First Choice Pediatrics

    Three buttons greet you on the First Choice Pediatrics site. You can go to sections for new patients (who can pre-register), existing patients (who can book an appointment), and Telehealth services. It makes it very easy for patients to find what they are looking for.

  21. Nash Pediatrics

    Nash Pediatrics has clear, high-quality pictures scrolling through, but they are clearly of real staff and patients. Scrolling down reveals additional information, including how new patients can register. This is not a feature that is always explicitly laid out, and its inclusion is helpful.

  22. Avala Pediatrics

    One of the nicer features of the Avala Pediatrics website is the way text sleekly loads and scrolls up as you scroll down on the website. This is eye-catching and shows attention to detail. The site also features a nice breakdown of various services it offers, like newborn screening and same-day appointments.

  23. Healthy Children Florida

    The picture on the Healthy Children Florida homepage has a doctor and a kid, each with a clown nose. You can’t go wrong with that. From there, the website leads you to the company’s two main offices and allows you to select whatever you need. It also has a nice page of educational resources, dedicated to giving parents the information they need.

  24. Northern Virginia Pediatric Associates

    Northern Virginia Pediatric Associates has an enormous picture that lists the company’s current and holiday hours. It’s nice to see websites updated frequently. The website also contains a variety of pages and other features, like a symptom checker. The symptom checker is bound to help nervous parents.

  25. Lakeview Pediatrics

    Unlike many other websites on this list, Lakeview Pediatrics opts to specifically highlight the help and care the company gives to young adults. The company also has a comprehensive “patient center” tab that lists information on visit schedules, vaccinations, and more.

  26. Premier Pediatrics

    Premier Pediatrics specifically advertises itself as being for babies as well as college students, giving patients a comprehensive perspective of what it does. This is smart marketing. It also helps that the website has easily organized tabs that can really help patients find whatever they are looking for.

  27. Pediatrix

    The top menu is big, blue, and straightforward, allowing patients to concentrate on what matters most to them. This includes information about the staff, immunization, medication refill, bill pay, and appointment requests. This is a nice way of making it easy for patients who visit the Pediatrix site.

  28. Almouie Pediatrics

    Almouie Pediatrics advertises their Telemedicine services. The rest of the website is adorable and designed with kids in mind, filled with bright colors and an alligator with a stethoscope.

  29. Pediatrics 5280

    The “MyChart” login is right below this office’s phone number, making it easy for patients to access their digital records. It also has a symptom checker right on the front page, allowing parents to easily see what is wrong with their kid and make an appointment at Pediatrics 5280.

  30. Capital Area Pediatrics

    Capital Area Pediatrics is loaded with pictures. On the surface, that might seem distracting, but in reality, it filters your eyes to the text that you need to read. Scrolling down reveals four important menus that you will probably need to access. That’s one of the nicer elements of this page. It directs your eyes to what you need to see.

  31. Agave Pediatrics

    Agave Pediatrics has a big picture of a patient’s open mouth and a gloved hand holding the chin. This is a fantastic way of getting your attention. It also has one of the crispest designs on this list and a great color scheme, green and purple, that is really bright.

  32. Spring Valley Pediatrics

    The Spring Valley Pediatrics website captures your attention with a looping portrait of happy kids. It seems warm, peaceful, and inviting, and gives off exactly the vibe you’d want out of a pediatrician. The rest of the website is just as great, with graphics loading in smartly and with highlights of its award-winning status.

  33. Canyon Pediatrics

    Canyon Pediatrics emphasizes something rarely seen on this list, which is behavioral health services. It has a big button pointing to that section of the website, and this portion allows users to get access to an area of the company’s practice that is often forgotten about.

  34. Just Kids Pediatrics

    The Just Kids Pediatrics website has a pop-up that highlights the company’s virtual visits. The pop-up is a rainbow design. The site’s menu is uncluttered, its pictures rotate, and it has adorable logos that just make you want to spend more time on the website.

  35. Metropolitan Pediatrics

    The Metropolitan Pediatrics site is updated regularly. Website pages show expectant mothers, giving this critical group of patients extra attention.

  36. Laurelwood Pediatrics

    This might be one of the simplest homepages. It features a teddy bear with a blue background. Laurelwood Pediatrics also has some buttons that highlight up-to-date information. Scrolling down reveals various benefits of the clinic, including the company’s 24/7 on-call policy and early morning clinic.

  37. Dangond Pediatrics

    Dangond Pediatrics features friendly patient reviews. These reviews rotate, which adds visual interest to the site as well. It’s a rarely used feature, but a good one.

  38. Pediatrics Northwest PS

    The formatting on the Pediatrics Northwest PS site is a winner. The top menu is nicely spaced, allowing for easy reading and a rotating set of pictures showing off the company’s happy practice. Once you scroll down, you see circular buttons that will take you to different sections of the website. Additionally, the various blues in the color scheme work well here.

  39. North Seattle Pediatrics

    The text on the North Seattle Pediatrics website is center-aligned, which makes it look good. At the same time, menus and the logo are aligned to the right and the left. This formatting makes the information easy to read.

  40. Pediatric Associates

    The Pediatric Associates site features a fun orange and blue color scheme. The grid layout makes everything easy to find and the menu bar is on the right side of the page. Here, you can make an appointment, find a doctor, and pay your bills online.

These pediatric websites have great content as well as great design. Keep these sites in mind while designing your own pediatric website.

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