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10 best food and restaurant websites for 2024

Mostly gone at the days when opening a corner-store with a great kitchen, or at least brightly-lit sign 10-feet high, were enough to attract people to your business’s delectables. Most food and restaurant companies, of any size, maintain some sort of strong online presence in order to keep customers coming and informed. Even food trucks often provide single-service sites that keep track of locations via GPS!

The best sites for restaurants often include incredible images that make visitors salivate almost on-sight. They also are typically organized with interactive menu options, bios of important staff like chefs or business owners, and heartfelt pics of customers enjoying a good chow-down.

The sites on our list today do those and more to keep hungry people coming back.

  1. Bresca

    Besca’s site is a great model for compelling restaurant design on the web. They make sure their business’s address is at the top of the header bar with their contact information, and the navigation bar includes all the necessary features, like their menu, dining-specific locations, and most popular dishes. Their reservation button makes a cozy evening-out a breeze with the click of a button, and their full-screen, professional-grade photography offers an important look into their company’s character and vibrant sense of style.

  2. Catch

    Catch is probably the most unique site on our list, with fun little animations throughout and more static visual details that catch a reader’s eye and keep them engaged. This European fish and chips company offers three location choices in Glasgow from their homepage, and each comes with the same background of scrolling images of their locations, cartoon illustrations of their restaurant culture, and sharp pictures of their delectable food options. Scrolling down from the landing page takes visitors through a thorough run of their menu specifics, vintage fishing photography that calls back to Scotland’s nautical days of yore, and clever CTAs between sections to keep visitors up to date on the important details between different areas of the company.

  3. El Burro

    El Burro’s site offers a very effective, single-page design. The homepage’s striking colors and clever animations make their street food seem steeped in local culture with an awareness about what makes customers remember them by taste and look alone. Their site’s gallery page deploys a great image slider that automatically cycles through examples of their work and happy patrons, and their highly minimalist illustrations offer a comfortable sense of simplicity and playfulness to your order. That they give an updated location page after scrolling to the footer bar is a very helpful idea for their more on-the-go business style.

  4. Easy Bistro & Bar

    Easy Bistro & Bar uses a traditional slideshow reel of transitioning images at the top of their landing page for a sense of dependability; after all, food is a highly visual medium, and their particular selections make salivating hard to resist. Their contact information and store hours are prominently displayed at the top of the page, and a handy reservation button pops up when scrolling down for easy party scheduling. Selecting the primary nav menu opens up an entire page of menu options, private dining arrangements, staff bios, and more thorough professional information about the select chefs working on your next meal.

  5. Quince

    Quince’s design is a trophy example of how to use minimalist approaches to how your services are represented on the internet. Their landing page gives immediate access to the primary menu, which reveals all their private dining options, reservation requirements, and a concise but inspiring list of their staff and accomplishments. Their unique “Welcome” button delivers a detailed map for getting to their location, and every sub-page includes high-res images of inside the restaurant and pleased customers enjoying a special meal. It’s hard to miss anything important on their site because they give you all the fundamental information up-front and just want to make sure you can find them in-person and make arrangements for a visit online.

  6. Royal Plate

    Based in multiple international cities around the world, Royal Plate’s design has some of the most gorgeous culinary images on the web. Their bakery is well-supported with a plethora of options and toppings, including pancakes, sweet pies, biscuits, and every grain-based breakfast food you might imagine. Every food option has images from multiple sides for a realistic view of their food standards, and clever hashtags make every menu selection specifically promotable, which is a great way to get word about online about the business via accolades for a specific product.

  7. Tio Luncín

    From Lima, Peru, Tio Luncín’s layout is highly vertical with scrolling animations throughout and punchy text for each section on the site. Scrolling down the landing page shows off how engaging a presentation can with just a simple consistency: make each section in the scroll impart something unique about the company’s services, character, community impact, or origin. The design’s playful scattering of images into different sizes and random-looking positions gives the business a scrapbook-like appearance to offer customers a homey-feeling where memories get made. It’s impossible not to remember Tio’s site because their personality is so-well represented by the site’s casual-but-devoted style.

  8. Fiola Mare

    Based in Washington, D.C., Fiola Mare’s presentation starts off highly visual and stays that way. The homepage’s video loop offers crisp looks at fresh catches of the day near the D.C. and Baltimore harbors and shows off different cooking methods toward their most popular dishes. Scrolling down, an image carousel depicts the interior and outdoor seating available in the heart of Georgetown, and their stocked bar is established with its own calls to action for scheduling a private meeting or just finding the right general time to have a drink based on popular hours and wait time.

  9. Hualalai Grille

    A deliciously far cry from restaurants in the continental U.S., Hualalai Grille makes its Hawaiin mark right from the homepage. Since the island state is so lush and well-trodden by vacationers, you might think that more sophisticated presentations of local cuisine wouldn’t be new or necessary for those most interested. But for an entire state that’s as isolated as Hawaii, standing out from the crowd becomes even more important. Their individual business has a strong presence on the primary Four Seasons website with an immersive homepage picture of local parties and regularly-updated events for Chef Fest with plenty of pictures.

  10. TNQ

    From London, UK, TNQ offers regional cuisine from the British homeland. Their warm interior brings a comforting presence via beautiful high-res images of seating options and patrons fawning over stylized speciality dishes. The white space between images in different sections offer plenty of space for concise text about what the images reference, and each image itself is slightly blurred and color-muted to give a sense of nostalgia, dependability, and reverence for traditional and the comfort behind what works when eating the creations of culinary experts in a world-class city.

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