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8 Best Nonprofit Websites (December 2019)

Creating a powerful nonprofit website, much like running such a business, takes time and serious dedication to get just right. Powerful designs come out of diligent planning and close attention to what your customers want and what services you can offer. Things like how much community impact your company has accomplished so far, and what specific actions make it stand out from similar competitors are important to make one’s voice online.

Some of the best nonprofit site designs model how to get across persuasive messaging and service information without losing visitor focus.

Our list below includes our favorites to help get your nonprofit design started.

  1. The Future Project

    A community-focused education company, The Future Project likes to keep their site’s color palette and formatting simple to let their homepage’s high resolution images and punchy descriptions stand out. To draw your eye, the different sections animate as you scroll down, and every banner image comes with calls to action you can’t miss. Their two primary services are the first areas you see, and they offer descriptions for both at-a-glance and more detailed reading on their own pages.They also show very clear location information for each camp and school that give you a good sense of what to expect during classes and other activities.

  2. Life in My Shoes

    A company off-shoot of Body and Soul Charity, Life in My Shoes sets their community services apart with widescreen images of young people in dramatic and stylized positions that promote themes of fostering greater empathy across the country. Their site has a unique help page that includes sections like their Empathy Library and another titled Ditch the Label. Their header bar is extremely easy to use and is the only navigation tool on the homepage, including social media links and drop-down menus for every category.

  3. SAM

    Sharing America’s Marrow (SAM), a charity that connects bone marrow transplant patients via an online registry, brings a compelling, more minimalist look to the table and doesn’t sacrifice a powerful message. Their homepage’s video loop presents extreme closeups of children patients and medical professionals giving care, and every sub-page has a unique look that uses white space and small animations to deliver their inspiring story and service descriptions. Every photo and illustration is heartwarming and optimistic, which is crucial for customers looking for such intensive care.

  4. World Wildlife Fund

    The World Wildlife Fund’s site is a bold example of a minimalist structure that manages to stand out due to elegant, fundamental design choices. Their homepage’s banner image of the snow leopard is season-appropriate, and their “Conservation in Action” section brings a playful mix of historical topics related to care for their particular animals and descriptions of current events furthering worldwide conservation efforts. Their “Donate” and marketplace calls to action are just below the header bar, and a squares-and-rectangles grid style gives their sections a more personalized, energetic look. While content on the site is enormous, weighing in at 10,000 pages, their navigation bar keeps to a few simple menu options for easy browsing.

  5. Red Cross Australia

    The Australian branch of the global charity has an exceptionally easy to use navigation bar that details the company’s primary calls to action right away. Each page loads quickly and seems stylistically fresh in aesthetic appearance without changing more standard page structures for dependability. Their homepage’s main image shows exactly what their staff does — help people in medical need and encouraging people to donate. It works surprisingly well on both mobile and standard devices, and visitors can volunteer or donate easily from the homepage.

  6. One Drop

    From a raw design point of view, One Drop’s site is likely the most minimal on the list. But their devotion to clear section transitions and simple earth-tone color palette is hardly a bad thing, letting their one-sentence mission statements for individual sections grab more audience attention while scrolling through. Their company slogan of simply providing access to safe water around the world goes along with their “no nonsense” design strategy, letting visitors navigate their descriptions of work for themselves. With their organization’s name, it’s instantly clear the nonprofit is empathetic to the needs of their customers and that every drop of their service matters. They have a very simple header bar for navigation and at the bottom you can watch a video of their impact in social arts for community change.

  7. Saving Places

    A nonprofit dedicated to identifying and preserving historically and nationally important locations, the Saving Places site brings a beautiful slideshow of high resolution images and a great blue and white palette. Their blog updates frequently with stories from different individual owners of historic homes and organizations that may never have dealt with evaluating or pricing home value and historical relevance. Scrolling down delivers simple and effect calls to action for donations and using the company’s services, with easy to read event scheduling around the D.C. area.

  8. Human Resource Alliance

    With a video loop of puppies and kittens scrambling for care, the cuteness of Humane Rescue Alliance’s website is in full force and is extremely appropriate for their audience of potential adopters. That they have a “community impact” section delivers on a common nonprofit promise to help further community development related to their company specialties, and their monthly average of 400 pet adoptions rightly shows this. Every graphical animation and video focuses on the animals at all times instead of presenting their friendly staff individually, showing that their focus is on the well-being of their animals.

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