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The 20 best bariatric specialist websites

Bariatric specialists can, quite literally, be lifesavers. With their help, an individual can have surgery and then lose hundreds of pounds, allowing them to lead a longer and healthier life. However, bariatric medicine is a crowded field. That’s why weight-loss doctors need high-quality websites like these to help them stand out from the crowd.

Top 20 bariatric specialists websites of 2023

  1. Advanced Bariatric Center

    The Advanced Bariatric Center has an uplifting photo and smoothly scrolling text that loads nicely when you arrive at the website. It’s nicely formatted, so you can easily read the text in various sections. It also does a great job of balancing the content on the homepage, including testimonials and information about the doctor and the various procedures available.

  2. BMI of Texas

    BMI of Texas has an interesting way of drawing you right into its homepage: It allows you to immediately take an assessment that lets you know if their weight loss surgery will work for you. This also enables the practice to get your contact information and follow up. Obviously, this is a smart marketing move.

  3. Lone Star Surgical

    Lone Star Surgical uses partial graphics just above the fold on the homepage, intriguing you to scroll down and read more of the information that is available here. It also lists the various surgical procedures that it offers and displays reviews from happy patients.

  4. Center for Weight Loss Surgery

    The Center for Weight Loss Surgery website shows some fantastic, dramatic before and after photos of patients, showing them happy, smiling, and significantly thinner. It also contains information about its weight-loss and cosmetic surgery. There’s also a nicely formatted section of “success stories” from happy patients after their bariatric surgery.

  5. Advanced Bariatric Center

    The Advanced Bariatric Center points out that weight loss can have emotional as well as physical benefits. Right below the fold, it introduces Dr. Joseph Naim and lists his extensive qualifications. It also has a sharp chatbot that can help you schedule an appointment or learn more about the practice. It works well.

  6. Detroit Weight Loss Doc

    The Detroit Weight Loss Doc website greets visitors with an inspiring slogan — “Make the Most of Who You Are” — and a fantastic mirror-image picture of a woman before and after her surgery. The presentation is simple and sharp and pulls you in right away. You can click through the website and find information on the various procedures this doctor performs.

  7. Texas Endosurgery

    Texas Endosurgery opens with two smiling people jogging. They have a tab in the menu bar that links to photo and video galleries that offer striking visual evidence of the results they can achieve at their practice. Looking at the About section reveals some information you don’t usually see about financing the surgery or making travel accommodations.

  8. South Texas Surgeons

    The South Texas Surgeons invites the visitor to “Get Back to Being You Again.” The website lists extensive information. One of the more unique features it offers is the ability to compare procedures, which lets you review the costs, impacts, and benefits of the various surgical procedures you can have.

  9. LapBandIndiana

    LapBandIndiana opts to stud their homepage with videos that are directly embedded from YouTube. This includes information on the surgeon and testimonials from real, happy customers. The front page also has a link that allows you to register for a free online seminar. This is a great way of delivering more information and marketing material.

  10. Doctor Bariatric

    The Doctor Bariatric website uses a soothing white, blue, and green color scheme with a lot of white space as you scroll down the website. It also lists the various procedures they offer plus their costs and benefits. The bottom of the page is filled with testimonials from happy customers.

  11. The Bariatric Clinic

    The Bariatric Clinic goes out of its way to announce that they offer nonsurgical weight loss options like appetite suppressants, diet and nutrition, B12 injections and/or hormone therapy as alternatives to surgery. It also advertises its six locations in two spots: the top menu and a series of clickable buttons.

  12. Rio Surgical

    The Rio Surgical website offers an auto-playing slideshow as soon as you reach the homepage, and this can quickly get you quite a bit of information about what they offer. Just below the fold are a brief profile of the practice’s doctor and his specialties with links to more facts about each.

  13. The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Lake Norman

    The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Lake Norman has a button that immediately allows you to learn more about whether you’re a good candidate for bariatric surgery. This includes a BMI calculator. The practice also lets you know it offers free seminars before surgery and support groups thereafter. It’s a winning formula that pulls you right into the website.

  14. Bellphoria

    Bellphoria beckons you to schedule your surgery in Tijuana, “the world’s capital of medical tourism.” The homepage leads with a close-up of a beautiful, slender woman’s body and a button that lets you immediately get a free consultation. Scrolling down reveals more information about their services, which include a variety of dermatological benefits.

  15. Advanced Bariatrics

    Advanced Bariatrics opts to lead their homepage with a sharp full-screen photo of their smiling doctors. It has an easy-to-navigate menu bar linking to information on the practice, success stories, and ways to attend free seminars. It also offers a button to schedule a virtual consultation plus brief patient testimonials with links to their full stories.

  16. Sage Bariatric Institute

    Sage Bariatric Institute has pictures of smiling patients and doctors who have been voted “San Antonio Top Docs” many times over. The broad menu lists all the ways that Sage can help people get into better shape. The testimonial quotes do a great job of drawing you in.

  17. Houston Weight Loss

    Houston Weight Loss offers a $1,000 coupon for laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery as soon as the homepage loads. If this doesn’t encourage you to keep clicking, nothing will!

  18. Del Mar Surgical

    Del Mar Surgical greets you with the motto “Transforming Lives with Compassion and Excellence” and two large buttons that urge you to learn more about surgical weight loss or advanced laparoscopic surgery. This is a great way of steering people in the right direction and ensuring they get the information they need.

  19. Columbus Bariatrics

    Columbus Bariatrics opens with a happy video of a spinning little girl, a dog, and healthy, active people biking and running a race. The implication is obvious: Surgery here can dramatically improve your life. There’s also a nice purple and green color scheme that’s unique among these sites and easy on the eyes.

  20. Houston Bariatric Surgery

    Houston Bariatric Surgery invites you to “Get Your Life Back” with a nice picture carousel that gives an array of information. Its menu has a variety of functions, allowing you to learn more about what they offer and schedule an appointment.

These medical practices fundamentally understand that good marketing is required for real-world success. They all do a great job of highlighting their expertise with modern marketing techniques to advertise their practices.

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