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Best neonatal care websites in 2023

Websites today serve more than one purpose. Coupled with search engine optimization, a website is an online lead generator. Helping a site achieve its ultimate purpose requires a few elements, such as:

  • Clear call to action
  • Consistent branding
  • Intuitive design

These best practices assure users will have a positive experience and that they will quickly find what they are looking for.

Here are top-notch websites for those in the neonatal care industry to consider.

  1. Premier Health

    Premier Health uses a simple website design that delivers information in a concise and organized manner. Text is broken up with headers, and the navigation bar is located on the side. Actions that can be taken are located in the right-hand corner. The site presents a lot of information, but the text is readable.

  2. Sunrise Children’s Hospital

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital is an information-intensive website, but the information is organized into blocks and broken up by headers. The design is simple, and the branding is consistent. Plus, there is an ER wait-time clock. This gives patients a heads-up about how long they may sit in the waiting room before they are seen.

  3. Mercy Health

    Mercy Health offers an example of a website that delivers a lot of information while explaining why they are the best choice for neonatal services. They allow patients to find a service location and doctor. This gives them the opportunity to get to know the staff before they arrive. Creating familiarity is worthwhile in situations that can easily become stressful.

  4. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia maintains consistent branding while allowing patients to find a service location, information on how to contact it and a list of services as well as programs. This is a large organization, but it does a good job personalizing a situation that is oftentimes overwhelming.

  5. Nationwide Children’s

    Nationwide Children’s site has a lot of information but manages to stick to its branding. Location, scope of service and the ability to schedule an appointment are all offered to visitors. Even though there is a lot of information, it is well-organized.

  6. University Hospitals

    University Hospitals has consistent branding and a call to action. The text is broken up by headers, so patients can find the information they need.

  7. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles makes its contact information easy to find. The branding is consistent, and the information is delivered in an easy-to-read format. Headers break up the text, and an information video is embedded, too. Even though the organization is large, the design gives the site a personalized touch.

  8. Mount Sinai

    Mount Sinai places its contact information in an easy-to-find location. Visitors can get to know the team as they read the text. Headers, bullet points and images break up the text. There is also an information video embedded on the page.

  9. Columbia Doctors

    Columbia Doctors places their call to action in the middle of the home page. When visitors scroll down, they can find a navigation bar alongside informational text that is broken up by headers.

  10. Weill Cornell Medicine

    The Weill Cornell Medicine site includes consistent branding. It offers a chat feature and more than one call to action. A map with locations is next to the text, which is broken up by headers. Pictures of the staff and services create a welcoming environment.

  11. NYU Langone Health

    NYU Langone Health includes consistent branding and complementary design. A call to action is visible, an informational video is embedded and the text is broken up by headers.

  12. Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

    Doernbecher Children’s Hospital includes consistent branding that complements the website design. The navigation bar is located on the side, while the text is broken up by headers, bullet lists and links. Thumbnail pictures are also utilized.

  13. Spectrum Health Children’s Hospital

    Spectrum Health Children’s Hospital includes a company story followed by a navigation bar and an embedded informational video. The design is simple and consistent with the facility’s branding.

  14. Children’s Hospital of Michigan

    Children’s Hospital of Michigan has a simple website with consistent branding. Although there is a lot of text, it is broken up with headers. There is an embedded informational video, and a call to action appears at the bottom of the page.

  15. Bronson

    Bronson has included a color scheme that is consistent with its branding. After scrolling down on the home page, visitors will find a navigation bar on one side and several calls to action on the other. The middle consists of text that is broken up with headers, bullet lists and links.

  16. Natividad

    Natividad includes consistent branding and a navigation bar on the side of the text. They use SEO best practices like headers, bullet lists and links.

  17. UCI Health

    UCI Health includes a simple website design that is consistent with its branding. The call to action on the right side of the home page is followed by a menu of links to services. Text is abundant, but it is organized in a manner that makes it easy to read.

  18. Memorial Care

    The Memorial Care site includes consistent branding throughout. They use headers so visitors can find the information they are looking for. Specialties are highlighted, while resources are located at the bottom. There is also a find a provider button, so visitors can find a location that is close to home.

  19. UC Davis

    UC Davis provides an information-heavy website that manages to deliver all the necessary information without overwhelming the visitor. The site is consistent with its branding, and pictures break up the text. There is also a map of the location, and the company’s accolades appear at the bottom. The navigation bar is located on the side, where there is also a call to action. The text is further broken up by headers, bullet lists and links.

  20. Sutter Health

    Sutter Health is a large organization that has a lot of information to provide to its visitors. The site has a simple design, which makes it easy to navigate. Text is neatly broken up into blocks, so the information is neatly organized.

  21. Advent Health

    Advent Health places its call to action and contact information front and center. The website design is simple and clean. It is also consistent with the branding. Text is broken up with headers, bullet lists and links, and there is an informational video embedded in the home page.

  22. Winnie Palmer Hospital

    Winnie Palmer Hospital provides several calls to action without being pushy. Otherwise, the site is information-heavy, but the text is easy to read thanks to the color scheme and branding. The text is broken up by headers, bullet points and links. A chat feature is available to visitors as a sticky toward the bottom.

  23. Banner Health

    Banner Health offers visitors a couple of calls to action at the top of the home page. Contact information is prominently featured under the header image. The company story is then told in a concise manner. The benefits of turning to this organization for neonatal care are outlined. Images are used at the bottom to round out the page.

  24. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

    Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has an information-heavy website. Its branding is consistent, and the website design is clean. The call to action is up-front. The company’s story is located under the header image, and navigation bars appear above and to the left. An informational video is embedded on the home page for visitors to watch. The text that follows is broken up by headers, bullet lists and links.

When you’re designing your neonatal care website, look to these websites for aspects to include.

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