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Top 10 best orthodontist websites of 2023

In today’s fast paced and digital world where people utilize their mobile phones more than their computers, having a user friendly and modern website which is visually stimulating is a prerequisite for gaining and maintaining customers, while communicating and conveying important information.

For all medical fields working with patients, including orthodontists, keeping a modern and updated website is paramount for strong business. A Pew Internet survey revealed that 72% of Internet users looked online for health-care information.

The best orthodontist websites of today provide patients and site visitors with a crisp visual presentation, provide a layout which is effective for fast site navigation, and are mobile and user friendly by enabling visitors to identify pertinent information quickly.

Here is our review of the top 10 best orthodontist websites. Drumroll please…

  1. Massih Orthodontics

    Massih Orthodontics website is hands down our top pick. Offering a fresh layout which makes it easy for the site visitor to navigate, the site uses welcoming textile backdrops which create a site that is impressive all around. We are fans of the teal and black color scheme which invite users in and is visually stimulating. It is both mobile and user friendly, optimized for mobile users. The simple and clean home page enables the user to quickly search and find what they are looking for by offering clear navigation guidance-smartly utilizing easy to identify click icons. Finally, the branding and logo for Massih Orthodontics is clever and cute, making site visitors feel like they are making a smart choice and selecting a professional who is competent. The site conveys their mission with fluidity, by providing a “wonderful experience” and helping patients “feel at ease” with a website visit alone!

  2. Happy Braces

    Providing expansive overhead photograph layouts with strategically placed side bars containing valuable information with one click, this site provides both mobile and desktop users with an easy to navigate and visually appealing website. The color scheme is bright and inviting. This website has perfected the value of strategic content layout paired with an incredibly user friendly site which is complemented by the websites efficient menu.

  3. Braces For Us

    The home page does not overwhelm the viewers eyes with too much content and allows the site visitors to peruse the site. The layout also provides the user with the ability to comfortably navigate the site and gain answers and information quickly. Offering users with a mobile friendly site and colorful photos which complement the site colors, make it an aesthetically pleasing site for users to utilize. By breaking up content the reader is able to digest content without feeling overwhelmed or bombarded.

  4. Dr. Robert J. Herman

    This website is clean, uncluttered, and professional. While offering a wide array of information on the home page, including an office tour and opportunity to get to know the orthodontist, it strays away from flashy colors and graphics, making the site appealing for users. Both the desktop and mobile site provide a newsletter section which is well maintained and visually appealing with white space offset by bright photos including short article summaries. The colors are a great mix of muted and warm colors, which pair well with the brightness of the photos. Video content, social media links, and an easy to navigate menu provide the user with a positive site experience.

  5. Wade Williams Orthodontics

    This site inspires confidence in the orthodontist by offering an eye-catching landing page due to the large overhead photograph which is layered with clickable links regarding its practice and important information patients will want to access readily. Providing quick one-click access to booking an appointment and to social media sites, along with including a YouTube video, it contains sufficient content to keep site visitors engaged, while providing satisfactory optimization for both desktop and mobile users.

  6. Newpark Orthodontics

    Newpark Orthodontics highlights how applying branding across all aspects of your company can make a positive impact on your site visitors. The crisp pictures, office tour highlighting the office layout, and bright colors paired with white space, provide a refreshing site that grabs the interest of the site visitor and stimulates interest to continue navigating the site. Their Facebook page, which is provided with a clickable link along with their other social media pages, provides a design which is cohesive with their website design.

  7. Guthrie Carr Orthodontic Specialist

    This site utilizes a simple approach, utilizing varying shades of blue and a geometric design adds a unique touch which provides a 3D feel to the home screen. The home page is clear and concise, without too much content, which encourages users to explore the site further. The mobile site also encourages visitor engagement. This website efficiently conveys just the right amount of information, while offering visually stimulating graphics.

  8. Gire Orthodotics

    Often orthodontist and professional websites opt for muted colors, as bold colors are viewed as risky. However this site does a great job of utilizing bright colors without seeming tacky. In fact, it has the opposite effect-it makes the site feel bold and fresh, tying into the hip vibe of their location- California.

  9. Westlake Family Orthodontics

    Offering a mobile friendly site which has reviews and social media links for Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp, at the top of the mobile user site all lead to quick and efficient access of information while fulfilling the site visitors needs rapidly. In addition, the photos and layout are modern and fresh, which makes visiting the site a pleasurable experience. We like that the home page contains access to all the information a patient might be seeking without requiring a lot of clicking around.

  10. Maryland Orthodontics

    While at first glance you might wonder why this site made the cut for best websites, however the reasoning is fairly simple, as is this site. We like the simplicity of the site which offers splashes of colors with photos but a minimalist approach otherwise with a white backdrop. The photos are fun and engaging photos of youth with braces, engaging in a variety of activities, giving the site a simple and fun vibe. The website is easy to navigate both with a desktop computer and utilizing a mobile phone, and offers relevant and informative content without a long home page. Instead of leaving the visitor wanting more, on the contrary, the simplicity of this site provides the user with an easier time accessing what they are looking for while offering a visually stimulating experience.

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